Against the Gods - Chapter 630 - Punishment!

Chapter 630 - Punishment!

Chapter 630 - Punishment!

“Patriarch Under Heaven, congratulations. Your daughter and King Xiao are a match made in heaven. Even the Little Demon Empress matched their marriage herself. What a joyous event!”

“This humble one will await for the great news. When the time comes, I will have to attend the wedding feast no matter what.”

“The wife of this humble duke happens to be good at making wedding garments, so leave this humble duke to take care of the wedding garments. I will make sure to satisfy Patriarch Under Heaven and your daughter…”

Once Greatest Ambition Under Heaven left the Demon Imperial Hall, he was escorted by big crowds in front and behind congratulating and trying to curry favor with him. Their expressions even showed obvious respect and ingratiation, and their eyes were filled with envy. Even though Greatest Ambition Under Heaven had been the Under Heaven Patriarch for many years, it was the first time in his life that he felt like his steps were floating even when he was walking.

All these years, because of Number Seven Under Heaven and Xiao Yun, their Under Heaven Clan had to bear much sarcasm and snideness from outsiders. Whenever anyone mentioned about the couple, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven would be enraged. But now, the situation was completely reversed. Because Number Seven Under Heaven and Xiao Yun were now envied and getting apple-polished by those people who were sarcastic and snide to them before, and even their recently recessive position in the Twelve Families rose rapidly.

At first, everyone thought Xiao Yun was only a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d child.” If the Under Heaven Clan married their only princess to him, then it would be a big joke… and the Under Heaven Family would also see it as a humiliation themselves.

But now, not to mention as a first wife, even if Xiao Yun were to publicly take a concubine, these dukes and royals would definitely bring their own daughters personally to their door and compete for it…

“Brother Yun, congratulations,” Su Xiangnan smiled and said to Yun Qinghong.

Yun Qinghong returned the favor and said, “Thank you Big Brother Su. Tomorrow is our family Xiao’er’s Kings.h.i.+p Bestowment Ceremony; I hope Big Brother Su would do me the honor and come.”

“Hahaha,” Su Xiangnan laughed loudly. “Of course! Speaking of which, originally I was worried that Brother Yun might be absent from this great ceremony because of the serious injury that you had suffered seven days ago, even losing a large amount of blood essence. To my surprise, not only did Brother Yun make it in time, your complexion is so healthy, it is unbelievable.”

Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou laughed at the same time. Yun Qinghong smiled and said, “Che’er knows some medical skills, and after these days of recuperation, I am no longer in jeopardy. After some more time, I will be healed. Big Brother Su doesn’t have to be worried.”

“Heal?” Su Xiangnan’s was surprised, “That was a damage on your blood essence. Such extraordinary medical skills exist in this world?” He then seemed to have thought of something, and said with a shocked expression, “Some time ago, there was a rumor saying that the injuries of Brother Yun and your wife were all healed by good Nephew Yun, and he only used a short two months. Was that actually true?”

“Hahaha!” Yun Qinghong gave a long laugh, between his eyebrows was pride that he was unwilling to hide, “Compared to his study in profound energy, Yun Che might be even better in the art of medicine.”

Su Family’s Patriarch’s mouth was opened wide. He stood there and was stunned for a long time… Four months ago, Yun Che defeated six great strong pract.i.tioners from the other party and shocked the whole Demon Illusory Realm. Seven days ago when Yun Che was facing Duke Huai, who was using his full power, Yun Che injured him with a sword attack… These days, many people had already guessed that after Yun Che received the blessing of the Golden Crow Divine Soul; his study in profound energy has probably already exceeded Yun Qinghong!

And what Yun Qinghong was saying now… Yun Che’s realm in the art of medicine, actually surpa.s.sed his level in the way of the profound!?

In the time of two months, he cured the Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou from their severe injuries and hypertoxin while the top doctors in the whole Illusory Demon Realm weren’t able to do anything about it… Yun Qinghong’s blood essence was severely damaged, and within a short seven days, his face was already glowing, and he could even heal…

This level of medical skill was truly never heard of before, it was shocking to hear about it!

Moreover, this was said by Yun Qinghong himself, how would it be fake!

The Reign Ceremony just ended, and many people gathered outside of the Demon Imperial Hall. There was a large crowd of people surrounding the Yun Family as they wanted to seize the opportunity and b.u.t.ter them up. The conversation between Yun Qinghong and Su Xiangnan wasn’t whispered, how would these strong pract.i.tioners with extraordinary ears not hear it clearly…

Suddenly, in only half a day, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou’s injuries were healed by Yun Che… Yun Che healed Yun Qinghong who suffered a large amount of blood essence loss… The news of Yun Che having a transcendent medical skill was like a fierce wind that swept across all of Demon Imperial City.

Without knowing that he was being glorified irresponsibly by his father, Yun Che headed straight towards the stone room where the Little Demon Empress was after everyone left. Even though the stone door was opened, there was a layer of opaque barrier that the Little Demon Empress had just planted. The aura of the barrier not only made people unable to clearly see the inside the stone room, it also completely isolated all sounds. Behind the barrier, there was a clear chill of murderous atmosphere that would even make a Monarch s.h.i.+ver in fear.

Yun Che couldn’t completely ignore this murderous atmosphere, so he stepped through the barrier and entered the stone room.

This secret chamber could be considered s.p.a.cious. There was a pure gold silhouette of the Golden Crow embedded on the top, a throne in the middle, and twelve stone tables and stone chair divided to two sides; it was exactly the number of the Twelve Families.

The Little Demon Empress stood in front of her throne with her back to Yun Che, and the ice-cold in her voice had fury hidden within, “What are you doing here… Who told you that you could come in here?”

Yun Che took out a small, white jade bottle, and said slowly, “I didn’t think that the medicine that I refined for you last time would anger you that much. These days, my heart is also pretty unsettled. With the power of the Golden Crow Flame, it is already easy for you to ignite your wrath. If you lose your temper too much, it would damage your blood and energy, so recently, I formulated some medicine to relieve your mental stress and calm your energy.

“Is that all?” The Little Demon Empress turned her head slightly and said in an incredibly indifferent tone.

“Uh, this medicine is called the ‘Heavenly Jade Dew.’ Not only can it relieve your mental stress and calm your energy, it also has benefits to… a woman's body. Little Demon Empress just needs to take a drop a day, and in less than one month, you will certainly…”

There was a sharp, windy sound. Little Demon Empress waved her gray sleeves before Yun Che was done talking, sucked the jade bottle from his hand into her palms and threw it into her portable s.p.a.ce, “This empress has accepted this ‘Heavenly Jade Dew,’ you can leave now.”

"Despicable, shameless, perverted, dirty, beast, s.e.x fiend…” Jasmine was as if she was chanting a curse inside of Yun Che’s mind… As a result of the time of her and Yun Che being together getting longer, her vocabulary in cursing had increased by many large realms!

“Remember, you must take a drop a day. Do not stop, and it’s best to take it before your sleep!” Yun Che stressed as he reminded her, but he didn’t leave. Instead, he suddenly said, “By the way, how do you prepare to deal with those who are kneeling outside?”

“You don’t have to worry about that!”

“Sigh, it’s hard for me to not worry about it!” Yun Che said with a helpless expression. Not only was he not leaving, he stepped forward, facing the Little Demon Empress’ murderous atmosphere, walked to her side, and then sat down on the stone chair closest to the throne. At the same time, he talked in his own world, “The Guardian Families and the many Duke Palaces are different from the other forces after all. They are the backbone and the foundation of the Illusory Demon Realm, especially the Guardian Families. Removing any one of them would be an incredible loss to Illusory Demon Realm, and it would be extremely difficult to bring up a Guardian Family onto the same level.

“But the crimes they committed was a serious crime of betrayal, it definitely cannot be forgiven easily. The scale on which they were involved was too, too great, with more than half of the Guardian Families and nearly a seventh of the Royal Clans. How they are punished will greatly influence the destiny and peace of Illusory Demon Realm for many years in the future…” Yun Che lifted his head and said in a very serious tone, “And such a heavy responsibility has fallen onto my, Yun Che’s, woman… How could I not worry!”

The Little Demon Empress turned her head abruptly, and a chill cropped up, “You…”

“Oh! I know, I know…” Yun Che lifted his hand immediately, “You must want to kill me again. It’s okay, I am almost used to it. If you like, kill all you want, but after you finish killing let us continue to talk about how to deal with that group of people.”

“You…” There was not a single trace of fear in Yun Che’s expression; it was obvious that he was absolutely confident she wouldn’t kill him. At this moment, the Little Demon Empress, who could shock and frighten all heroes under heaven to not dare to even breathe with just a gaze and an instant of breath, actually felt a deep helplessness. Even the murderous atmosphere and chill that she forced out appeared to fluctuate slightly.

Silence suddenly appeared between the two of them for several breaths of time. The Little Demon Empress had the feeling of “gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth in anger” for the first time in her life. She looked away and said coldly, “This empress had already thought clearly about how to punish them. I don’t need to you to tell me what to do here… Leave immediately!”

“Oh? Really?” Yun Che was pleasantly surprised, as he said cheerfully, “You are indeed my, Yun Che’s, woman. This kind of difficult problem was not challenging for you at all.”

The Little Demon Empress couldn’t stand it any more, “If you dare to speak of any more nonsense…”

“Oh, kill however you like.”

“!#$%... &” The Little Demon Empress turned around slowly, her small face that was ten thousand times more delicate than a porcelain doll was covered with gloom like the reaper, “You really just have to learn things the hard way!”

Looking straight into the Little Demon Empress’ eyes, Yun Che suddenly said slowly, “If you really have only three years of life remaining… wouldn’t you wish to have someone that you didn’t hate, and you never wanted to kill to accompany you for the rest of it… Are you really that used to being alone?”

The Little Demon Empress’ eyes became focused, and no one could guess what she was thinking through her deep, boundless eyes. She said coldly, “The Little Demon Emperor that you knew of was this empress’ brother, and was also this empress’ husband. Since I am the empress, so what if I’m alone? This empress has been like this for a hundred years, let alone merely three years!”

Yun Che, “...”

“If you want to stay, that is fine too. Then watch closely how this empress punishes these traitors!” The Little Demon Empress had already sat still on her throne in between her swaying grey clothing. She gazed forward and said indifferently, “Yun Che, this empress ask you now, if among these people, only one could live, who would you choose? And if one must die, who would you choose?”

Yun Che didn’t stop to think at all. He opened his mouth immediately, as if he had already considered this question, “If only one can qualify to live, then it should be Duke Xuan. Four months ago, Duke Xuan had been loyal to the Demon Emperor’s clan. At the Reign Ceremony, he even scolded those seven Guardian Families harshly. The reason he surrendered to Duke Huai later on was mainly because he thought you died in Golden Crow Lightning Valley, and had to make a choice to protect his Duke Palace out of helplessness.”

“If one of them must die… If it was me, I would choose the Patriarch of the Helian Family, Helian Kuang!” Yun Che narrowed his eyes slightly, “The Helian Family was one of the first to betray the Demon Emperor’s clan out of all of the Guardian Families, and surrendered to Duke Huai Palace! As a patriarch, Helian Kuang, of course, had a crucial role. And towards the plotting of Duke Huai Palace, not only did he lean towards them explicitly, he suppressed those forces that were loyal to the Demon Emperor’s clan multiple times, and even set up many schemes. At first, to alienate my Yun Family and the Under Heaven Family, it was someone from the Helian Family who was sent to Number Seven Under Heaven… If it weren’t for my coincidental appearance, it is extremely possible that they could’ve succeeded, and the consequences would be even more unimaginable!”

“He deserves to die for the crimes he committed and the evil in his heart!”

The Little Demon Empress listened to what Yun Che said silently. Once he was finished, her eyes flickered, and her deep voice sounded through the barrier and resounded outside in the Demon Imperial Hall, “Duke Xuan, come in to see this empress!”

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