Against the Gods - Chapter 406 - Phoenix Helianthus

Chapter 406 - Phoenix Helianthus

Chapter 406 - Phoenix Helianthus

Gongsun Yu raised the price to one thousand purple profound coins in a single breath, then glared at Yun Che. If this was an auction in the Black Moon Merchant Guild, he would never dare to have the slightest bit of arrogance, but in this underground auction, with his Holy Sword Sect’s fame, he felt supremely qualified to be arrogant and overbearing. He absolutely did not expect that a mere Earth Profound Realm would dare to challenge his bid after his warning.

With Holy Sword Sect’s fame added to his great wealth and sudden increase in bid price, he thought that Yun Che would definitely be deterred, and did not expect the other party’s expression to not change at all as he called out with incomparable calm: “Eleven hundred purple profound coins!”

Casually calling out a bid more than a thousand purple profound coins was definitely not something one could do without a deep and powerful background. As a son of the Sect Master of Holy Sword Sect, Gongsun Yu received about twenty thousand profound coins yearly, which was was necessary for an entire year’s worth of training needs. Taking out one thousand to buy the two pieces of Purple Crystal Jade Marrow was already his limit, and had furthermore significantly exceeded the value of the Purple Crystal Jade Marrow. But having acted arrogantly before, yet was now mercilessly counterbidded, wouldn’t all his face be thrown away if he allowed himself to be so easily suppressed?

Gongsun Yu gritted his teeth anxiously, but maintained a calm facade as he called out: “Twelve hundred purple profound coins.”

“Fifteen hundred! Without the slightest pause or hesitation, Yun Che called out right after Gongsun Yu’s bid.

The faces of everyone in the room changed slightly, and Xiao Qi beamed like a flowering crabapple blossom. Previously she did not place much attention on Yun Che, but now the gaze she used upon Yun Che was tender, and her beautiful eyes almost started tearing up.

Gongsun Yu’s face finally became unsightly. Fifteen hundred purple profound coins was his expenditure for an entire month. Using that money to purchase two Purple Crystal Jade Marrows would have far surpa.s.sed his bottom line. Purple Veined Heaven Crystals were the purest of essence bred by purple profound crystal mines, and Purple Crystal Jade Marrows were only secondary. Fifteen hundred purple profound coins was enough to buy fifty grams of Purple Veined Heaven Crystals, so buying this purple crystal stone marrow was simply throwing away money.

He turned around and said with a fake smile: “Friend, judging by how heroic you are, I a.s.sume that you your family must be quite ill.u.s.trious. It’s not as if this one is saying that he knows of every prominent family within Divine Phoenix City, but I probably know most of them, yet you are very unfamiliar. Are you from outside the city? Oh, judging by your attire, could you be a friend from one of the six nations?”

Yun Che obviously knew what this Gongsun Yu was intending to do. He inwardly sneered, and did not avoid the question as he directly answered: “Your a.s.sumption is correct. I am not a Divine Phoenix citizen, and instead is from the east Blue Wind Nation. But me coming from there doesn’t really have anything to do with this auction, right?”

Blue Wind citizen?

Everyone in the room had originally been guessing at where Yun Che had come from. They thought that since he had been so liberal with his money and was not afraid of challenging Gongsun Yu, his family background ought to be extraordinary. Now that they had heard he was actually from Blue Wind Nation, there were none who did not reveal expressions of extreme disdain, even so much that some had expressions of mockery. As citizens of Divine Phoenix Nation, they had an instinctive contempt for those of other nations. Furthermore, of the six nations, Blue Wind was the weakest. In their eyes, a Blue Wind citizen would always be people of a lower cla.s.s.

“Oh… Oh! Hahahaha, looks like it’s a friend from Blue Wind Nation.” Gongsun Yu immediately laughed wildly as his previous unpleasant feeling of being suppressed by Yun Che was instantaneously swept clean: “No wonder you’re so set on this Purple Crystal Jade Marrow, I’m a.s.suming you’ve never seen such a high quality treasure in your Blue Wind Nation, right? Since that’s the case, then this one is obviously willing to give way… only this one is a bit curious, what do you need Purple Crystal Jade Marrows for? Could it be that your reason is the same as mine, to raise the spiritual conscious of your weapon? Oh, no, in your Blue Wind Nation, a Sky Profound Weapon ought to be the most valuable of treasures, so you can’t really use these Purple Crystal Jade Marrows for that. Besides, your profound strength is only at the Earth Profound Realm, hehe, it seems unlikely that you can even control a Sky Profound Weapon… As for being the power source of a profound ark… Eh? Blue Wind Nation actually has someone who is able to afford to operate a profound ark?”

The room immediately filled with unrestrained roars of laughter. In front of a Blue Wind citizen, even those at the lowest position would involuntarily have a kind of superior feeling. Why would they need to conceal their contempt for a lower cla.s.s person?

After announcing that he was a Blue Wind citizen, Yun Che obviously knew that this kind of scene would arise. There was not a single change in his expression, and without bothering to talk rubbish with these people, he took out fifteen hundred purple profound coins, then received the jade case that contained two pieces of Purple Crystal Jade Marrow from Xiao Qi’s hands. Purple Crystal Jade Marrows of good quality were only produced from large purple crystal mines, and possessed a fixed amount of natural spiritual nature, so they ought to be able to increase a weapon’s spiritual conscious. It was just unknown as to how much of an extent it could raise. If the effects were distinct, then he’ll try to get some more.

And the following item for auction was the reason why Yun Che had come!

Xiao Qi took a jade case from the elderly man behind her, and said with a face full of smiles: “The second treasure is a medicinal ingredient. Even though it isn’t as grand as the Purple Crystal Jade Marrow, it’s actually more uncommon than the Purple Crystal Jade Marrow, you know.”

As she said that, Xiao Qi had already opened the jade case, and a flame shaped plant appeared in their line of sight with a flickering red radiance. Right after, the jade case was immediately closed, to prevent its medicinal aura from leaking.

“Oh, it’s actually a Phoenix Helianthus!” Someone exclaimed.

Hearing the two words “Phoenix Helianthus”, Yun Che’s gaze landed atop that jade case.. Looks like he could leave early.

“Right, this is the Phoenix Helianthus, and it’s even one that has just matured, a Phoenix Helianthus without the slightest of damage, you know.” Xiao Qi said while beaming: “Everyone here should know that not only is the Phoenix Helianthus used in medicine, used to refine the meridians, and temporarily open profound entrances, it also greatly helps those who cultivate in fire attribute profound arts break any bottlenecks. It’s just that once a Phoenix Helianthus appears, they’re always immediately taken away by Divine Phoenix Sect. And this one that I’m holding is the only Phoenix Helianthus in Divine Phoenix Empire that’s not of the Divine Phoenix Sect. You wouldn’t even be able to buy one in the Black Moon Merchant Guild… So, sirs, you mustn’t miss this opportunity! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next year at around this time to have the chance to buy it again.”

Xiao Qi’s words sounds somewhat exaggerated, but Yun Che knew that it was not at all false, because he had went to Black Moon Merchant Guild yesterday, and the Phoenix Helianthus was indeed not there. After Xiao Qi finished speaking, he immediately called out: “What’s the minimum price?”

Xiao Qi’s liquid eyes slightly s.h.i.+fted in Yun Che’s direction, she said softly: “Looks like this sir from Blue Wind Nation is also very interested in this Phoenix Helianthus. The minimum price for this Phoenix Helianthus is one thousand purple profound coins.”

Even though Phoenix Helianthus were rare, they were absolutely not first-rate medicine. Furthermore, in terms of using it in medicine, it was extremely troublesome and had a high leakage rate. In regards to those who cultivate in fire attribute profound arts, it wasn’t exactly that useful, so the price of a thousand purple profound coins was indeed too high. It was evident that the sky high price was due to it being “the last Phoenix Helianthus”, so those in the room did not show the least bit interest. But as soon as Xiao Qi finished her sentence, Yun Che followed up: “Two thousand purple profound coins, I’ll take it!”

With ten million purple profound coins at his disposal, Yun Che’s confidence was incomparably ample. He only wanted to quickly take this Phoenix Helianthus, and didn’t want to waste any more time… the ranking tournament would start in half a month. To him, every minute and every second was extremely precious.

“The h.e.l.l!” Many people at the scene muttered out.

Spent one thousand five hundred profound coins to buy two pieces of Purple Crystal Jade Marrow… and now readily buying one Phoenix Helianthus for two thousand purple profound coins...

Was this Blue Wind brat rich or was his brain messed up!?

After announcing that it was one thousand purple profound coins, Xiao Qi was extremely nervous at heart, because she knew that this price was indeed a bit too high. But she never expected that as soon as she finished speaking, the price would directly double! She instantly burst with joy, and even her face had become brighter. “To have immediately bid two thousand purple profound coins, this sir from Blue Wind Nation is indeed magnanimous. This one just so happens to like this type of gentleman… Is there anyone else who wishes to put forth a higher price? This is this year’s last Phoenix Helianthus, you know. If you miss this opportunity, even if you have even more money, you can’t buy anymore…”

The others were all quiet… What a joke, aside from a fire attribute profound art reaching a bottleneck or someone urgently needing to refine an important medicine, who would spend more than two thousand purple profound coins to buy a stalk of Phoenix Helianthus? Seeing that no one replied, Xiao Qi walked toward Yun Che while beaming: “Congratulations, Sir. This Phoenix Helianthus is yours, you’d better hold properly!”

Yun Che cleanly handed over two thousand purple profound coins, and then took the jade case containing the Phoenix Helianthus… With the Phoenix Helianthus in his possession, today’s objective had already been reached. What came next, was only him finding a place to refine the Universal Pellet with the Sky Poison Pearl. After that, he would use two or three days to refine it. His profound strength ought to reach the pinnacle of the Earth Profound Realm, which would greatly help when he faced off against the Divine Phoenix Sect.

As for the things being sold next, he was no longer interested. Just as Yun Che was preparing to leave, a loud laughter came from outside: “Hahahaha! Miss Xiao Qi, I’m so sorry, I met a few people who didn’t have their eyes opened on the road, so I taught them a little lesson, which is why I’m late. I hope Miss Xiao Qi doesn’t take offense.”

This sound was thick and heavy, and was clearly filled with might. Following the sound of this voice, a tall and st.u.r.dy figure wearing light armor strided in. This person appeared to be around thirty years old, even though his build could not compare with Xia Yuanba’s, it was still especially burly. Especially his exposed muscles, each and every one of them bulged up high, and they seemed to flicker with a l.u.s.ter similar to that of metal, making those who had only used their eyes to glance upon him feel an explosive strength.

His hair was red, and each of its strands stood erect towards the sky like an ignited flame. His body also emitted a thick aura of a fire attribute profound art.

As soon as this tall man appeared, the faces of everyone in the room distinctively changed, even the expression of the previously arrogant Gongsun Yu tightened, revealing a deep fear.

When Xiao Qi saw this person, it was as if she saw her biological father. All her facial features beamed with a smile as she gracefully moved up to welcome him: “Aiyo! Sir Zhi, what’re you saying? You coming here is an honor built by all of this one's lifetime incarnations, how could I possible blame you… Come, Sir Zhi, quickly come up and have a seat. The auction has only just begun, the highlight of today has not come yet. I believe Sir Zhi would definitely be interested in today’s highlight, you definitely did not come here in vain!”

“Who’s this guy that’s so arrogant looking?” A person seated to Yun Che’s right asked his companion in a low voice.

“Didn’t you hear Miss Xiao Qi call him ‘Sir Zhi’!? He’s obviously someone from Roasting Sun Sect!”

“What! Roasting Sun Sect? Divine Phoenix Empire’s number two sect, second only to the Divine Phoenix Sect?”

“Right! This person is named Zhi Yan, seventh young master of Roasting Sun Sect! His innate talent is extremely monstrous. He’s only twenty eight this year, and is already half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm. It has even been said that he’s already going for the Emperor Profound Realm! In Divine Phoenix Empire, aside from the Divine Phoenix Sect, there is no one who would dare provoke him.”

“The highlight Miss Xiao Qi speaks of obviously needs to be seen, but the main reason why this young master came here today is for the Phoenix Helianthus in Miss Xiao Qi’s hands.” Zhi Yan said loftily: “This young master’s Emperor Profound bottleneck has already loosened, and breaking through is near at hand. I urgently need a Phoenix Helianthus to a.s.sist me, but that wretch Divine Phoenix Sect has already swept up all the Phoenix Helianthus. Fortunately, Miss Xiao Qi just happens to have one here. This Phoenix Helianthus, this young master here is taking it for sure. If anyone wants to fight over it with this young master… hehe.”

What kind of person Zhi Yan was had nothing to do with Yun Che. He had already gotten up from his seat and was about to turn around and leave, but once he heard the two words “Phoenix Helianthus” from Zhi Yan’s mouth, Yun Che’s steps immediately halted...

Son of a b.i.t.c.h!