Against the Gods - Chapter 352 - Heaven Decimating Orb

Chapter 352 - Heaven Decimating Orb

Chapter 352 - Heaven Decimating Orb

Just as the net of swords formed, Xiao Wuyi’s speed suddenly rose sharply, and his entire person rushed over as though he had turned into a black beam of light. Within the Four Major Sects, Xiao Sect’s movement profound skills takes the throne, and Xiao Wuyi’s speed had more so reached an extremely outrageous extent. Under his extreme speed, sword mirages sewn together and blotted out the sky, causing one’s eyes to fail to keep up and be dazzled.

Yun Che’s eyes narrowed… He was never advantageous in terms of speed, but he also never dreaded enemies whose speed far surpa.s.sed his. Because no matter how shockingly fast one’s speed was, or how fancy their skills were, all he needed to do was… a simple sword strike!

Stepping with Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, Yun Che took a casual step forward. As the mirages lengthened, he instantaneously s.h.i.+fted forward a distance of twenty steps, and smashed a sword strike toward Xiao Wuyi’s sword array.

“Clang Clang Clang Clang… Clang!!”

Xiao Wuyi’s sword mirages were like a rampant tide as they teared the s.p.a.ce itself to the point of near collapse. As for the blow from Yun Che’s heavy sword, it was like a flood dragon tumbling within the wild storm and tide, reversing the flow and looking down upon the world… In an instant, the overwhelming sword mirages were all blown into bits and the sword body directly collided with Dragon Fault. Amidst an extremely ear-piercing collision noise, Xiao Wuyi grunted and tumbled away. When he landed, he raised up his sword horizontally with a frown, and shockingly discovered that over a few dozen nicks had actually appeared on the sword’s body.

Xiao Wuyi’s facial expression convulsed for a while. Before he came here, he naturally had heard that the heavy sword in Yun Che’s hand was incredibly terrifying, and that one mustn't directly clash with it. But as a superior and lofty Throne, how could he be willing to fear a Junior… However, after just a single round of clas.h.i.+ng with Yun Che, both his arms were already struck numb. His beloved sword that accompanied him for a few dozen years had actually been ruined all over, even almost losing the possibility to be completely fixed.

Xiao Wuyi put away the longsword. His fist tightly clenched to the extent that his bones creaked: “You really do have some competence… Seems like I have to get more or less serious now.”


With an explosive noise, the majestic eagle behind Xiao Wuyi suddenly tore apart, turning into an enormous rotating cyclone. Right after, this cyclone abruptly expanded with an extremely quick speed, until it expanded to nearly a hundred meters around Xiao Wuyi.

“Extreme Wind… Domain!!”

The glum voice seemingly resounded right beside one’s ears. Xiao Wuyi’s steps slightly moved… and in an instant, he had already suddenly appeared in front of Yun Che. This instant burst of speed was as fast as the rolling thunder, and was even several times faster than the speed from before. Everyone present, including Yun Che, all could only faintly catch a hint of a suddenly pa.s.sing afterimage.

The cyclone moved along with Xiao Wuyi, instantly enveloped Yun Che within. Following a roar from Xiao Wuyi, the cyclone suddenly went berserk, and everything within a hundred meters around Yun Che had completely become winds from h.e.l.l. Each and every single thread of wind had turned into the sharpest blade. As it swept across, it was as if a green colored turbulent billow crazily engulfed toward Yun Che.

The expression in Yun Che’s eyes slightly changed, but it wasn’t panicked at all. With a loud roar, Dragon Fault furiously swept up as a dragon cry overwhelmed the fierce cyclone and traveled straight above the high skies. The greatly expanding heavy sword’s sword beam was like a roaring vicious dragon as it rushed into the cyclone as though breaking through bamboo. That terrifying might, seemed as if it could even pierce through the void of s.p.a.ce...

s.h.i.+ng s.h.i.+ng s.h.i.+ng s.h.i.+ng….

The chaotic green light connected together into an enormous field as the sound of the collision and tearing impacted everyone’s eardrums. The cyclones within the Extreme Wind Domain were wreaking havoc, as tens of thousands of sharp blades attempted to completely tear Yun Che into pieces. But when these cyclones touched Dragon Fault’s sword beam, they were all shattered into nothingness. Amidst the dragon cry, a gap over three meters wide was directly blasted out from the hundred meter wide Extreme Wind Domain. Yun Che’s figure shook, and instantly vaulted out; before he even landed, his body had already abruptly turned back around. Dragon Fault continuously swung, and seven strokes of “Phoenix Breaks” smashed toward Xiao Wuyi, carrying the phoenix flame’s scorching heat and the heavy sword’s might.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom….

The Extreme Wind Domain that could mince everything actually wasn’t able to block Dragon Fault’s overbearing power, and seven holes were instantly torn on its surface. Phoenix flames flooded in from the gaps and burned with the wind. In the turn of an eye, the entire Extreme Wind Domain directly transformed into a sea of phoenix flames. Within the sea of flames, a person’s silhouette flew out in a fl.u.s.ter and landed in an extremely embarra.s.sing fas.h.i.+on with more than half of the cloak on his body burnt out, revealing his entire face. Staring at Yun Che, the color of shock filled his eyes.

Only after personally crossing swords with Yun Che, did he clearly understand Yun Che’s terror and truly understood why the entire Burning Heaven Clan had almost been destroyed by his hand. The dreadfulness of him and his heavy sword, had entirely surpa.s.sed his expectations. The mighty Domain he casted using the strength of an Emperor Profound, was actually so effortlessly destroyed by him. He actually couldn’t think of anything in the entire Blue Wind that the heavy sword in his hands couldn’t destroy!

Yun Che’s surprising terror made his heart turn cold in his shock, and made his determination to kill Yun Che today no matter what, even firmer… Otherwise, with his disposition of seeking revenge on any small grievance, it would be extremely likely for Xiao Sect to become the second Burning Heaven Clan!

Xiao Wuyi discreetly grasped onto a Heaven Decimating Orb within his hands.

“Heh…” Xiao Wuyi stood up, and coldly laughed with solemnness: “You are indeed powerful, no wonder you could force Burning Heaven Clan to this state. But if you think you could defeat me just like this, then you couldn’t be more wrong… How can I, the great Xiao Sect’s Xiao Wuyi, ever lose in the hands of a junior like you!”

Xiao Wuyi’s gaze darkened. He suddenly let out a loud roar, and his body fiercely shot out. All of his power concentrated on his right hand as his entire body swept up a gigantic jade green cyclone and rushed straight toward Yun Che.

“Hmph, you’re way over your head!”

Even if the Yun Che two days ago didn’t open Purgatory, he could already deal with Xiao Wuyi, not to mention that Yun Che’s overall strength had a new breakthrough. His lifted his arms and was just about to greet the attack, then all of a sudden, his intuition abruptly snapped as a strong feeling of danger came toward his face, making his attacking motion instantly freeze.

At the same time, Jasmine’s shout came from his brain: “Avoid it! There is an abnormal power response coming from his hand… Quickly, dodge it!!”

Xiao Wuyi’s face also revealed a vicious smile. His hand that had been tightly clenched suddenly opened, and a beam of faintly purple colored light shot out with an extremely quick speed: “Go to h.e.l.l!!”

Xiao Wuyi’s speed was already extraordinarily fast, and this Heaven Decimating Orb that was shot out from his hand was more so fast to its limit. With this kind of speed, as well as a distance of less than sixty meters away from the two, even a Throne wouldn’t have any chance of avoiding it at all.

The purple dot of light quickly grew larger within his pupils; things that could make him sense danger was definitely not ordinary. Without thinking at all, his body fiercely swayed.


Heaven Decimating Orb smashed onto Yun Che’s body, but before Xiao Wuyi could utter out his grim laugh, he suddenly saw that this Heaven Decimating Orb had actually pa.s.sed through Yun Che’s figure, and continued flying in a straight line. As for Yun Che’s true body, it was already diagonally in the air thirty meters away.

When Yun Che had the heavy sword on him, even though his speed was extremely deficient, relying on the Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow allowed his ability to instantaneous dodge and a.s.sault to be extremely powerful, which also nearly perfectly covered the largest weakness of the heavy sword. While Xiao Wuyi was quite shocked when looking at the slowly dispersing Yun Che afterimage, his response was still extraordinarily quick. In the next instant, he had already locked onto Yun Che's position after he moved, as another Heaven Decimating Orb shot out toward the air.

Two consecutive orbs, with the time between them no more than one tenth of a breath. This time, Yun Che, who was in midair, simply couldn’t avoid it at all. He tightly clenched his teeth, as his entire body’s profound energy crazily flooded up...

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!!”


As if the sky and earth were collapsing, two huge overlapping rumbles sounded at the same time. Even though the surrounding Burning Heaven disciples hastily protected themselves with profound energy, their ears were still in extreme pain; even their eardrums were bleeding. Two b.a.l.l.s of firelight surged up to the skies accompanying the scream of lightning, and everything within a hundred meters was all minced into dust. The Burning Heaven elders who were relatively closer were all pushed away a great distance by a surge of storm that came head on. They quickly channeled profound energy as their faces were full of fright… Just mere residual waves were already so overbearing, its true power was simply frightening to an unimaginable extent!

Such a power was entirely enough to gravely injure a true Throne with ease! While Sky Profounds, or even half a step into Emperor Profounds, simply didn’t have any chance of survival under such a destructive power at all!

Beneath the lightning and fire, puffs after puffs of thick smoke slowly ascended, yet oddly didn’t disperse out along with the storm. Moreover, after it ascended to a certain height, it just condensed there and didn’t disperse; the color of the smoke was an eccentric green color...

A poisonous fog that kills when it enters one’s body!

Xiao Wuyi’s steps quickly retreated. After seeing the exploded lightning fire, his eyes finally revealed a grim smile. Then, he directly tilted his head up and laughed wildly. Fen Yijue’s expressions also relaxed; the faces of Fen Duanhun and the Elders also all revealed the expression of surprise and joy. They had all seen Yun Che get struck by the Heaven Decimating Orb with their eyes wide open; with such a power, even if Yun Che didn’t die, he would definitely be gravely injured on the spot. And if he touched the acute poison fog while being heavily injured, he would most certainly die!

“Is he dead?” A Burning Heaven Elder asked, full of excitement. This terrifying devil was finally going to fall before his eyes, he was so moved that tears almost filled his old eyes.

“Hmph!” Xiao Wuyi pridefully said while sneering: “Heaven Decimating Orb’s power is unparalleled, even our Sect’s Grand Sect Master wouldn’t dare to face its edge head on. The spot that the Heaven Decimating Orb had struck, also just happened to be Yun Che’s chest… He is undoubtedly dead!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

A mocking voice suddenly came beyond the smoke and fog: “Then I really apologize, it seems that I’m still alive and well.”

“Wh… What!!” This voice resounded beside everyone’s ears like waves of thunder, causing them to simultaneously stare with wide eyes as their hearts abruptly tightened.

After the voice fell, Yun Che’s silhouette also slowly emerged beyond the smoke and fog. His eyes were vicious and sharp, a mocking sneer hung on the corner of his mouth, as his entire body emitted a faint air of anger and dense killing intent: “So this thing is called ‘Heaven Decimating Orb’? Tsk tsk, this name really is boundlessly arrogant, and the impression it gives is quite good as well… Too bad it's G.o.dd.a.m.n useless!”