Against the Gods - Chapter 344 - Fighting Fen Yijue

Chapter 344 - Fighting Fen Yijue

Chapter 344 - Fighting Fen Yijue

After being burnt by phoenix flames the night before, Burning Heaven Clan was already extremely disordered and messy. The entire sect was filled with a thick and heavy burnt smell. Who would've ever thought the mighty Burning Heaven Clan that loftily looked down upon the world, would one day fall to such a miserable extent. And all of these, were only because of one person.

They had thought that with the appearance of their Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder, this catastrophe which came from Yun Che would also end there. Unexpectedly, in just a day, Burning Heaven Clan had once again been ruined to such a state of devastation.

Fen Yijue didn't sleep for an entire night. His apt.i.tude was extraordinary from childhood. He had almost never been defeated when growing up, and in the end, became one of the few beings at the most pinnacle of the Blue Wind Empire. He never would have thought that after going into seclusion and cultivating for many years, he could actually be played around and shamed by a junior of not even twenty years of age. Even his apathetic state of mind, which had been silent for twenty years, almost collapsed completely because of this.

Early morning, in Burning Heaven Clan’s Great a.s.sembly Hall, of the thirty three pavilion masters and twenty seven elders, only twenty two people entered their seats. Moreover, more than half of them had injuries on their bodies. They looked at each other with hearts filled with sadness. The moment Fen Yijue arrived, a panicked voice came from the outside: “Clan Master, this is bad… this is bad!”

Fen Duanhun abruptly stood up and said with a solemn voice: “What is there to be so panicked!”

“It’s… It’s Young Clan Master! Right now, he is currently being hanged on top of Bluefire City’s city gate!!”

“Wha… What!!”

All the Elders stood up with shock. Fen Duanhun’s head was also buzzing, and he almost exploded on the spot.

“Preposterous!!” The bones in Fen Yijie’s entire body were making cracking sounds, and he explosively rushed outwards in a violent rage… As he stepped out of the sect, he forcefully stopped his steps, clenched his teeth tightly, and spoke with a rage that he tried to suppressed using all his strength: “Yun Che is extremely shrewd, and this may very possibly him luring the tiger out of the mountain again… Ziya, you stay here!”

“Yes!” Fen Ziya stopped his steps, and lightly nodded. In the next moment, Fen Yijue had already taken off into the air, directly rus.h.i.+ng toward Bluefire City. Fen Duanhun and a dozen elders followed closely behind.

Bluefire City’s city gate was currently overflowing with crowds of people, clamoring all over.

Above the tall city gate, a person was suspended above by a thick and long rope. The person dangling there was completely stripped naked without a single thread of clothing, his hair was as messy as a bird’s nest, and his entire body was completely limp, not struggling in the slightest. Even though both his eyes were open, they did not have any color or focus, as though he was a dead person. But the occasional twitching and convulsion of all the muscles on his body, proved that this was clearly a live person.

Bluefire Region was hot all year long, and even the morning wind carried a wave of scorching heat. Yet the person being suspended above the city gate was s.h.i.+vering and convulsing non-stop within the hot wind. A little worm as thick as a mere pinky was even occasionally swaying under his groin.

More and more people came before the city gate, and when every single one of them saw the person dangling up there clearly, they were all shocked, flabbergasted… because this person was known by everyone in the Bluefire Region. He was the number one in the Bluefire Region’s younger generation, and was more so the future overlord of the entire Bluefire Region that no one had ever dared to offend and provoke.

Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master, Fen Juecheng!

This being existing at highest level in the entire Blue Wind Empire, was actually completely stripped naked and hung above the city gate! Citizens of Bluefire City were filled with endless shock; they almost could not believe their own eyes. Bluefire City’s mayor had already arrived whilst rolling and crawling when he received news of it long ago, but had shriveled up in a corner and still didn’t dare to give the order to let Fen Juecheng down… As the mayor of a city, he naturally was not an idiot. Someone who dares, and had the ability to humiliate the Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master to such a degree, was undoubtedly someone he couldn’t afford to provoke. If he were to give the order to let Fen Juecheng down, it was very likely that he would provoke an extremely terrifying enemy.

As the surrounding onlookers continuously increased in number, this extraordinarily big news that was enough to stir up the entire Blue Wind dispersed out with incomparably shocking speed. Driven by Sound Transmission Talismans, it had long ago spread to the distant Blue Wind Imperial City.

In the eyes of these onlookers, Burning Heaven Clan was originally an existence so high that it was absolutely impossible to climb up to. Even an ordinary disciple of Burning Heaven Clan would receive their endless envy, and they wouldn’t dare to slightly offend him. They had absolutely never thought that they would actually see such a scene one day. They all faintly had a premonition that Burning Heaven Clan, and even the entire Bluefire Region, was about to go through a change in regime.

A wave of abnormal wind howls came from the south, and a surge of imposing pressure also suddenly arrived, making everyone’s breathing suddenly and simultaneously stop. Their chests were so uncomfortable, as though a boulder weighing fifteen hundred thousand kilograms had pressed onto their chest. They subconsciously looked to the south… In the skies up above, a tiny black dot appeared, but in just a instant, this black dot had already abruptly magnified in their vision. Its speed, was fast to the point of surpa.s.sing their cognition.

Fen Yijue flew the entire distance with his fastest speed, and as he arrived at Bluefire City’s gate, he saw Fen Juecheng dangling above the city gate fully naked at first glance. And below him, were packed crowds of onlookers pointing and discussing. Fen Yijue’s eyes stared wide. His chest almost blew up on the spot from extreme rage and humiliation.

“AHHH!!!!” Fen Yijue, who had cultivated his heart for a few dozens of years, who had lived for nearly a hundred years, actually let out a roar, as though he was a maddened wild beast. Within his roar, his entire body ignited with fire, and he extended his hands, directly grabbing toward the Fen Juecheng suspended in midair.

Just as he was no more than fifteen meters away from Fen Juecheng, a phoenix shaped flame suddenly surged up toward the skies below him, blasting straight at Fen Yijue’s face. With bloodshot eyes, Fen Yijue retreated backwards, and slapped the phoenix flame away with a palm. His eyes that were about to burst stared fixedly at that figure below him.

Yun Che leisurely walked out while dragging Dragon Fault. Every single step he took, the marble ground below him would directly crack apart, left with an extremely deep footprint. Looking at Fen Yijue, who was in midair, he sneered: “You’re finally here. To actually make me wait for so long, looks like this grandson of yours doesn’t seem to be of any importance to you either.”

“Dirty swine!” Fen Yijue’s chest sharply undulated, surging with a raging killing intent which he wished could turn physical and grind Yun Che into pieces: “I must personally… grind your bones into flying dust!!”

“Hahahaha!” Hearing Fen Yijue’s words, Yun Che actually started to laugh with extreme disdain.

“What are you laughing for!” Fen Yijue’s expression was dark and cold.

“I’m laughing because your Burning Heaven Clan are all a bunch of presumptuous idiots.” Yun Che raised up the Dragon Fault, the sword tip directly pointed at the midair Fen Yijue. A wave of aura containing the presence of the Dragon G.o.d silently dispersed out, making the surrounding crowd feel suffocated and dizzy. They all quickly retreated under fear, until they backed up to a distance they felt safe in. “Originally, I had numerous matters to take care of, and bothering with your Burning Heaven Clan wasn’t worth my time; yet you guys had obstinately forced me to come to your doorsteps. You only have yourselves to blame for being reduced to such a miserable state, and it isn’t the slightest unjust! As for you… heh, did you think that the reason I was always avoiding you, was because I fear you?”

“Hmph, perhaps ten years later, I would dread you. But the your right now, doesn’t have the qualifications to be insolent in front of me! But a pity, you already won’t live for ten more years. Today, I will personally destroy you!”

Yun Che sneered: “I don’t know whether or not I can live for ten more years, but what I am sure of, is that you… definitely won’t live for more than ten days!”

As Yun Che’s voice fell, he fiercely rushed out. Sword light bloomed on the Dragon Fault, as it swept up a storm and shrouded toward Fen Yijie.

“Presumptuous! Today, I’ll let you know the consequences of provoking my Burning Heaven Clan!”

Fen Yijue swung his palm. Three strokes of flame tongues over one foot thick furiously shot out and simultaneously exploded in midair, causing Yun Che’s attack to suddenly slow down.

“Burning Heaven Flame, Pyretic h.e.l.l!

Purple flames explosively ignited from Fen Yijue’s entire body, and his black hair flew upwards against gravity. Waves after waves of flames surged up to the skies. They poured out like flames from h.e.l.l and caged down toward Yun Che in a fas.h.i.+on that blotted out the skies.

Shocked cries resounded from everywhere before the city gate. That ball of purple flames surging to the skies was half a kilometer away from the nearest crowd of people, but they still felt as if they were instantaneously placed in bubbling lava; their entire bodies had even almost started to burn. Even in their entire lives, they had never seen such a terrifying power. On one hand they panickedly retreated while screaming, and on the other, they fixedly stared with wide eyes at those overwhelming purple flames… Because in their entire life, they might not have another chance to witness a battle of this level ever again.

“You will immediately know, what is the true Burning Heaven Flame!! I’ll burn you to the point that even the ashes of your bones won’t remain… Die!!”

Fen Yijue’s voice was ruthless and hideous. His hatred toward Yun Che had already deeply seeped into his marrow. Yet facing his Burning Heaven Flames, Yun Che wielded Dragon Fault in his hands and didn’t move at all, letting the avalanching purple flames flood toward him, until he was completely swallowed within.


An enormous noise following a dragon cry that shook one’s soul came from within the purple flames, instantaneously blasting away the purple flames that engulfed Yun Che, turning them into countless completely dispersed embers that scattered in all directions. Yun Che stood where he was unharmed; not even a single hair was burned. He laughed mockingly: “Oh… So this is your so called Burning Heaven Flame, I’ve at last witnessed it… It's simply laughable to the point that my sides are hurting, hahahaha!”

“You…” Fen Yijue’s eyes slightly bulged outwards as shock filled his entire face. With a grasp of his palm, a completely scarlet colored long blade of over nine feet in length appeared in his hand. The body of the blade was wrapped with raging fire… The name of this blade was “Absolute Flame”, one of the only two Sky Profound Weapon that Burning Heaven Clan possessed. It was left by the Burning Heaven Clan’s ancestral founder, and using it to unleash fire attributed profound arts would exhibit an even greater power.

“I almost forgot, you can release phoenix flames… and aren’t too afraid of flames. Then, I’ll let you die under the Burning Heaven Blade!”

Fen Yijue’s body swiftly descended and pierced out. A long blade beam over fifteen meters encircled by incomparably scorching purple flames charged forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Dragon Fault greeted the blade, and in the blink of an eye, the heavy sword and the blade beam had continuously collided for over a dozen times. Purple flames were swept up and scattered about everywhere. The incredibly ear-piercing collision sounds almost made the eardrums of the audience over several kilometers away burst open.

“Overlord’s Fury!!”

Dragon Fault swung upwards through the air, its force instantly explosively increased as the thick and heavy sword body smashed onto the blade beam while carrying violent power.


The fifteen meter blade beam instantly shattered, and the residual force of Dragon Fault surged up to the skies, blasting toward Fen Yijue. Fen Yijue coldly snorted. With a palm strike downwards, he dispersed the Dragon Fault’s power. It was also at this moment, that the image of a ball of purple colored flame suddenly appeared behind him. Around Yun Che, an enormous purple ring suddenly appeared as well.

“Burning… Heaven... Domain!!”