Against the Gods - Chapter 342 - Ling Jie Arrives

Chapter 342 - Ling Jie Arrives

Chapter 342 - Ling Jie Arrives

After safely rescuing Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi, even though Yun Che really wanted to give Burning Heaven Clan the most horrifying vengeance, he couldn’t leave his grandfather and little aunt, whom he had just reunited with alone. They had not left the Bluefire Region yet. If he were to go battle with Burning Heaven Clan just like this, it would possibly bring danger to them.

What he needed to do the most right now, was to deliver them to the safest place possible.

Before the sky brightened, Yun Che had already walked out of the Burning Heaven Valley with Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi, and gradually neared Bluefire City. It was at this time that he unexpectedly received the sound transmission from Ling Jie.

Very soon, the cries of the Fierce Zephyr Bird came from the northern skies, and the aura Ling Jie deliberately released also entered Yun Che’s sharp senses. Yun Che, who was accompanying Xiao Lingxi whilst bathing in the morning wind stood up, and scarlet colored phoenix flames ignited from his hand.

The Fierce Zephyr Bird instantly swiftly swooped down, and without even coming close yet, Ling Jie had already impatiently jump down. Staggeringly das.h.i.+ng to Yun Che’s front, he said anxiously: “Boss, are you okay? Eh?”

Looking at the Xiao Lingxi beside Yun Che, as well as Xiao Lie who was not too far away, he stared blankly for a bit, then said with surprise and joy: “These two, are your family members who got abducted by Burning Heaven Clan? You rescued them both… That’s great! As expected of Boss, to actually accomplish it so fast.”

“Mm!” Yun Che nodded with a smile. He could tell that the urgency and worry on Ling Jie’s face had all come from his heart, and were not falsified in the least. His heart, was also full of warmth: “This is my Grandfather, this is my Little Aunt… He is my little bro, Heavenly Sword Villa’s Second Young Villa Master, Ling Jie.”

Ling Jie hastily stepped forward and said: “Hi Grandpa Xiao, uh… ummm... Hi Little Aunt… This junior is Ling Jie, feel free to just call me Little Jie.”

Seeing that Xiao Lingxi’s age was about the same as his own, the “Little Aunt” uttered from Ling Jie was extremely awkward and bashful. And his ident.i.ty as “Heavenly Sword Villa’s Young Villa Master”, on the other hand, had unquestionably astounded Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi greatly. Xiao Lie let out a gentle laugh as astonishment and praise revealed in his eyes. Xiao Lingxi responded back somewhat prudishly.

“Young Villa… Master Ling… Save me… save me...”

Just as Ling Jie was about to speak, a dry and hoa.r.s.e voice suddenly came. Only after tracing the voice did Ling Jie notice that there was a person lying within the withered bushes on his right hand side. His gaze was lax, his face had no hint of color, his clothing and hair extremely messy, his limbs slightly trembling… And there was already no presence of profound energy at all on his body, clearly indicating that his profound veins were destroyed.

“Fen Juecheng!” When he saw this person’s face clearly, Ling Jie cried out in shock. He glanced at Yun Che, as his heart was filled with astonishment… On his own, not only did he rescued two family members from Burning Heaven Clan’s hands, he also counter abducted Fen Juecheng… Even if one were to look through the entire Blue Wind, just how few could achieve this?

“Save me… Save me…” Seeing that Ling Jie recognized him, hints of hope flashed through Fen Juecheng’s eyes. He begged: “Our Four Major Sects… are of the same breath and branches… My Burning Heaven Clan and Heavenly Sword Villa had always been intimate… Please… you have to… save me… save me…”

Fen Juecheng was scared of death, extremely scared of death. He was born with a golden key in his mouth, had the ident.i.ty and family background far superior to the prince, had grown up in glory, and was sought after by everyone for his entire life. He had never thought that such a miserable day would come to him.

“Er, this…” Ling Jie pressed the tip of his nose, and said with an apologetic expression: “Yun Che is my boss, but you and me… don’t seem to be very familiar. For me to save you from Boss’s hands, no matter how you think about it, it doesn’t seem to be very appropriate.”

The hope that was just born within Fen Juecheng instantly turned back into despair.

“Little Jie, why would you come here?” Yun Che asked.

Ling Jie turned his face around, and answered seriously: “Actually, I’ve already received information four days ago saying that Burning Heaven Clan’s people went to Floating Cloud City and was currently bringing two people back to the sect. And there was a high possibility that those two were your family members.”

Yun Che’s brows suddenly twitched… As expected of Heavenly Sword Villa. Burning Heaven Clan must have done this in extreme secrecy, yet Heavenly Sword Villa had still quickly obtained this information.

“That time, I was both anxious and angry, so I persuaded father to act…” Ling Jie’s expression suddenly became slightly awkward for a little bit: “But father is that kind of person who doesn’t like to be nosy. So I personally left Heavenly Sword Villa, preparing to come here and persuade Burning Heaven Clan to release your family… With my ident.i.ty, as well as bringing out my father’s name, Burning Heaven Clan should give me this face. Otherwise, if worst comes to worst and they don’t release the hostages, I’ll threaten to spread the information of their despicable and ugly actions. I actually wanted to sound transmit this matter to you, but I was afraid that you’ll be too impulsive with your personality, and may also affect whatever you were doing at that time. So I didn’t tell you, and planned to tell you after rescuing them. But I didn’t expect that on the way here, I would hear from the Villa’s people saying that you’ve already arrived at Burning Heaven Clan, and fought a ma.s.sive battle within Burning Heaven Clan. Not only the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation that even the Villa had records of, you’ve even forced out Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue and Grand Elder Fen Ziya who had become hermits long ago.”

Yun Che: “...”

Things that happened in Burning Heaven Clan, Heavenly Sword Villa basically knew them as clear as day. Clearly, there were Heavenly Sword Villa’s eyes within Burning Heaven Clan!

“Little Jie, thank you.” Yun Che said sincerely. This person who shouted to become his underling under naive, impulsive and hot bloodedness unique to that of a youth, even though he was already mature, he still rushed thousand of kilometers for him in this sort of moment. This friends.h.i.+p was one that would be difficult for him to forget.

“No need no need,” Ling Jie hastily waved his hands: “It is only natural for me to do things for Boss anyway. Moreover, I couldn’t do much for you.” As he said to here, Ling Jie’s eyes started to s.h.i.+ne, and said with extreme excitement: “Boss! I simply can’t believe how amazing you’ve gotten now! To actually flip Burning Heaven Clan upside down by yourself, and even forced out the Grand Clan Master. And now, you had even captured Fen Juecheng… Boss, every one of these things you’ve done could shock the world; if the word of this spreads, perhaps there won’t even be anyone who’d believe it.”

“They brought this upon themselves… Very soon, everyone under the heavens would know that not only am I going to destroy the sect Burning Heaven Clan, I’m also going to destroy all of Burning Heaven Clan’s prestige and dignity.”

As he spoke these words, Yun Che’s tone was very calm. The inside of Ling Jie’s heart uncontrollably s.h.i.+vered once when he looked at him. These words, made him clearly comprehend just how much of an unprovokable landmine Yun Che’s family was.

Thinking back to during the time at the Sword Management Terrace, Yun Che had unhesitatingly used his life to rescue Xia Yuanba… Toward people intimate with him, he could be so recklessly selfless, but toward enemies, he was as cruel as the devil… At this moment, Ling Jie suddenly rejoiced that he was not his enemy, and also rejoiced that Heavenly Sword Villa was not his enemy.

“Little Jie, I have a matter that need your help.” Yun Che spoke.

Ling Jie nodded: “Say it Boss, I’ll definitely accomplish it with all my strength.”

Yun Che turned around, and looked at Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi: “Help me send my Grandfather and Little Aunt to the Blue Wind Imperial City. I had initially wanted to first go back to New Moon City together with them, but since you’ve come, I changed my mind.”

“Okay!” Ling Jie affirmed without hesitation, and then questioned: “Then, you…”

“Little Che, you aren’t coming together with us?” Xiao Lingxi caught onto the idea hidden within Yun Che’s words, and hastily walked over and pulled him.

Yun Che grasped Xiao Lingxi’s hand with a backward grip. He looked at her and Xiao Lie: “Little Xie is Heavenly Sword Villa’s Young Villa Master. With his protection, you can safely arrive at Blue Wind Imperial City. I’ll come after a few days, but only a few days. I promise you, I’ll definitely reunite with you safe and sound.”

“You… You are going to stay, to deal with Burning Heaven Clan?” Xiao Lingxi spoke quietly, as water mist silently veiled her eyes: “But, we’ve already escaped. Why would you still go back and face danger? Burning Heaven Clan is so formidable, I’m afraid… I’m afraid…”

Yun Che faintly smiled. He spoke slowly but resolutely: “Because I want Burning Heaven Clan to know, and more so let everyone in this world know, what their end would be if they touch my Grandfather and Little Aunt!! Hate me, frame me, me, I can temporarily endure. But if they dare laying a finger on any of you, no matter who it is, I’ll definitely not let them off! I will use Burning Heaven Clan’s annihilation to make everyone in the world know the consequences of harming you!”

Safety and peace was not blind compromise, tolerance, and avoidance. It was absolute terror that makes one not dare to lay their fingers on you!

During his life in the Azure Cloud Continent, Yun Che had already understood this point very clearly.

He wanted Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie to be absolutely safe within Blue Wind Empire, without anyone daring to oppress and harm them.

“But… But… Uu, Dad, tell Little Che to not do that, I’m scared that something will happen to him.” Xiao Lingxi looked at Xiao Lie with a gaze seeking help.

“On this matter, I support Che’er’s decision.” Xiao Lie lightly sighed.

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi’s cherry lips slightly opened, as her face filled with bewilderment.

“Burning Heaven Clan had already been pressed to such an extent. Even if Che’er stops right here, they definitely would not let Che’er off.” Xiao Lie walked over, and lightly patted Yun Che’s shoulders: “Your growth, to me, is just like a dream. Now that I’ve seen the current you, even if I were to die right now, I would be extremely gratified. Do what you wish to your heart’s content. Lingxi and I will tour the Imperial City while waiting to reunite with you.”

“Yes… Yes!” Yun Che nodded, and nodded again. He moved his lips and was just about to say something, but then started to hesitate: “Grandfather, there is something, that I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“Haha,” Xiao Lie smiled gently: “In this life of mine, I have received countless wounds on my body, and also countless injuries to my heart. In this world, there is already nothing that I cannot endure anymore. Whatever it is, feel free and speak it.”

Losing one’s child, losing one’s grandchild, losing one’s wife… Just how despairing and miserable were those years to Xiao Lie. Yun Che’s heart felt a surge of bitterness. He slightly nodded, and said: “Grandfather, I have already found out who it was that hunted down my parents and killed Uncle Xiao back then.”

Xiao Lie’s aura was originally as calm as tranquil water, without the slightest perturbation. As Yun Che’s voice fell, his entire body fiercely shook and his eyes instantly became misty. It was only after a long while did he finally shakily turned his head around and ask with a trembling voice: “What did.. you say? You found... the murderer?”

Xiao Ying, the son he took pride in, who was also his only son was murdered by someone, and his daughter-in-law had suicided in grief. After his wife gave birth to Xiao Lingxi, she pa.s.sed away from too much longing and grief… Xiao Lie’s life, had also fell into a bottomless abyss of despair. If not for Xiao Lingxi and Yun Che needing to be raised up by him, perhaps, he would have long ago followed his wife.

Concentrated on that murderer who killed his son was all the hatred he had in his entire life. He searched a whole ten-odd years, and had never stopped searching… He, whose disposition was kind and gentle, who had never killed a person in his life, had even wished to dismember that person into shattered corpses with the cruelest method in this world!