Against the Gods - Chapter 331 - Massacre

Chapter 331 - Massacre

Chapter 331 - Ma.s.sacre

The Elder and Pavilion Master level people were all near the Great a.s.sembly Hall, and ones who came to stop Yun Che from continuing to attack Fen Duanhun and Fen Moji, were all nearby disciples with the profound strength of Spirit Profound Realm and Earth Profound Realm. But enemies of this level, simply didn’t possess the slightest bit of threat to Yun Che. Yun Che put away the Snow Phoenix, and allowed his body to be submerged by the Burning Heaven’s Flames without caring. His entire person plummeted down, and without even looking below him, the Dragon Fault smashed violently downwards with a berserking cry.


The entire Burning Heaven Clan’s ground began to distinctly tremble.

Accompanying a burst of miserable screams that shook the heavens, Burning Heaven Clan disciples within thirty meters of radius all flew outwards, with the furthest flying hundreds of meters away. When they landed, they were either heavily wounded and unable to get up, or had died right then and there. The moment Yun Che landed, his figure turned into a dash of flowing light, and like a sharp blade, he plunged into Burning Heaven Clan’s army that flooded at him. Carrying the howling noise of a descending hurricane, the Dragon Fault smashed down.


Another huge explosion resounded as Burning Heaven Clan’s ground shook once again. Under this single sword strike, over a hundred disciples instantly turned into spirits of the dead.

Two sword strikes, a mere two sword strikes, had already shattered the psychological defense of almost everyone present.

If not for seeing it personally, they definitely wouldn’t have believed that the extensive shaking of the ground was actually caused by this young man’s attacks, and would’ve only thought of it as natural earthquakes. Even a battle between elder ranked beings within the sect wouldn’t have at all possessed such a force. There were no ordinary people within Burning Heaven Clan; even average disciples here, could be considered instructors in the outside world. Yet in front of him, they became stretches of corpses under a single sword strike.

“Anyone that wants to die, feel free to come!”

With a furious roar, Yun Che swung the heavy sword out and back. With every single swing of the heavy sword, at least over thirty Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples would always be blasted flying away. Let alone blocking his attack, these experts in Spirit Profound Realm and Earth Profound Realm couldn’t even endure the residual energy wave of his attacks. For a moment, everyone within the Burning Heaven Clan could feel the quaking of the earth, the howling gale of a hurricane, and the rumbling of a cras.h.i.+ng thunder… as well as the blood, limbs and shards of bones that danced in the air blotting out the sky.

Not too far away, Elders and Pavilion Masters in the Great a.s.sembly Hall emerged at the same time. Feeling that surge of terrifying might coming from Yun Che, all of these super strong beings, whose loftiness normally surged to the skies, felt their hands and feet turning ice-cold, as their scalp felt an intense numbness.

“So... so he’s that Yun Che?” An Elder said with a trembling voice.

“How… how could there be such a terrifying youth! No wonder he could actually kill Great Elder.”

“Yet his profound energy aura is evidently only at the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm!”

Being able exhibit such a terrifying strength while only being in the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm, it was simply appalling!

Clang Clang Clang Clang!

Within the chaos, four blades burning with profound fire simultaneously chopped down onto Yun Che’s back. Yet the sound emitted, was that of metal hitting metal. The blade strike that those four clearly felt that they had put all their strength into, had actually chopped onto an incredibly hard metal plate and almost caused them to dislocated their wrist from the shock. And looking through Yun Che’s cut open clothings, the revealed skin inside actually only had a few lines of very shallow red marks. Let alone wounds, there wasn’t even a drop of blood.

The four’s faces became ghastly from fright, and their eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out on the spot from their shock. Yun Che’s counterattack arrived like a tsunami, and with a huge sound, the four’s bodies shattered into several dozens of pieces then and there. The heavy sword’s residual energy wave continued forward, and instantly annihilated a dozen more Burning Heaven Clan disciples who tried to rush over.

Yun Che’s body possessed the Great Way of the Buddha’s protection, as well as the Phoenix Blood and Dragon G.o.d Blood’s refinement. Not long ago, he also obtained pure marrow of Dragon G.o.d himself, and was once again reborn… Even if Yun Che didn’t use profound energy to protect himself, his body’s toughness still far surpa.s.sed everyone’s imagination and comprehension. Compared to his extremely overbearing attack power, his body’s defense was far more overbearing. It could be said that even if the current Yun Che wanted to die, it wouldn’t be that easy.

If one were to focus on attacking, then their defense would certainly be somewhat deficient. Heavy sword style weapons were extraordinarily ferocious, but the openings they leave were also huge, and enemies could easily grasp an opening to launch a fatal attack. Even if one’s destructive power was a hundred times greater, without enough capability to defend oneself, it would still be useless. Yun Che’s attack power was already terrifyingly abnormal, while his defensive power had more so reached an unthinkable extent. Even if he were to stand still, it would still be difficult for these jointly attacking Burning Heaven Clan disciples to harm him...

This kind of Yun Che, under swamping attacks of Burning Heaven Clan disciples, had thoroughly became a slaughter machine that could not be stopped!

No matter how strong an expert, they would still fear being overwhelmed in numbers. Thus, in their own territory, Burning Heaven Clan never needed to fear anyone. In everyone’s eyes, if Yun Che dared to come, then that would be simply throwing his life away. Yet this rule didn’t seem to be valid on Yun Che at all; swarming and attacking him from all sides did not suppress Yun Che in the slightest, but instead was like voluntarily handing over their life for him to ma.s.sacre…

“Junior, die!!”

From Yun Che’s backside, two strong Sky Profound Realm auras a.s.saulted him simultaneously. Amongst the Elders and Pavilion Masters who had been watching on the sidelines, there were finally two who struck out. Taking advantage of the opening as Yun Che was being surrounded, their two blades combined together, as the blade’s tip released a streak of deep purple blade beam, and directly pierced toward the center of Yun Che’s back.


Yun Che turned around with lightning fast speed, and the Emperor Profound Dragon Fault more than ten thousand kilos in weight swung out behind him like a feather that weighed almost nothing. With a loud explosion, the purple colored blade beam simultaneously released by the two Sky Profound Realm experts was directly pulverized into nothingness as the violent storm from the heavy sword heavily smashed onto the two’s chest.

In that instant, these two finally understood why every single time Yun Che’s sword swung out, it would actually cause the earth to tremble… That was not illusory, not imaginary; because at that moment, they felt as if their chests had been smashed by the thunder G.o.d’s hammer from the heavens!

The two flew backwards in the same direction, and smashed onto a mountain cliff over three hundred meters away. The mountain cliff quaked, and the two Sky Profound Realm expert’s bodies that were tougher than even boulders, shattered into a few dozens of pieces at the same time, and mixed together in the process of breaking and falling down. Even if their birth parents came, they still wouldn’t be able to tell just which piece belonged to whom.

“Fourteenth Elder!!”

“Pavilion Master Duanchi!!”

Waves after waves of frightened mournful cries sounded from within Burning Heaven Clan, and those Elders and Pavilion Master’s expressions had even more so changed once and once again. They knew the strength of those two extremely well; however, in front of Yun Che, they were unexpectedly so very fragile.

Twenty seven elders, and thirty three pavilion masters; these were the backbone of Burning Heaven Clan’s power. As for people who could become elders or pavilion masters, their profound strength must all have reached Sky Profound Realm! Which is to say, within Burning Heaven Clan, of the Sky Profound Realm experts whom were like legends in the outside world, there were still an entire sixty people excluding Clan Master Fen Duanhun! The number of Sky Profound Realm experts belonging to Xiao Sect or Frozen Cloud Asgard was definitely no fewer than this as well, while ones belonging to Heavenly Sword Villa could even be counted up to the third digit.

This was precisely the mightiness of the Four Major Sects. Excluding the enormous number of all their disciples, just releasing these backbone powers at Sky Profound Realm was enough to wipe out all of the sects apart from the Four Major Sects.

Amongst these Sky Profound Realm experts of Burning Heaven Clan, including Fen Duanhun, there were a total of seven people in later ranks of Sky Profound Realm. All others were at early or middle ranks of the Sky Profound Realm. The strongest, was Fen Moli who was half a step into Emperor Profound Realm.

Sixty experts of Sky Profound Realm were unquestionably an extremely terrifying number in Blue Wind Empire’s profound pract.i.tioners common senses. But behind every single Sky Profound Realm expert, there carried enormous amounts of Burning Heaven Clan’s effort and resource. The downfall of every single Sky Profound Realm expert, would be an extremely huge loss without exception. However, out of all these Burning Heaven Clan’s Sky Pofround experts, seven of them had been killed by Yun Che at once… Three of them: Fen Moli, Fen Duancang, Fen Moran, were three out of the only seven late stage Sky Profound Realm experts Burning Heaven Clan had!!

Adding the two people just now, amongst sixty Sky Profound pract.i.tioners, nine had already been annihilated by Yun Che alone!

This was a huge loss that the Burning Heaven Clan before would have never even thought about, nor even dared to think about in their dreams.

The Elders and Pavilion Masters who were gathered together all felt their hearts shudder. Momentarily, no one actually dared to step forward. When Yun Che came, they had initially thought it would be like catching a turtle in a jar; but they did not expect, that not only did the bait abducted by shaming the sect’s honor not lure in a lamb waiting to be butchered, it instead lured in an unimaginably powerful, furious and uncontrollable bloodthirsty vicious wolf! Before they could even harm a single hair on the opponent, they had already lost an elder, a pavilion master, and hundreds of clan disciples… Among them, were many of their descendants and kinsmen!

Standing halfway on the Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion’s mountain cliff, Fen Juecheng’s entire face was was convulsing. With his eyes wide, he saw Yun Che being successfully lured in; but what he saw next wasn’t him being mobbed and subdued, and instead was a great ma.s.sacre performed by him! The encirclement and suppression from tens of thousands of Burning Heaven Clan disciples, instead became a field of corpses within dreary screams and cries after being counter killed by Yun Che alone… Burning Heaven Clan, their own territory, had actually directly turned into Yun Che’s slaughterhouse for indiscriminate ma.s.sacre!

When he crashed his bridal escort in the Imperial City back then, he wasn’t Fen Duanchang’s match yet. It hasn’t even been a month, yet his strength had actually grown by such a terrifying extent… Only now did Fen Juecheng become truly aware, that Great Elder and the other’s deaths were not caused by Yun Che’s sly and shrewd methods. They had instead been were struck down by true and genuine strength.

No! With Yun Che’s currently displayed terrifying strength, let alone one Fen Moli… Even if there were ten of him, they would still be killed!

“Why… why is it like this!” Fen Juecheng’s eyes stared wide, as his teeth kept on making creaking sounds from clenching.

On the Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion, Fen Juechen’s face was also similarly convulsing. Looking at the Yun Che in his view, even his heart almost burst apart a few times from shock.

“Clan Master, what should we do next?” Fen Moji concentrated all his profound energy to suppress his injuries. When he spoke, his voice clearly trembled: “This Yun Che… He’s simply like a demon G.o.d incarnation! He’s not even twenty yet, so how could he have such a terrifying strength… Clan Master, how about we…”

“Sound transmit to all Elders and Pavilion Masters right now…” Fen Duanhun covered his chest with his hand, breathing heavily: “Start preparing the ‘Nine Profound Dipper Formation’! No matter what, we must put him to death today!”

Hearing the words “Nine Profound Dipper Formation”, Fen Moji’s pupils greatly constricted. Feeling the terrifying might coming from Yun Che, he actually didn’t think this decision as exaggerated at all. He forcibly nodded: “Very well! If the ‘Nine Profound Dipper Formation’ is used, even if he was ten times stronger, he would still die with all certainty!”