Against the Gods - Chapter 277 - Demon (2)

Chapter 277 - Demon (2)

Chapter 277 - Demon (2)

“But, I’m worried… it’s still the Burning Heaven Clan… How about… How about you hide in the Imperial Palace? Even if they know that you’re in there, they definitely won’t dare to make trouble there.” Cang Yue said in a panic as she tightly gripped Yun Che’s hands.

Yun Che shook his head with a slight smile: “Even though Fen Juecheng was the one who started it, if you carefully think about it, I never avoided these conflicts, and had instead intensified them so far, that Fen Juebi died… Perhaps I had subconsciously planned to make the Burning Heaven Clan chase me… After all, being hunted is…” Yun Che let out a small breath of air. He was well familiar and accustomed to a life of being hunted.

“Senior Sister,” Even though the tone in his voice had changed, it was still gentle: “After all these disturbances are over, I’ll bring you home, okay?”

“Bring me… home?”

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded, and raised his head, as if looking into the future: “Although I had been driven out of my clan, it is still the place where I grew up in. The most important thing is that my Grandfather and Little Aunt are there; wherever they are, is my home. It has already been a long time since I have left and there has not been a time that I wished to return… I want to bring Senior Sister home. They would probably be scared out of their minds if they knew that I actually brought home a princess for a wife."

Just thinking about that possible scene made Yun Che chuckle. Grandfather and Little Aunt’s figures, had also clearly flashed before him… Grandfather, Little Aunt, are you two still well… Unknowingly, I had already left for this long… Did you two get bullied there… After being locked in that desolate rear mountain, have you gotten thinner… You know, I think about you every day...

The current me, finally has enough power to return. I can now beat anyone from Xiao Sect. I will return the continuous misery you two have suffered back, a hundredfold!!

Cang Yue stared blankly for a long time. Her eyes immediately softened to the point that it almost melted. Her heart rate, had also accelerated by several-fold. Her heart that she had been keeping calm, suddenly welled up in nervousness and joy. She quietly lowered her head and answered in an extremely soft voice: “Mn.”

The Sword Management Terrace, was now just up ahead.

Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace was several times larger than the ranking tournament’s Sword Discourse Arena. As far as the eye could see, as many as ten thousand swords flew in the sky above the Sword Management Terrace, stirring up an even greater vortex of sword energy. When walking up the Sword Management Terrace, waves and waves of sword energy would occasionally flit by. The sharp energy dully ached, as if knives were cutting into their face.

Various kinds of swords also covered the entire surface of the Sword Management Terrace, and a few heavy swords were also included among them. Though their numbers was extremely low, it they were definitely not of common grade. Even the most inferior weapon there was at least a Spirit Profound Artifact.

In the middle of the Sword Management Terrace, a pitch-black sword as large as the heavens was halfway into the ground and halfway into the sky. The incomparably enormous sword body released an ancient and heavy aura, making the hearts of the ones who looked at it go silent.

Ling Kun was walking at the very front and stopped in front of the enormous sword. He turned around and said: “This sword, is called ‘Heaven’s Punishment’, and is the suppressed demon’s sword. The demon arrested several hundred years ago, is precisely sealed beneath this sword.”

“The demon is incredibly strong, but inside the sealing formation, his strength has greatly been suppressed, so he should never think of escaping. However, since it is a sealing formation, its power would naturally diminish through time. Every twenty years, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would always send one person here to strengthen the seal formation.

“The Demon's existence, was originally a secret. Because the things that are related to him, may possibly affect the life and death of the entire Profound Sky Continent. The reason why we have allowed everyone to witness his true appearance is because not long after last time’s seal strengthening, his relatives used a special method to avoid the Four Great Sacred Grounds' blockade, and entered the Profound Sky Continent. They asked all over about this demon’s location with the intent to rescue him. At the very end, they had still discovered Blue Wind Empire. If not for our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s detection, the consequences would have been unthinkable.”

“Oh! Listening to what he said, that demon seems to have come from outside of the Profound Sky Continent… Could it be those non-humans of legends?” Xia Yuanba asked with wide eyes.

“Very likely.” Yun Che carefully nodded. At the same time, he silently thought to himself: The Four Great Sacred Grounds ought to have frequently come in contact with people not from Profound Sky Continent, then doesn’t it mean that they… have come in contact with people from the Azure Cloud Continent!? And know of Azure Cloud Continent’s existence?

Ling Kun’s gaze swept across and then said: “Today, everyone should open their eyes wide and clearly look at the appearance of a demon. In the future, if anyone asks you about people who look similar, you have to inform the Heavenly Sword Villa. Don't be lazy or negligent by any means! Because that could possibly be another demon! That matter over ten years ago was enough to prove that they found some way to enter the Profound Sky Continent without the Four Great Sacred Grounds being aware of it! If this demon was rescued accidentally and its powers are restored, it would bring a great calamity to the Profound Sky Continent!”

“Bring about a great calamity to the Profound Sky Continent”... These words had undoubtedly shakened everyone’s heart. What kind of an existence was this demon, to actually be this terrible?

Rum… Rumble...

Following Ling Kun’s bizarre hand gesture, an enormous profound formation flashed from under the huge sword. In the profound formation’s rotation, that huge sword as large as the sky slowly rose. Underneath the platform, was the lower half of the sword’s body that had not seen night or day for twenty whole years.

The sword’s body rose higher and higher, gradually reaching a height of several hundred meters. And just at this moment, a voice that sounded like it came from an evil spirit came from below:

“GRR… AAHH!!!! Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, you old dogs! Have you come to visit this granddaddy again… HAHAHAHAHAHA… You pack of shameless, despicable, and treacherous dogs! If you have guts, hurry up and kill me already! I want to become a malicious spirit, tear the skin off your flesh, drink your blood, bite your bones into mush, pulverize your organs… and drag you all down to the eighteenth level of h.e.l.l, to suffer the penetration of ten thousands of blades for all eternity, and feel the pain of burning in h.e.l.lfire!!”

This was the most resentful voice they had ever heard and the most malicious of curses. It was even more frightening than the wails of evil spirits in h.e.l.l… The hair of everyone who had heard this voice stood erect, and chills unceasingly crept up their spine. They had no way of imagining just how large of a resentment it would have to be able to release such heaven frightening earth startling grievances...

The enormous Heaven’s Punishment Sword continued to rise for a little while longer until it had finally stopped. The tip of huge sword moved a similarly sized surface which appeared at the previously empty s.p.a.ce.

What appeared in front of the people’s eyes was a huge light yellow half sphere barrier. Within the barrier, was the huge Heaven’s Punishment Sword with several tens of chains on the tip of it firmly sealing a person with a full set of white hair. His hair had reached the ground a long time ago and covered half his body and face. His body was as thin as a match and had a face that was as wrinkled as an evil spirit, but his pair of eyes was as frightening as the sharpest knives in the world and radiated a resentment that was like the abyss of h.e.l.l.

“That’s… a demon?”

“Being sealed in the profound formation for over a hundred years without eating, drinking or dying. It’s practically an old demon! Sssss… what a terrifying demon, he glanced at me for a moment, and my entire body went cold.”

“So… so scary.” Cang Yue nervously pressed closer to Yun Che, with half her body hidden behind him.

This “demon’s” expression was quite terrifying, and his fury was great. It could even be said that to be the greatest that Yun Che had seen all his life. When he looked at him, even he, was a bit afraid, let alone Cang Yue.

“Jasmine, what kind of person is this? Can you tell?” Yun Che probed.

Jasmine answered with extreme disdain: “Demon? It’s only just a more powerful than the usual human. Hmph, what a joke. A real demon of the demon race is even scarier than what you can imagine!”

Yun Che: “...”

Regarding the “demon” with his incredibly malicious curses and gaze, Lin Kun didn’t alter his expression at all as he calmly and collectedly said: “You want to curse, curse as much as you like. Heh, you think I don’t dare to kill you? If it wasn’t for you still having some uses, being a bargaining chip for exchange at some necessary moments, you would have died several hundred times by now! Why would we go through the trouble of keeping you alive for a hundred years?”

“Fooey!” The demon sneered: “Despicable old dogs, you’re dreaming. Don’t think you can exchange me for anything! I was never willing to die because I wanted to personally see the the great Demon Emperor slaughter your entire family. That day won’t take too long to come… hahahaha!”

“Hahahaha!” Ling Kun laughed madly as well: “It looks like you’re truly unclear on who is actually dreaming. It’s no harm for me to tell you again that your Demon Emperor had already died a long time ago. Died under hands of our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Sword Master and the Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Heavenly Monarch. Your pitiful Demon Emperor who had just ascended to the throne, overestimated his own abilities and wanted to take revenge for his father. Tsk tsk… his cries were so pitiful when dying. Right now, the entire Illusory Demon Realm is supported by a little demon empress. Unfortunately, though the pitiful little demon empress has imperial blood, your Illusory Demon Realm doesn’t seem to be willing to let a woman become Emperor. She doesn’t even have time to look after herself… slaughter our whole family? Hahaha, simply an enormous joke.”

“Utter bulls.h.i.+t!” The demon madly howled with rage. Those words of Ling Kun had obviously provoke him and made him completely lose control of his emotions as he violently struggled all over. He moved those chains while clamoring: “How can you bunch of inferior old dogs even compare to our Illusory Demon Realm’s great Demon Emperor! The great Demon Emperor can never die… NEVER! There will be a day when he will personally slaughter everything!!”

Illusory Demon Realm… Demon Emperor...

These strange words repeatedly came out of the two’s conversation, causing Yun Che to become baffled. He looked all around, and noticed that bewilderment was written on everyone’s faces. The only one different, was soley Ling Yuefeng, whose expression could still be regarded as calm.

It seemed like the “Illusory Demon World” and the “Demon Emperor”, were things that only

Sacred-Ground level forces had qualifications to touch upon. It was obvious that there was an enormous animosity between them and the “Illusory Demon World”.

“Hahahaha, then just keep on dreaming!”

During his ridiculous laughter, Ling Kun wiped the spatial ring in his hands and several ten lumps of light yellow crystals hovered in front of his body. The top of every crystal released a power so dense that it made people shake in fear. Along with a wave of Ling Kun’s arm, these several tens of crystals all separately flew towards a corner of the imprisoned “demon’s” light yellow barrier, slowly submerged into the barrier, and became part of the barrier’s power.

Suddenly, the color of the entire barrier became even deeper, causing the tint to become sparkly, it looked as if the yellow light filled its entirety. Those several tens of yellow crystalline objects all contained an incredibly power sealing force. Along with their merging, a once in every twenty years of barrier stabilization was completed at this moment.