Against the Gods - Chapter 239 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (1)

Chapter 239 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (1)

Chapter 239 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (1)

No one had foreseen the results of the two battles in the semifinals. Yun Che's battle with Ling Jie, was a visual feast for the audience, and Xia Qinyue's duel with Ling Yun, had completely destroyed all of their prior perceptions. After the battles, those who had watched the entirety of the battle could not calm down for a long while.

In this ranking tournament, in these battles of youths of under twenty, unexpectedly appeared a Domain!

"Sigh, it is truly Yangtze's waves pus.h.i.+ng the waves ahead. We have aged, the time for the younger generation to s.h.i.+ne has already arrived! Ling Yun alone could make us speechless, but this Xia Qingyue... Hehe, in front of this young girl, I feel like I can't even raise my head." One of the elders of a major sect said while sighing.

(Author’s ps: Don’t ask me why “Yangtze” is here! I really don’t know!)

"It is still a good thing. It at least proves that our Blue Wind Empire’s profound realms can grow to an even higher level in the future."

"I wonder where Frozen Cloud Asgard found such a disciple. After this ranking tournament, the name 'Xia Qingyue' will resound throughout Blue Wind Empire. The t.i.tle strongest of the youths, will have to change hands."

"Without a doubt, this young girl must be the first in history to cause Heavenly Sword Villa to just be a side character. It must be hard for Heavenly Sword Villa to take."

All the discussions were focused on Xia Qingyue, and few people brought up the the other partic.i.p.ant of tomorrow's battle, Yun Che. It was not surprising; even though Yun Che and Ling Jie's battle was exciting, when compared to Ling Yun and Xia Qingyue's battle, it was worse by a few levels. Yun Che also didn't have it easy beating Ling Jie, and had his weapon broken. No matter what happens, he wouldn't be able to beat Xia Qingyue, who overcame Ling Yun, and could even cast a Domain.

Once Xia Qingyue's Domain was released, perhaps in the entire Earth Profound Realm, there were none that could be her match. This type of ability that transcended realms, as well as the rules of profound strength, was a gift from the heavens.

The people of Heavenly Sword Villa were indeed feeling unhappy.

Having his body and meridians frozen by the Domain, injured by Xia Qingyue's attack, and even suffering from the side effects of the Sword Spirit Doppelganger technique, Ling Yun had not awaken even after a whole 6 hours. The fainted Ling Yun was extremely pale, and his face unconsciously showed signs of suffering... It was hard to say whether it was because of the pain of his body, or whether he could not accept that he, who had always been unmatched among the youths, had lost, embarra.s.sing Heavenly Sword Villa.

"Yun’er still hasn't awaken?" Ling Yuefeng walked over, with neither happiness nor sadness on his face.

"Not yet. The Sword Spirit Doppelganger wasn't released voluntarily, but destroyed. Brother's spirit should have taken quite a bit of damage, but he should awaken after another few hours." Ling Jie said worriedly.

"Sigh..." Ling Yuefeng let out a long sigh, closing his eyes. "This two battles, you and your brother had both displayed all your skills completely, there's nothing more to say about our loss. It seems like these years I have been too proud and ignorant... Our Heavenly Sword Villa's era of reign, has to end from this point onwards..."


Night fell with the waning moon hanging high in the sky, and the clear moonlight s.h.i.+ning downwards. Under the moonlight, Xia Qingyue sat silently beside the lotus pond, hands supporting her cheeks, as she quietly stared at the incomplete moon. Her eyes were like calm lakes without ripples. She was deep inside her own secret thoughts.

A cool breeze blew, and a snow white image appeared next to her without a sound. Xia Qingyue lowered her gaze, stood up, and then bowed. "Senior Master."

Chu Yuechan nodded faintly, then extended her jade like hand which held a pellet. The pellet was snow white, and exuded a light that was similar to the moon: "You used your Domain today, and slightly wounded your vitality. At this rate, you will only recover sixty percent of your energy by tomorrow, but after taking this pellet, you can completely recover."

"Frozen Soul Heaven Returning Pellet..." Xia Qingyue was astounded, and did not receive it. "Frozen Soul Heaven Returning Pellet is a priceless treasure, it shouldn't be wasted on Qingyue."

"You are Frozen Cloud Asgard's future pillar and hope. The position of Asgard Mistress will also belong to you in the future. Any treasure that is used on you would never be a waste. Take it."

Chu Yuechan’s position in Frozen Cloud Asgard was second only to the Mistress. Xia Qingyue did not refuse any longer as she received the pellet, and immediately placed it in her mouth.

"Thank you Senior Master."

As the Frozen Soul Heaven Returning Pellet entered her body, the night breeze suddenly became extremely cold, and the energy of heaven and earth quickly entered Xia Qingyue's body, allowing her her injured vitality and profound energy to quickly recover.

Chu Yuechan watched Xia Qingyue for a short while with a complicated gaze before whispering: "Qingyue, for the battle tomorrow, do not underestimate your opponent, and even more importantly, do not a.s.sume that victory is in your hands. With regards to his ability, though he is still hiding some secrets, even if he does utilize everything, he will still be far from you. With your Domain, it is true that under the Sky Profound Realm, there isn't anyone who can be your match. However, he has two things that you distantly fall short of."

Xia Qingyue glanced up with astonishment in her moon-like beautiful eyes: "Please advise me, Senior Master."

"The first, is his battle experience and extremely acute five senses. His decision making and decisiveness under dangerous circ.u.mstances coupled with his battle experience, forget about you, even I am far from his level... The second, is his perseverance and willpower. Even if he is pressured to the limit and has no ability to counter attack, do not a.s.sume that he has lost, but conversely, when he is in dire straits, he could become even more terrifying. Under extreme pressure, a normal person can bring out the last power from their body, but for him, he can bring out power from his soul... This battle tomorrow, not only should you not relax, it could perhaps be a difficult battle. These are not empty words, but is my advice for you as your Senior Master.

"Even if you lose, I would not be too astonished."

Hearing Chu Yuechan's words, Xia Qingyue's beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment.

Chu Yuechan's heart was like profound ice, and with a cold personality, she usually hardly spoke. This was the first time that she has heard this Senior Master that she revered speak so much. And every word she said, was giving a young man an extremely good a.s.sessment... So high that it seemed like an impossible a.s.sessment.

If she had not heard it directly from Chu Yuechan, it would be impossible for her to believe that it had happened.

"Yes, I will remember Senior Master's advice." Xia Qingyue said softly. Shortly after, even though she was hesitating, she asked: "Qingyue has a presumptuous question to ask Senior Master..."

"You would like to know why I understand him so?" Chu Yuechan slowly closed her eyes.


Chu Yuechan turned around, and just when Xia Qingyue thought she was going to leave, she suddenly said faintly: "Previously, I left the Asgard to hunt for three Sky Profound Cores so you can refine the Frozen Heart Liquid Jade. When I obtained the third profound core, I accidentally got poisoned. After that, I met him and he helped me cure the poison, and I ended up owing him a favor."

Xia Qingyue's lips parted as her gaze trembled.

"Two months after I returned to Asgard, I left again, and disappeared for five months. Those five months were spent with him, because I wanted to repay the favor by protecting him, but in the end, he was the one who saved my life instead. It was also because of him that I could break into the Emperor Profound Realm."

"..." Xia Qingyue did not make a sound for a long time, for she was unable to believe everything she had heard.

Even Chu Yuechan herself wasn't sure why she told these secrets, that she had planned to keep to herself for the rest of her life, to Xia Qingyue. Perhaps, it was because deep within her heart, she felt a type of indescribable inferiority to her... After all, Xia Qingyue was his legal and proper wife, but she as Xia Qingyue’s Senior Master, had...

"These words, cannot be repeated to anyone, including your master."

"Yes." Xia Qingyue nodded, her thoughts bewildered.

"As an exchange, can you answer a question?"

Today, Xia Qingyue had an unreal feeling, what with Chu Yuechan talking so much. She nodded: "Senior Master, please ask."

Chu Yuechan glanced back, her cold voice carried some gentleness: "When I taught you Frozen Cloud Arts, I checked your awareness, and found out that you did not really like to train, but had a very strong desire to obtain greater power. Can you tell me the reason?"

Xia Qingyue was startled, and a deep sadness appeared in her eyes fleetingly. Her eyes became misty, and even the ice spirits around her calmed down and became quiet.

"Because of... my Mother..." After Chu Yuechan's open-hearted words, she did not choose to hide, but very naturally, with words that flowed like the mist, she said: "Father and mother's meeting was very magical... When father met mother outside of the city, she was in a coma and her entire body was covered with blood. After she woke up, she did not have any of her memories, and her body was extremely weak... Then, mother married father, and because her body was weak, giving birth to me was very difficult, and I narrowly escaped death..."

"When I was four years old, mother suddenly regained her memories... She left, like a fairy she flew away and left... When she left, she hugged me and my brother while crying pitifully, saying that if she didn't leave, she would bring calamity to the whole family. She said that where she was going, was a place called the Domain of the G.o.ds. It was a place that we could never get to... After that, even though father stayed strong, I often see him shed tears quietly when he was alone. After more than ten years, he never remarried... Brother was so young and ignorant, but when growing up, the thing that he envied the most, was that others people had mothers..."

"Domain of the G.o.ds?" Chu Yuechan's eyebrows tightened, because even with her experience, she had also never heard of this name, "Do you know what kind of place it is?"

Xia Qingyue absent-mindedly shook her head: "I don't know. I have researched many ancient books, but I never encountered this name."

"The reason you pursue profound power is so that you can reach a level high enough to learn this name, correct?"

"Mn..." Xia Qingyue nodded slightly before raising her snow white face to look at the waning moon in the sky: "I only want a reunited family. Even though this goal is very far, I believe that as I climb higher and higher, I will inevitably be able to see the silhouette of my mother one day..."

At this moment, the sound of deliberately soft footsteps came from outside the courtyard. Soon, a clear voice drifted over from the main door of the courtyard: "This one is Xiao Sect’s Xiao Kuangyu. I would like to meet the Fairy of Frozen Moon, 'Xia Qingyue'... This one does not have any other intentions. It's just that I have an frozen jade hairpin which suits the Fairy of Frozen Moon. Only when matched with the Fairy of Frozen Moon, would this treasure not be wasted. And also..."

Before Xiao Kuangyu could finish speaking, Chu Yuechan extended her hand and pushed. A stream of solidifying cold energy suddenly rushed forth and sealed the courtyard’s main entrance with a thick ice wall three meters in height. The stream of cold energy that rushed towards him caused Xiao Kuangyu to pale in fright, and he speedily retreated. Even though his face was twitching with anger, he did not dare to say anything. He had no option but to forcefully clench his teeth as he angrily left with a flick of his sleeve.

In the entire Blue Wind Empire, perhaps only Frozen Cloud Asgard could thwart and embarra.s.s this second young master of the Xiao Sect.