Against the Gods - Chapter 207 - The True Profound Realm Who Broke History

Chapter 207 - The True Profound Realm Who Broke History

Chapter 207 - The True Profound Realm Who Broke History

Although the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s placing in the ranking tournament wasn’t that great, it was still the Imperial Family! It controlled the largest amount of political power within the Blue Wind Empire! As a result, when the name “Blue Wind Imperial Family” came out, it immediately caught the attention of entire audience. But after the name “Yun Che” came out, Ling Wugou’s gaze had then left the namelist and did not announce the next name.

There was only this one name.

“It’s my turn.” Yun Che immediately got up and walked towards the Profound a.s.sessing Stone.

The surroundings immediately echoed with the sound of whispers.

“Eh? What’s going on? Only him?”

“Looks like it… What the h.e.l.l! The Imperial Family seriously only sent one person to partic.i.p.ate this year? It was probably influenced by the turmoil within the Imperial Family?”

“Hush, don’t speak nonsense. Perhaps this person’s profound strength is so high that it is enough for the Imperial Family to just send one person. After all, the power rankings of the sects depends on their highest ranked disciple.”

Yun Che walked down from his seat and walked in the midst of everyone’s line of sight.

From Frozen Cloud Asgard’s seating area, Xia Qingyue, who had always been tranquil and silent, widened her beautiful eyes that carried a trace of deep shock when she saw Yun Che. She murmured in a low tone of voice: “He… how could it be… him…”

The moment Yun Che came out, the ice auroras surrounding Chu Yuechan instantly became chaotic as her eyes also momentarily became absent-minded. But immediately afterwards, everything became calm once more. She turned her gaze and no longer looked at Yun Che. It was not known what she was thinking.

“Eh?” Chu Yueli fixed her gaze at Yun Che and her expression became more and more doubtful. When Yun Che stood in front of the Profound a.s.sessing Stone, she tilted her head and spoke in Xia Qingyue’s direction: “Qingyue, don’t you feel like he resembles someone?”

“Yun Che… Xiao Che… Xiao Che…” Xia Qingyue slowly muttered, then shook her head gently: “They look really similar but it is impossible that it’s him. His profound veins are crippled and are impossible to restore, so it is even more impossible for him to have any connections with the Imperial Family…”

Chu Yueli looked at Yun Che again for a while more, and then said softly: “Right, it is indeed impossible that it’s him. But there’s actually two people in this world that this much alike.”

“You’ve seen this person before?” Chu Yuechan suddenly raised her brows and asked.

“No.” Chu Yueli shook her head: “But, he looks similar to someone I’ve met before.”


“It is exactly the person Qingyue insisted on marrying that year. That person’s name was Xiao Che. This person’s name is Yun Che. Not only do they look alike, even their names are similar. What a shocking coincidence.” Chu Yueli explained.

Chu Yuechan: “!!!!!”

“Elder sister, what’s wrong?” Sensing that Chu Yuechan’s aura had suddenly became chaotic, Chu Yueli immediately tilted her head as she asked in astonishment.

“Nothing.” Chu Yuechan closed her eyes and said in an ice-cold voice. But immediately afterwards, a crus.h.i.+ng sound suddenly sounded from her right hand side. The seat’s armrest that was already in the midst of the floating ice auroras became dust.

“Elder sister? You…”

“You aren’t allowed to ask any more, I’m fine.” Chu Yuechan closed her charming eyes, and coldly rebuked.

Excluding the Asgard Mistress, Chu Yuechan possessed the highest position and prestige within Frozen Cloud Asgard. Although she was also one of Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies and Chu Yuechan’s little sister, Chu Yueli still held her in full reverence. Even though her suspicions grew larger and larger, she still did not dare to ask any further. She could only repeatedly think it over in her heart.

Yun Che —— 17 years old —— True Profound Realm level ten.

Once this result came out, the entire audience hissed with displeasure. Subsequently, the sounds of answering snickers filled the area in all directions. Even though the entire surroundings were filled with snickering, the snickering then became the clear sounds unrestrained laughter. The audience was flooded with all sorts of hearty laughter and jeers that even a few elders of virtue and prestige had also involuntarily laughed after seeing this result.

“Pfft… True Profound Realm… A True Profound Realm had actually appeared in this year’s ranking tournament. Even a True Profound Realm is brave enough to partic.i.p.ate in this ranking tournament? Pff... HAHAHAHA…”

“The Blue Wind Imperial Family had actually sent out such a disciple to partic.i.p.ate? And I’d thought that it would be a shocker… F*ck! It is indeed a shocker, it’s actually a True Profound Realm! Did the Blue Wind Imperial Family come here to be funny this year?”

“Looks like there’s no need to worry about being first place from the bottom anymore, hahahaha!”

“I think I’ve never heard of a True Profound Realm appearing in the ranking tournament. The Blue Wind Imperial Family seriously do not care about their face anymore? Tsktsk tsktsk. If the Blue Wind Imperial Family doesn’t place first from the bottom, I’ll eat s.h.i.+t in public!”

“Sigh, actually seeing a True Profound Realm appear here, feels like the entire ranking tournament’s quality has been dragged down. I’m blus.h.i.+ng in shame for them… But this kid actually had the guts to stand out there, tsktsk, he’s not an ordinary character. His face is thicker than the skin on my b.u.t.t.”

The innate talent of a seventeen year old in the tenth level of the True Profound Realm was considered not bad. Amongst all the disciples partic.i.p.ating in the ranking tournament, it could barely rank in the lower levels, and at the age of twenty, it reaching around the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm could be a possibility. If he entered the ranking tournament at that time, n.o.body would ridicule him. What everyone present was mocking, was not his innate talent, but rather that a True Profound Realm actually had the ego and courage to join the a.s.sembly of talents at the ranking tournament… Even if he did not want his face anymore, the Imperial Family he belonged to, ought to, right?

Out of all the ranking tournaments thus far, a True Profound Realm had indeed never appeared before. Although the ranking tournament had no fixed rules about the partic.i.p.ating disciples’ profound strength level, if they could not bring out three disciples from the ages of 16 to 20 at the Spirit Profound Realm, they were essentially unworthy of partic.i.p.ating in the ranking tournament, so much that they were not worthy of even getting an invitation. After some sects greatly declined, if they truly could not bring out three Spirit Profound disciples, they had to renounce the ranking tournament. If they could only bring two, or even one disciple at the Spirit Profound Realm, they would still never bring along a True Profound Realm to fill in their numbers.

And this year, history had been broken just like that. A True Profound Realm partic.i.p.ant had appeared… was even the representative of the Blue Wind Imperial Family… and was even Blue Wind Imperial Family’s only partic.i.p.ant. A large number of people were stupefied and an even larger number of people rocked back and forth with laughter. An intense kind of sect and self strength superiority involuntarily arouse. What they were comparing against, was nevertheless the Blue Wind Imperial Family that dominated and ruled over the Blue Wind Empire, and this kind of superior feeling was especially strong.

“He actually… really came.” On Heavenly Sword Villa’s side, Ling Yun spoke with a face full of shock.

“Uwah! He’s actually already at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm! Amazing.” Completely different from the surrounding sounds of ridicule, Ling Jie opened his mouth wide with a face br.i.m.m.i.n.g with amazement.

“Oh?” Their reactions made Ling Yuefeng raise his brows: “You two know this person?”

Ling Yun slightly nodded: “He’s that person Little Jie described to you that time with a delighted smile. The last time we saw him was half a year ago. At that time, his profound strength was only at the third level of the True Profound Realm, but he had actually blocked three of Little Jie’s strikes. It has only been half a year since then, yet he is actually already at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm. This kind of advancement rate… has far surpa.s.sed the previous me.”

“What?” A hint of surprise flashed across Ling Yuefeng’s face. He started to closely examine Yun Che with a completely different look in his eyes.

“Being able to withstand three strikes from the Ling Jie in the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm at the third level of the True Profound Realm, his strength, absolutely cannot be measured by his revealed profound strength. I believe that he is the same as Ling Jie and I; he is completely capable of prevailing over opponents who are several levels higher than his own.” Ling Yun said calmly.

“Profound strength level alone, indeed does not represent one’s complete level of strength.” Ling Yuefeng nodded slightly, “But it is nevertheless the most important indication of strength. Even if one could challenge another above their level, how far could they possibly step over? Under the Earth Profound Realm, three levels is essentially the maximum limit one could go. Even if he actually is how you describe him and is indeed a talent worthy of attention, unfortunately, he has come too early.”

“Yes, he did indeed come too early.” Ling Yun nodded with complete belief: “When I first saw him, I had even hinted that to him and Princess Cang Yue. I said that he should represent the Imperial Family and partic.i.p.ate in the next ranking tournament. At that time, the twenty year old him would certainly amaze the world when representing the Imperial Family in the next ranking tournament. I never expected that he would actually come this year.”

The sounds of hissing, sneering and ridicule in his surroundings were all within his expectations. But how could all these rouse any ripples within his heart? After drawing his number, he walked down without any changes in expression. His gaze and expression were incomparably calm and composed, as if everything that had happened had nothing to do with him.

This kind of behavior made Ling Yuefeng’s evaluation of him become slightly higher.

“Hahahaha! I’m going to die from laughter. The Blue Wind Imperial Family actually sent out a trash that’s only in the True Profound Realm. Do they seriously want to make a fool of themselves? Hahahaha, the team that the uselessly beautiful and n.o.ble Blue Moon Princess brought…” Fen Juebi laughed out loud. After suddenly discovering that not only did Fen Juecheng’s face not have a trace of a smile, but was instead stiff, he asked: “Eh? Big bro, what’s wrong? Why do you look so bad?”

Fen Juecheng’s brows sunk a little as he answered with a frightening somber voice: “That person… is named Yun Che?”

“That’s right. Could it be that Big bro knows of this person?” Fen Juebi also stopped laughing, as his expression became serious. As the Young Clan Master of the Burning Heaven Clan, there were no one that had ever dared to provoke Fen Juecheng. It has already been a few years since he had saw Fen Juechen making such a face.

“Yun Che… Ha, very good, it really is great… too great!” Fen Juecheng’s voice and complexion became more and more overcast, and even started to emit a burst of ice-cold killing intent. His hands that grasped the chair’s armrests was already bulging with veins; clearly he was already furious to the extremity in his heart.

He first knew of the name “Yun Che” from Third Prince Cang Shuo. Even though Cang Shuo had told him that Yun Che was already dead, he still ordered someone to investigate it. He found that Yun Che really was very close with Princess Cang Yue, but his death in the Wasteland of Death was also the truth.

But now, this Yun Che actually appeared in front of him alive and well.

Having just this one partic.i.p.ating disciple, who was also merely at True Profound Realm, yet Princess Cang Yue had personally lead the group; if he was told that Cang Yue had not come here for the purpose to accompany this Yun Che, he would not believe it even if he was to be beaten to death.

However, just these, were actually not enough for him to become as furious as he did.

He recalled from last night, the strange voice he heard when he stood in front of Princess Cang Yue’s door, as well as the slight trembling in Cang Yue’s voice as she spoke the last sentence… That time he had only felt that it was slightly odd, but didn’t put it to mind at all since he didn’t have any reason to think toward that direction. But thinking back on it now, that was clearly some sort of moan from being suddenly stimulated by something… as well as the sounds of her climaxing from being teased…

Bang! Bang!!

The armrests on both sides of Fen Juecheng were simultaneously squeezed into pieces by him. The knuckles of his tightly clenched hands became white, and cracking sounds of bones being displaced made one feel terrified. His face, was as unsightly as if he had just consumed feces.

“Big bro, what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you get this angry before.” Fen Juebi asked in shock.

Fen Juecheng took in a deep breath, and said with a low tone: “Get someone to investigate the number that Yun Che had drawn in the shortest amount of time possible… Then contact every single battle opponent in the group he belongs to… Tell them to be heavy handed when they face against Yun Che for me! Even if they can’t kill him in public, they must at least make sure thoroughly cripple him! Preferably, destroy his face at the same time!”

The mannerisms of Fen Juecheng, made Fen Juebi unable to dare ask any further. He understood deeply, that even though Fen Juecheng normally appeared polite and gentle, he would be so exceedingly frightening when he truly became furious. He immediately nodded and agreed: “Okay, just a mere True Profound Realm, killing him is as easy as killing a chicken! I’ll immediately order someone to do so. Once he leaves this Heavenly Sword Villa, to either kill him or make him wish that he was dead, wouldn’t it just be the matter of a single word from Big bro?”

Fen Juecheng heavily took a breath in once again, yet the flames of fury in his chest still could not subside at all. He brooded lowly in his heart… Cang Yue, I had thought you were so pure and clean, so incomparably charming, and so impeccably n.o.ble; qualified enough to make me forget my ident.i.ty as the Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master in order to capture your mind and body. Unexpectedly, so unexpectedly… You actually brought me such a huge surprise… and brought me such great rage and shame as well!