Against the Gods - Chapter 1611 - The Girl Who Commands a Dragon (1)

Chapter 1611 - The Girl Who Commands a Dragon (1)

“Our lord repeatedly warned us not to tell the young master of the matter regarding the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning. But now that I think about it, doing so will be able to ease the hesitation in the young master’s heart,” Qu Hui said. As the head of the Adjudicators, he had always been someone who played it by the book, even to the point of cutting off his own emotions. Perhaps it was only in front of Zhou Qingchen that he found himself smiling every now and then.

“I thank Uncle Qu Hui for letting me know. However, no matter what happens with the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning, I definitely won’t disappoint the expectations of my royal father and all of my uncles.”

Zhou Qingchen gave an easygoing smile as he flew downwards and entered an even deeper part of the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning.

Honorable Qu Hui could sense a thick fighting spirit and desire emanating from Zhou Qingchen’s body. It was clear that he was determined to give the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor a pleasant surprise at the end of his training. He warned him from afar. “Young master, do not descend further than fifteen thousand kilometers. Wherever there are strange plants and spiritual treasures there will also be ancient profound beasts who have made that area their territory. You must be careful."

Just as Qu Hui was warning Zhou Qingchen, a huge shadow that was over three hundred meters long suddenly soared out of the ancient gray forest. Its wings generated millions of wind blades that tore straight at Zhou Qingchen.

Astonis.h.i.+ngly enough, that gigantic shadow was a wild bird with the head of a phoenix!

The wild beasts that lived in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning rarely fought amongst themselves, and it seemed to be because the “world” they lived in was different from the outside world. However, they were quite sensitive to auras that came from the outside, and the moment they encountered such an aura, they would often directly launch attacks at these interlopers.

However, Qu Hui did not take action despite seeing this scene unfold in front of him. Zhou Qingchen possessed the cultivation of a level six Divine Sovereign, so he would not meet with any life-threatening danger in this outer region of the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning.

Zhou Qingchen glanced to the side. Even though he was facing this wild bird which had suddenly launched an attack against him, his gaze was completely calm. He did not look like he was even going to defend himself and from an outsider’s perspective, it looked like he did not have time to react to this attack.

However, it was at this moment that a loud roar rang in the air, accompanied by a violently howling storm.

Countless ancient trees were uprooted and tossed into the air by this storm. The wild bird which had been charging toward Zhou Qingchen suddenly changed the trajectory of its headlong rush and its body was flipped over. In the next instant, a figure soared into the sky and the storm grew even more violent. With a heavy ring, the dreadful storm snapped one of the wild bird’s wings like a twig.

The wild bird gave a shrill cry as it struggled to escape the storm. However, it did not retaliate in anger once it broke free of the storm. Instead, it desperately fled into distance.

The wind swirling around the newly-appeared person died down. He did not chase after the bird. Instead, he faced Zhou Qingchen and gave a nod of his head as he said, “h.e.l.lo brother. This sort of wild bird likes to launch sneak attacks because the aura its body radiates is very similar to the surrounding area. It is better to be careful around here.”

Zhou Qingchen replied with a faint smile, “Brother, I thank you for your help.”

The other party was slightly taken aback when he saw Zhou Qingchen’s calm and tranquil smile. After that, he laughed as he said, “It looks like this humble one was being a busybody, farewell.”

As he spoke, a woman gracefully arrived at his side.

The woman’s long light golden hair fell straight to her hips. It looked like a luxurious cascade of liquid gold. She wore a rather large mask that was shaped like phoenix wings over her face. The mask was a pure icy-blue color, but the icy light that glinted off it looked dull and washed-out compared to the glow of her jade skin.

“...” Zhou Qingchen’s gaze violently froze.

“Let’s go.” Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er prepared to leave.

“...Wait a moment,” Zhou Qingchen suddenly spoke just as Yun Che was turning around. Even though it was not obvious, his voice lost some of its previous calm elegance and it had gained an unnatural urgency.

Yun Che’s gaze turned back toward him as he said, “Does this esteemed one have anything to say to me?”

Zhou Qinchen took a step forward. After that, he realized that he had lost some of his composure and he forcefully restrained his gaze. He gave Yun Che a small bow as he said, “Brother, you magnanimously lent your help to a stranger even though we met by chance in this dangerous place. For that, this humble one is deeply grateful. Brother seems to be rather familiar with this place, but this is this humble one’s first time here, so every step fills me with apprehension. If you do not mind, I don’t know if… the two of you would want to journey with me and we can watch each other’s backs?”

In the distance, Qu Hui’s forehead faintly wrinkled up.

The profound energy that radiated from these two people was at the fourth level of the Divine Sovereign Realm. So even if they harbored any ulterior motives, they posed no threat to Zhou Qingchen. What had puzzled and astonished Qu Hui was this. Given Zhou Qingchen’s ident.i.ty and temperament coupled with the determination he had shown toward this training mission, why had he suddenly suggested traveling with these two strangers of unknown origins?

Even though the other party had taken the initiative to help him, the most complicated thing in this world was the human heart, so they definitely could not determine whether he was a kind person based on that action alone… And there was no way that Zhou Qingchen did not know that as well.

At this moment, Qu Hui’s gaze suddenly froze when it settled upon that golden-haired woman… After that, he averted his gaze and let out a silent sigh.

Ah, so that's why…

“This…” Hesitation appeared on Yun Che’s face.

“The two of you can rest easy.” Zhou Qingchen wore a faint smile on his face, but he suddenly released his profound energy, immediately causing the s.p.a.ce around him to start swirling slowly. “Even though this humble one is unfamiliar with this place, I definitely won’t drag the two of you down. This humble one will only take a third of any opportunities we manage to cut down, I won’t be greedy for more.”

Zhou Qingchen was someone who very easily gave other people a favorable impression of himself. When Yun Che had met him for the first time, this was something that stood out to him.

His genteel elegance and his modest and well-mannered behavior made it hard for others to believe that he was the son of a G.o.d emperor… Perhaps, among all the king realms in the G.o.d Realm, only a prince of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm would behave in such a manner.

Yun Che shot Qianye Ying’er a look. After that, he pondered the matter briefly before saying, “Alright, one more companion means one more helping hand and less risk. As such, I ask that you give us lots of guidance.”

For the other party to be proactive was a completely different notion from him being proactive.

Furthermore, trying to get the Eternal Heaven Crown Prince, whose status was above the heavens, to proactively approach two Divine Sovereigns he had just met by coincidence, two Divine Sovereigns of completely unknown origins, was something that should have been impossible.

Yet it had been realized all too easily by Yun Che at this precise moment.

And there was only one reason for that, Qianye Ying’er… More accurately speaking, it was the golden hair and celestial figure which “greatly resembled” Qianye Ying’er’s own.

That one glance had shaken him to the depths of his soul.

Even though he was the world-renowned Eternal Heaven Crown Prince, the future Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor. Someone whose exalted status was unmatched amongst his male peers.

There was one person that this Eternal Heaven Crown Prince adored… to the point where he became as pathetic as dust when it came to her.

The Brahma Monarch G.o.ddess had countless admirers spread out amongst the three divine regions. But when it came to status and future prospects, Zhou Qingchen could be counted as one of the admirers who could match up to her.

However, due to the limitations of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm’s method of inheritance, even though Zhou Qingchen was their crown prince, he could only fully complete his divine power inheritance after Zhou Xuzi abdicated his position as the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor. Thus, even though his innate talent was peerless, given his status as a Divine Sovereign, when he was faced with Qianye Ying’er’s cultivation, appearance, divine beauty, and fame… he became so ashamed of himself that even his breathing would become disordered.

As the Eternal Heaven Crown Prince, he had many more opportunities to see Qianye Ying’er than others. But he had only ever dared to gaze at her from afar. He had not dared to even approach her, much less take the initiative to speak to her.

Perhaps, no one would be able to believe that the grand Eternal Heaven Crown Prince, the future Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor, would actually act in such a pathetic manner in front of a woman.

However Qianye Ying’er’s impression of Zhou Qingchen was summed up in five simple words:

The trash of Eternal Heaven.

Given her temperament and her way of doing things, the place she despised the most was the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm which always clung to righteousness and which took the law and order of the Eastern Divine Region as their personal responsibility. The people she despised the most in this world were toothless and genteel people like Zhou Qingchen… who would scramble to fulfill her every desire.

“I was just wondering. What's your name and where you are from?”

The three of them would be traveling together, so Zhou Qingchen asked that question out of courtesy… However, the answer did not seem to be important to him at all.

“This humble one is Ling Yun, and I am from the Southern Divine Region’s Wind Song Sacred Realm,” Yun Che said in a very easy-going manner.

“The Wind Song Sacred Realm?” Astonishment appeared on Zhou Qingchen’s face.

“Oh? Could it be that Brother has heard of it?” Yun Che said as he looked to the side.

“This is indeed a happy accident.” Zhou Qingchen said with a faint smile. “Back when I was traveling the Southern Divine Region by myself, I stayed in the Wind Song Sacred Realm for a few days. The wind element in that place was so active that it took my breath away, so it left a fairly deep impression on me. It’s no wonder that Brother Ling Yun possesses such mastery over the power of the storm.”

“Not at all,” Yun Che replied modestly. “If we were to compare our cultivations, this humble one is far inferior to you, esteemed one. When I moved hastily just now, the esteemed one definitely must have laughed at me.”

“Hahaha.” Zhou Qingchen started laughing as well. “The G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning is still the most dangerous place in the universe. It is hard to even take care of yourself in this place. Very few people would be able to act so righteously as to help a stranger in need. It’s an act that truly caused me to gasp in admiration.”

“This humble one’s name is Chen Qing and I was born in the Eastern Divine Region. This is the first time I’ve entered the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning, so I ask that two of you look after me.” After he finished speaking, Zhou Qingchen very naturally looked to the side and shot a glance toward Qianye Ying’er, “I wonder how I may address this lady?”

“This is this humble one’s junior sister, Ling Qianying. She very seldom goes out into the world, so she isn’t good with words. I hope that you aren’t offended by this,” Yun Che said.

“Qian… ying.” Zhou Qingchen was stunned by those words and he was left at a momentary loss.

“Oh?” Puzzlement appeared on Yun Che’s face.

Zhou Qingchen came back to his senses and he hurriedly laughed as he said, “High waves and a dream of clouds, a thousand shadows paint a most beautiful picture. They are truly beautiful names, so my mind could not help but wander a little. When I think about it, the person who is worthy of this name is definitely a peerless beauty.”

“Brother Chen’s praise is a little over the top,” Yun Che said as he smiled. “Qianying is very unused to showing her face to other people, so I hope that Brother Chen does not take offense at it.”

“I’m not offended, not offended at all,” Zhou Qingchen replied with a faint smile, but a trace of disappointment flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Qu Hui silently observed everything from a distant location. This was supposed to be Zhou Qingchen’s personal training journey in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning, so he would not interfere unless he had no other choice. He also would not give him any reminders or interfere with any of his decisions.

He had originally believed that Zhou Qingchen would escape this “devilish obstacle” when Qianye Ying’er had become Yun Che’s slave and been marked with a lifetime’s worth of shame. After that, she “betrayed” the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm and fled from it, her fate unknown. Qu Hui had thought that Zhou Qingchen would finally be free from this trap by then, but from what he saw today… it looked like he was as deeply mired as he had ever been.


In the depths of the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning

Just like Qu Hui had said, Honorable Tai Yin and Honorable Zhu Liu had already descended into the depths of the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning, and they were very close to the territory of the Dragons of Absolute Beginning.

The Dragons of Absolute Beginning were the most ancient and strongest dragon clan in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning. Perhaps it was because their ability to reproduce was limited, but there were not many Dragons of Absolute Beginning in existence. In fact, their numbers paled in comparison to the Western Divine Region’s Dragon G.o.d Clan. However, any single Dragon of Absolute Beginning, even if it was just a wyrmling, could display a peerlessly powerful and earth-shaking draconic might.

This was also the reason that the G.o.d Realm could only obtain a Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning once every few hundred thousand years.

Even to the king realms themselves, barging into the territory of the Dragons of Absolute Beginning and stealing the divine object that they guarded was a gamble that could cost them their lives.

However, even though Tai Yin and Zhu Liu formed a party of just two, they were entering this place with quite a bit of confidence.

Because they were Eternal Heaven Guardians! Because they possessed mighty spatial powers!

In the history of the G.o.d Realm, the various realms that comprised the G.o.d Realm had only harvested six Divine Fruits of Absolute Beginning, and half of them had been obtained by the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm. They had accomplished this by relying on their mastery over s.p.a.ce, a power unique to their realm.

The territory of the Dragons of Absolute Beginning lay in front of them. Even though it was still quite far away from their location, the shocking draconic might was already pressing against their hearts and souls. It felt as if this draconic might had engulfed the entire gray-white land around them.

As the supreme ruler of every living being, a dragon roar acted as a verbal command to all of the living creatures in the vast s.p.a.ce that surrounded the Dragons of Absolute Beginning. If a mighty mid-stage Divine Master were to enter this place, they would be considered lucky if they escaped with their life.

The two of them restrained their auras as best as they could as they silently advanced. However, at a certain point in time, their bodies suddenly froze at the same time.

It was an incomparably pure… No, it was a strange kind of aura that could not be described with any words. It completely transcended the knowledge of these two great Guardians. It was as if it had come from some illusory dreamscape or a divine realm that had long since ceased to exist.

That aura spread throughout the bodies of the two Guardians in a single instant. The two great Guardians possessed a Divine Master power that allowed them to isolate any foreign energy, but this power did not even seem to exist in front of this aura.

Their senses suddenly became incredibly clear, and their spiritual perception which had been suppressed by the aura radiating from the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning instantly cleared up. They felt as if their bodies were being bathed in some sort of mysterious and unfathomable spring.

The two Guardians could not help but suck in a breath at the same time. After that, they glanced at each other and saw the deep excitement in each other’s eyes.

“This is the… divine aura of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning!” Tai Yin exclaimed in a deep voice. As one of the Guardians, he had only ever heard of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning, he had never actually seen one before. However, this aura, this aura which did not seem like it should exist in this universe, instantly allowed him to understand why it had been crowned with the t.i.tle of “divine fruit”.

“We can’t be mistaken,” Zhu Liu said with much excitement.

Right now, they had yet to truly approach the territory of the Dragons of Absolute Beginning. They were so far away from the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning but its aura was already so overwhelming. They were unable to imagine just what sort of miracle they would witness once they had drawn near to it! And what sort of miracle would occur when it had been consumed!