Against the Gods - Chapter 1528 - Bloody Divorce Letter

Chapter 1528 - Bloody Divorce Letter

The scattered fragments turned into an endless amount of stardust, forming a long starry river. But after that, the purple light eroded it into even tinier dust clouds… and this destruction continued until all of it had been reduced to nothingness.


As the stardust was being ground into nothing, that vast rumbling explosion finally came, accompanied by an incomparably terrifying spatial storm.

Wild air currents caused trembling low moans to echo throughout the area and all the gathered higher realm kings were sent flying into the distance.

Xia Qingyue stood unmoving within that spatial storm, only her long hair and the sleeves of her robes were flying wildly. She was clad in that star-destroying purple light, conjuring up an image of such unreal celestial beauty that it would even drive heavenly G.o.ddesses into despair… However, even though it was such an image of peerlessly surreal beauty, the sight of her sent a chill through everyone’s soul.

The Moon G.o.d Emperor… She had destroyed the Blue Pole Star.

She had actually destroyed the planet where she had been born with her own two hands!

It was true that most divine profound pract.i.tioners were indifferent to love and affection. Furthermore, the amount of indifference a divine profound pract.i.tioner had toward these sort of feelings usually corresponded with their lifespan and their status, their emotions dulling over time.

However, being indifferent towards these sort of things definitely did not mean that one became heartless. After all, a person’s blood and their birthplace were things which were ultimately irreplaceable.

No matter how lowly and inferior the Blue Pole Star was, it was still her birthplace, and her own father and younger brother had still lived there as well. It was where her roots were, where she had spent her entire life before she had entered the G.o.d Realm… Yet she had so resolutely destroyed it with a single stroke of her sword!

At this moment, the figure of the Moon G.o.d Emperor that was wreathed in purple light was indelibly etched into the hearts and souls of everyone present. On this day, their perspective of the new Moon G.o.d Emperor completely changed… No, rather, this was truly the new emperor of the Moon G.o.d Realm.

“To think that she… was actually truly… this heartless!” The Western Region’s Qilin Emperor gasped in a low voice.

“The most terrifying thing in the world will always be women,” the Blue Dragon Emperor said as her chest heaved violently. At this moment, her impression of the Moon G.o.d Emperor was undergoing a drastic change.

A G.o.d emperor who was so cruel and ruthless that she could even get rid of her own relatives and birthplace in such a callous and decisive manner… From now on, who would dare to casually offend her? Who would dare to casually offend the Moon G.o.d Realm?




Yun Che was completely fixed in place. He did not move a single inch. His mouth gaped open, but he could not make any sound come out of it. Even the annihilated blue stardust and the destroying purple moonlight could not stir up even a shred of color in his eyes.

Because his world had already gone completely white.

There was no destruction that was more dazzling than this, no despair that was more complete than this.

My father, my mother, my grandfathers, Cang Yue, Lingxi, Yuechan, Caiyi, Xue’er, Ling’er, Xian’er… Wuxin… Yuanba… The Yun Family… Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace...

Everyone, every single thing, all of his memories… Everything had been forever transformed into the most beautiful and illusory cloud of dust before his lifeless eyes...

The last bit of blue stardust had been consumed by purple light, and in the end even the purple light was beginning to fade. In the midst of that raging spatial storm, all of the planets in the star region had deviated from their original orbits. In the most serious cases, they had deviated by nearly half a star region and tottered on the edge of destruction.

Under the power of a G.o.d emperor, all that existed in the lower realms, even stars, were simply frail and weak.

Xia Qingyue slowly lowered her arm… That simple movement, a movement that could not be any more ordinary, caused everyone’s eyeb.a.l.l.s to shake. But the Purple Pylon Divine Sword had not been sheathed and it was still glowing with an ethereal purple light.

“Is it beautiful?” she softly asked as she looked at Yun Che.

Her voice was clearly as soft and gentle as a dream, and it was clearly accompanied by those three ambiguous words, but to the current Yun Che, it was undoubtedly the cruelest, soul-penetrating voice in the universe… A voice that caused a whole host of realm kings to shudder in fear as their very souls trembled.

“...” Yun Che did not react at all. He simply stared at the void where that azure star had once been, even that field of stardust had been completely dispersed. A frightfully pale sheen covered his body, face, and eyes… His entire body looked like it had been drained of blood and it seemed as if his entire soul had been wrenched out of him, only a cold and despairing sh.e.l.l had been left behind.

“Sigh.” The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor turned around and shut his eyes as he gave a heavy sigh. “Moon G.o.d Emperor, you did not have to go so far.”

Qianye Fantian’s face darkened and it took a good amount of time before his face started to relax again as he said in a calm voice, “No wonder Ying’er fell into your hands. Moon G.o.d Emperor, you’ve left this king with no choice but to look at you in a different light.”

Even someone as venomous and sinister as Qianye Ying’er had deeply loved her mother and was willing to become a slave to save her father. But the Moon G.o.d Emperor...

When a woman grew cruel, it was truly enough to make every man shake in his boots.

Xia Qingyue paid them no mind, her cool and indifferent gaze never moving away from Yun Che. She had not shown any sentimentalism or emotional distress when the Blue Pole Star was destroyed. It was as if she had merely wiped away an insignificant speck of dust.

“...” Yun Che finally stirred. His head started to turn and its movement was incredibly rigid and slow. It was as if he was a shoddy wooden puppet being controlled by strings. As he looked at Xia Qingyue, looked at that face and body which were so familiar to him, he found that she had suddenly become alien and distant to him.


He finally spoke but that word was spoken with such incredible difficulty and weakness that it was barely audible.

“Why?” Xia Qingyue’s eyes were like pools of placid water. “Just like yesterday, when it seemed like you absolutely did not believe that I would try to kill you too. You’ve always been so childish and absurd.”

Yun Che, “...”

n.o.body spoke as they quietly stared at these two people who used to be husband and wife. The situation had already developed far beyond any of their expectations.

She had personally captured Yun Che, personally destroyed the world they had been born on… The scene that was playing out in front of them was incomparably cold and cruel and even the gathered G.o.d emperors and Divine Masters were not willing to approach them. The cold oppressive might that radiated from the Moon G.o.d Emperor was clearly telling all of them that no one had the right or the room to interfere in this matter!

That’s right. Yesterday, Yun Che definitely would not have believed that Xia Qingyue would try to kill him. In fact, up to the point where the purple light on her sword had gathered and solidified and came slicing down at him, he still clung to his belief.

Even though he had spent far more time apart from Xia Qingyue than he had together with her, her figure had been engraved far too deeply in his life.

When they were sixteen, at the point in his life when he had been at his lowest and most helpless, it was Xia Qingyue who protected his last shred of dignity while also ensuring the safety of him, Xiao Lie, and Xiao Lingxi.

When they had met for the first time after their marriage, when he had ended up in the belly of a giant beast inside Heavenly Sword Villa’s Heaven Basin Secret Realm… She had covered his body with all of her power in order to save his life, all while consigning herself to death instead.

It was also from that point forward that Xia Qingyue’s place in his heart and his life had undergone a complete change. He had also sensed that his own figure had been carved into Xia Qingyue’s eyes and heart.

As a result of destroying the Burning Heaven Clan, he was pursued by Sword Saint Ling Tianni. In that desperate situation, it was once again Xia Qingyue who had fought with him shoulder to shoulder, and they had defeated Ling Tianni together.

After that, there was no news of Xia Qingyue and a full eight years pa.s.sed before she appeared before his eyes once more, and they were already in another world altogether.

It was also on that day that he had been stricken by Qianye Ying’er’s Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark and once again, it was Xia Qingyue who had brought him to the Dragon G.o.d Realm.

More than a decade had pa.s.sed since they had gotten married, but when one added up the time they had actually spent with each other, it was incomparably short.

Even though they had spent so much time apart from each other, even if they were separated by an entire plane, even if the location changed from the Blue Pole Star to the Moon G.o.d Realm, they always ended up meeting each other. Furthermore, almost every time Xia Qingyue appeared in his life, she would always save him from a desperate situation.

Meanwhile, what he had done for Xia Qingyue… was incredibly insignificant in comparison.

Furthermore, upon reflecting upon Xia Qingyue’s life up to this point, she always seemed to be living for others. Even when she became the Moon G.o.d Emperor, half of it had been to repay her foster father, and the other half had been because of him… Shen Xi had said this, Mu Xuanyin had also said this, and in reality, he had actually known it all along.

Thus, he had never put up any defenses in front of Xia Qingyue and he would never keep any secrets from her. No matter how much coldness and indifference she showed toward him, in his eyes, it was nothing more than her intentionally pretending to be tsundere.

But… Why...

Everything… Everything that had happened...

Had it really just been him being ridiculous and delusional...

“...” He stared at Xia Qingyue as he tried to once again see her face clearly, to see her soul clearly.

“Speaking of which, you really should thank this king,” Xia Qingyue said indifferently, so apathetic that even the reflection in her eyes was indifferent. “If this king had not destroyed the Blue Pole Star, then your family and friends, and all of the living creatures on this planet, their fates would have been extremely miserable from today onwards. But this king allowed them to be directly released from this miserable fate and I’ve also spared you the agony of watching them fall into the hands of others. Even more than that, I also made sure that you won’t be lonely on your journey to the next life… Since that’s the case, don’t you think you should thank me?”

“...” She was clearly standing so close to him but her figure was growing more and more unfamiliar, more and more blurry.

It was her, it was actually her. She was the one who had personally destroyed the Blue Pole Star, killed all of his family and loved ones, killed his own daughter… destroyed everything...

He muttered soullessly, “Even if… you wanted to eliminate everything that had to do with me… Your master… Your father… and Yuanba…”

“Heh.” Before Yun Che even finished speaking, her extremely soft and disdainful laugh rang in his ears. “Yun Che, this king told you something a very long time ago, but it seems like you never took my words seriously.”

“This king isn’t only Xia Qingyue. Even more than that, I am the Moon G.o.d Emperor!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Do you even know what being a ‘G.o.d emperor’ entails? Perhaps you think that you know, but in reality, you’ve never truly understood! To a G.o.d emperor, what does a mere home planet count for? Family and loved ones? What are those?”

“If this king was as childish and stupid as you are, and I was not even willing to discard a few relatives in the lower realms who were as low as ants, then I wouldn’t have the face to be the emperor of the Moon G.o.ds.”

She slowly raised the Purple Pylon Divine Sword and pointed it at Yun Che’s forehead. The purple light radiated by the sword was slowly condensing around it as she said, “If you had thrown them all away and fled toward the Northern Divine Region with all your might, then this king might have raised my estimation of you. It’s a pity that your foolishness is truly incurable. However, to this king, things couldn’t be any better.”

“It is only by personally executing you that I will truly be able to wash away the stain of having once been a devil’s wife.” Xia Qingyue’s expression still remained as cold as a wintry pool and it had not changed at all from beginning to end. A very faint wisp of killing intent started to slowly spread through the air at this moment, and even though it was faint, it was so cold that it pierced the soul. “After you die, you should take some time to think about what you should do in your next life!”

The sword was raised high in the air, the purple light radiating from it dazzling.

Those exact same words, the exact same Purple Pylon Divine Sword.

Given Xia Qingyue’s profound strength, she only needed to flick a finger if she wanted to destroy Yun Che. However, during her two attempts on Yun Che’s life, she had used the Purple Pylon Divine Sword and before the sword fell, it would always gather a rather dense amount of Purple Pylon divine light...

Perhaps, it was so that she could completely obliterate him in a single instant.

“He… Hehe… Hehehe…” Yun Che started laughing and it was an incomparably dry and hoa.r.s.e laugh, an incomparably wan smile. A soundless chill sank into the hearts of every single person present, making them feel like the entire star system around them had become mournful and desolate. “Wash away the stain of having once been a devil’s wife? Heh… Heh heh… Xia Qingyue… It is you… who has stained the lineage of my Yun Family!”

Xia Qingyue, “...”

A trickle of dark red blood slowly trailed down the corner of Yun Che’s mouth. He looked at Xia Qingyue and p.r.o.nounced each and every word with a deliberate slowness, “The Yun Clan’s Yun Che has a wife from the Xia Clan, Qingyue. She is unfilial to her parents-in-law, she is enemies with her clansmen, she murdered her own father and brother, she is heartless and devoid of righteousness, she is as venomous as a scorpion and a snake… Even if I were to use ten thousand words, it would still be hard to list down all of her crimes.”

“I’ve decided to divorce you and we will sever every relation we have with each other from now on! From today onward, we owe each other nothing but hatred, a hatred that will carry on for all eternity!”

Each word was filled with blood, each word was overflowing with hatred… All of those warm feelings, all of the previous tenderness, even the occasional glance they had exchanged. Right now, all of it seemed like such a sorrowful farce.


A fierce jet of blood spurted out from his mouth as Yun Che bit down on his tongue… Xia Qingyue did not dodge and a bright red word “divorce” was sprayed onto her clothes.

It was incomparably glaring.