Against the Gods - Chapter 150 - Shocking the Entire Audience

Chapter 150 - Shocking the Entire Audience

Chapter 150 - Shocking the Entire Audience

"Arrogant brat. Today, I shall let you know the difference between heaven and earth!"

Murong Yi was angered by Yun Che's words. He felt as if a little mouse was being arrogant in front of him, a lion. He extended his hand towards Yun Che, and said scornfully: "Come, let me see how you're going to amuse me."

With Murong Yi's ident.i.ty, he obviously wouldn't take the initiative to attack Yun Che in front of such a large audience. Yun Che also stopped talking. His two legs kicked off the ground, reaching the absolute limit of his speed in an instant. A shadowy blur flew towards Murong Yi, and a punch directly smashed towards Murong Yi's chest.

Yun Che evidently poured his full strength into that strike. He held nothing back, and did not leave room for any follow-up attacks. Which also meant that, this strike of his, was an actual head-on smash.

A second ranker of the True Profound Realm attacking a ninth ranker of the True Profound Realm head on? All the Outer Palace disciples watching the confrontation almost could not hold in their laughter. If Yun Che were to use his movement skills, he might really be able to block one or two attacks. But he actually clashed head-on right from the start... he was actively seeking death!

"Idiot!" Murong Yi gave a cold laugh. With a wave of his right fist, the profound strength of a ninth ranker at the True Profound Realm was released, bringing about a whizzing gust of profound energy in an instant. He ruthlessly smashed towards Yun Che's chest, and whispered these cold-hearted words: "Lie on the ground and cry for me."

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Yun Che's right fist directly collided with Murong Yi's torrent of profound energy and three continuous dull bangs resounded. As if it was a balloon being forcefully exploded, Murong Yi's torrent of profound energy scattered from the collision. But Yun Che's attack did not weaken even a slightest and his straight right fist was now only five feet away from Murong Yi's chest.

"Wh... what!!"

Murong Yi, who was originally scornfully preparing to see Yun Che heavily injured on the ground, was greatly shocked. His body instinctively retreated, and all the profound strength in his body, with his quickest speed possible, concentrated onto his two arms which were blocking the front of his chest.


There was yet another loud sound. Yun Che's right fist heavily collided with Murong Yi's right arm. In an instant, a torrent of profound energy exploded at the point of collision, blasting the two away from each other. Yun Che flew back a distance of fifteen feet, and caught his balance. Then, he casually swung his right arm. As for Murong Yi, he retreated three steps back, and he stood there for a long while without making any movements. His pair of eyes stared at Yun Che long and hard as his entire face became furiously red.

At that moment, the entire hall was in a state of silence. All the disciples were thoroughly dumbfounded. No one expected that the result was actually like this. In a duel with such a great disparity in strength between the two sides, when their first exchange was actually a direct collision using profound strength, they initially thought Yun Che would lose terribly in an instant, and even suffer heavy injuries. But... those two actually looked to be evenly matched!

How was that possible!?

And as to whether it was actually an even match, a few were able to see that even clearer. In the pavilion, Qin Wushang's face revealed a shocked expression, and slowly, it grew into a smile. Although Yun Che flew back by fifteen feet while Murong Yi was only pushed three steps back, there wasn't any change in Yun Che's expression, and the atmosphere emitting from his body was as calm as ever. As for Murong Yi... his right arm was evidently slightly trembling, and his five extended fingers were displaying a slight numbed state... Evidently, his hand was numbed directly from the collision earlier between his hand and Yun Che's fist. His expression, was even uglier to behold.

"This is... a lie right? That Yun Che, is obviously only at the second level of the True Profound Realm!"

"Senior brother Murong Yi must have definitely only tested Yun Che casually, and did not even use a tenth of his profound strength. That must be it."

"Why aren't you laughing anymore?" Facing Murong Yi, whose expression was ugly to behold, the corner of Yun Che's lips curved as he asked sarcastically.

The numbing sensation of Murong Yi's right fist finally calmed a little. With a sullen face, he forcefully laughed: "Do you think, because you were able to take one of my attacks, victory is in your grasp? What a joke! Earlier, I did not even use a half of my profound strength. In my eyes, you're still a laughable little mouse... Die!!"

Murong Yi's body shook, and his profound energy was released without any restraints. All the muscles in his body expanded; his bones crackled, and below his feet, a violent wind suddenly swirled as he charged towards Yun Che with shocking speed.

"It's the high-grade profound movement skill, 'Shadow Chasing Steps'! When Murong Yi uses it, it's basically being executed to perfection!"

"Senior brother Murong Yi even used his profound movement skill... Is he preparing to defeat Yun Che in a single blow?"

Murong Yi's body became a speeding shadow. His speed was surprisingly quick; in half a second, he had already charged right in front of Yun Che. Then suddenly, his shadowy figure flashed. He strangely transversed by half a step, and he instantly tilted his attacking target from Yun Che's front to Yun Che's side, fiercely cras.h.i.+ng towards Yun Che's ribs with his elbow... The onlooking disciples cried out of shock from that instantaneous change.

With such a shocking speed, it was already hard for people to immediately react, but he still managed to swiftly change his posture... While using this mysterious profound movement skill, it would not be possible for the opponent to react at all.

But in the next moment, what everyone saw caused them to hold their breath.

Yun Che's reaction speed was quick, much quicker than everyone's predictions. He seemingly straightened his left arm, blocked his side, and thus collided heavily with Murong Yi's elbow. Within the spread of profound energy ripples, the faint sound of bones crackling resounded.

Although Murong Yi was shocked that his attack was actually blocked, he once again revealed a cold smile... A blow using his full strength, so what if he blocked it? The only outcome that would happen next, was his opponent's arm being broken, his entire body severely injured from his own powerful rush of profound energy, and getting sent flying while vomiting a mouthful of blood. But, his cold smile only lasted for a moment as his face completely stiffened.

Because the recoil he felt after his elbow collided with Yun Che's arm was so overbearing that all the blood veins and organs in his body writhed for a moment. The floor under Yun Che's feet largely cracked and his two feet also sank deeply into the ground but he was not pushed back by even a single step...

He actually blocked that attack completely and thoroughly.

How... How is this possible! Murong Yi's entire body stiffened; his pupils contracted and violently trembled. From his and Yun Che's first exchange, the outcome was that they were on equal grounds. This made him greatly feel embarra.s.sed. Hence, this strike was completely unrestrained and used a hundred percent of his strength. It was a surprise attack accompanied with a profound movement skill. He obviously wanted to end Yun Che with that single strike. But not only had his full powered attack been totally blocked by Yun Che, he did not even get pushed back a single step.

Impossible! This is impossible! This is definitely a coincidence! Or maybe he's just holding it in, and had actually already suffered heavy internal injuries!

Murong Yi was howling wildly in his heart. He was unable to accept the fact that his full strength had actually been completely blocked by someone who was simply at the second level of the True Profound Realm. He roared out loud as his body quickly turned to the opposite side. With his left first raised, another full powered attack struck towards Yun Che. This attack, was once again thoroughly blocked by Yun Che, and did not even manage to push him half a step back.

Murong Yi became agitated. With a solemn face, he stomped his feet and activated his profound movement skill to its limit... His two fists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and legs were all in an offensive position. He infused every part of his body with a raging profound energy and ruthlessly attacked Yun Che. Those fierce attacks that fell like a violent storm brought about a relentless windstorm on the stage that roared unceasingly.

Yun Che’s expression was as tranquil as water. He dealt with all of Murong Yi’s attacks in a calm and composed manner. Whenever the blows of the two collided, they would always be accompanied by thundering explosions. The stage below them had long since been shattered and was in pieces; even more cracks were still forming and spreading at an alarming rate.

And all the onlooking disciples, were already completely dumbfounded.

If they were only evenly matched from their first exchange, where they clashed head-on, the onlookers could understand if Murong Yi deliberately held back. But now, Murong Yi’s expression was fierce; his muscles flexed, his veins were clearly seen. Evidently, he was using his full strength, and he was even fully executing his profound movement skill. But after colliding simultaneously with Yun Che, he was not even gaining a single advantage over his opponent. Although he was currently on the offensive and Yun Che was focusing entirely on defense, Yun Che was actually displaying a relaxed expression, and there was not even half a hint of pressure shown on his face.

Everyone was utterly stupefied… Between the two of them, they had a difference of seven levels in the True Profound Realm!

Forget about the disciples, even the elders and instructors watching from the pavilion had faces full of shock. As to whether Murong Yi was using his full strength, they were able to see it very clearly. But an outcome like this made them stare for a very long time with tongues tied.

The difference between seven levels of profound strength in the True Profound Realm were undoubtedly large, but with Evil Soul and the weight of a thousand five hundred kilograms brought by the Great Way of the Buddha, the difference had already been made up… even so much that it had been surpa.s.sed.

His dozens of full powered attacks were not even able to trouble Yun Che. This outcome was something Murong Yi would have never been able to predict. His mind was becoming more and more frenzied. Suddenly, he roared loudly as a cold radiance came from his hand. A silver spear of about seven feet in length crossed through Murong Yi’s hands and directly pierced towards Yun Che.

“Junior brother Yun, watch out!”

At the front of the crowd, Lan Xueruo, who had been watching the situation on the ring suddenly exclaimed nervously.

And everyone else was shocked pale from this scene as well. An Inner Palace disciple at the ninth level of the True Profound Realm was not even able to do anything against a second ranker of the True Profound Realm, even with his full strength. Not to mention, he was also a disciple that was three years older than him. While this fact was shocking, at the same time, they also felt embarra.s.sed for Murong Yi. But during this fierce battle, the act of him suddenly revealing his weapon, was basically contemptible!

The reason why Murong Yi would act in this way was because his frenzied mind was already at its limit. In these dozen or so of exchanges, he became more and more apprehensive. He felt that he had already completely lost face. He even had a premonition in his heart that he might even be defeated… But, he could not lose, and he could not afford to lose either! If he were to really be defeated, then from this day onwards, he would no longer be able to raise his head high in this Blue Wind Profound Palace. This battle would also spread throughout the entire Blue Wind Imperial City. Yun Che would become reputed in the entire city, but Murong Yi, the son of the Northern Field Marshal, would become a stepping stone for others to mock.

He could not lose, no matter what. No matter the means, he could not lose.

The sudden thrust of his spear was unbelievably swift. Even Yun Che did not think that Murong Yi, as an Inner Palace disciple, would use such despicable means in front of this large crowd. But even though he was shocked, he did not panic as his body suddenly flashed.

“Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow!!”

In that split second blitz, Yun Che instantly transversed his body and dodged the strike that would not have been possible to dodge by a hair’s breath. Murong Yi’s cold spear thrust into a ghostly shadow, but the shadow was suddenly swept away, as if it was an instep worm. Countless spear shadows appeared from the silver spear and swirled into a frightening windstorm of spears. Yun Che’s body was firmly locked within the countless spear shadows:

“Die! Blue Dragon Stirs the Sea!!”

Murong Yi’s face revealed a frightening savageness, and his explosive roar reverberated through the audience.

“This is one of Murong Yi’s finis.h.i.+ng moves. Not only did he despicably use his weapon to initiate a sneak attack, he even used a final move immediately after! This is bad!” Qin Wuyou cried out worriedly as he stood up with a shocked expression. But everything happened too quickly. Even he wanted to stop him, it was already too late. And as a ‘referee’, he was also not allowed to step in.

Yun Che had just activated his Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow so he did not even get a proper footing before being instantly trapped within the countless spear shadows. It was basically impossible for him to dodge them. With no other choices, he growled as he poured out all the profound energy within to protect his entire body.


Murong Yi’s spear shadows ruthlessly struck onto Yun Che’s body and loud sounds, as if a mountain was collapsing, echoed out. Yun Che’s protective layer of profound energy was instantly dispersed by the attacks and he was struck in the ribs. Fresh blood wildly spurted out and his body was also sent flying from the tremendous force. He flew a distance of a couple hundred meters, and crashed heavily at the side of the ring.

The audience, at that moment, cried out in shock.

“Outrageous!” Qin Wushang, whose complexion had been serene without ripples, furiously stood up. He slammed his hand on the stone table beside him and the stone table shattered in an instant.

“Junior brother Yun!!” Lan Xueruo paled in fear. The moment when Yun Che was sent flying while spitting out blood, she felt like her heart was ruthlessly stabbed with a blade, and was suffocating from the pain. She painfully exhaled, and just when she was about to sprint over to Yun Che without regards to the consequences, she suddenly saw Yun Che, who was at the corner of the ring, actually getting up smoothly.

The ruckus outside the ring suddenly stopped. Each and every eyeball bulged wide open. Murong Yi’s sinister grin was also completely stiffened. Even Qin Wuyou’s and Qin Wushang’s expressions were filled with shock.

Everyone present were extremely clear about what they had seen. Earlier, Yun Che did definitely take Murong Yi’s “Blue Dragon Stirs the Sea” head on. That was one of the three ultimate moves in 《Blue Dragon Spear Arts》, and perfecting it was extremely difficult. Once it was successfully executed, its strength was absolutely formidable; it was able to forcefully push back a large wave of water and shatter large st.u.r.dy rocks. When it was smashed against Yun Che, the aftereffects were absolutely deafening. Even if it was used against a block of steel, it might even be thoroughly smashed.

Everyone thought that even if Yun Che did not die from that one blow, he would still be heavily injured. Him being in a coma for ten days to half a month was the most understandable outcome. But no one would have thought, and would not even dare believe that Yun Che would actually stand up...

And Yun Che, who stood up once more, looked frighteningly calm. His handsome face only held a stern expression and did not have the paleness from being heavily injured. There were no hints of being pained, nor were there any traces of anger. He turned around and blankly looked towards Murong Yi. Other than the long slice of blood at his waistline, there were no other visible signs of injury on his entire body.

Even Yun Che did not expect that the physical defensive capability brought about by the first stage of the Way of the Buddha would be so frightening!

“You… You…” Murong Yi’s pupils enlarged. Seeing the Yun Che in front of him who once again stood up, his right hand, which was holding onto the long spear, trembled uncontrollably.

Yun Che slowly raised both his hands. A black light flashed between his hands, and the gigantic Overlord’s Colossal Sword appeared in his grasp. Following the sinking of Yun Che’s wrists, it crashed onto the ground with a loud bang.

After the loud sound, the ring under Yun Che’s feet immediately caved in. A heavy and dominating pressure caused everyone to suffocate. It was as if the aura of a returning overlord enveloped the hearts of every single person present.