Against the Gods - Chapter 1478 - Brahma Monarch’s Desperate Situation (2)

Chapter 1478 - Brahma Monarch’s Desperate Situation (2)

“Ah… Ah… Ughhhh…”

Groans of pain rang out throughout the Brahma Heaven Temple, and these groans of pain were not coming from any ordinary people. They came from the Brahma G.o.d Realm’s G.o.d emperor and Brahma Kings!

And most of them were actually coming from Qianye Fantian himself!

A strange and bewitching dark green light twined around their bodies, with the green light on Qianye Fantian’s body being denser and thicker than the rest. Other than that green light, a shocking black energy would erupt from his body every now and then. His expression also kept changing amidst the alternating blackish-green and dark green lights.

The poison that afflicted the eight great Brahma Kings was naturally far less potent than what was afflicting Qianye Fantian, but they still wore expressions of extreme pain on their faces.

To be able to torment a G.o.d emperor and the Brahma Kings to such an extent, one could well imagine just how frightening this Sky Poison was.

The Brahma Kings who were abroad had rushed back the moment they heard the news, but not a single person dared to approach them, and extreme fear and unease was present on every single one of their faces.

“Is… Is this truly the poison from the Sky Poison Pearl?” the First Brahma King, who had just returned to the realm, asked with a pitch-black expression on his face. As the head of all the Brahma Kings, he was unable to keep his composure for even a single instant when faced with such a situation, and when he spoke, both his hands and voice were slightly trembling.

“Even with the combined strength of the G.o.d emperor and the eight of us, we were unable to cleanse away any part of it… Kuh, kuh, kuh…” the Ninth Brahma King only spoke a single sentence but that light exhalation of air already caused the pain on his face to multiply.

“Instead, it followed our profound energy and counter-invaded our bodies. Other than the Sky Poison Pearl… what else in the world could produce such a tyrannical and frightening poison… Keh, keh, keh, keh, keh, keh…”

“Can we truly… not cleanse away any of it?” the First Brahma King said in a shocked voice.

“Yes…” the other poisoned Brahma Kings nodded their heads at the same time, the words that they spoke dyed in gloom and despair, “We were completely… unable to…”

Even given the body and power the Brahma Kings possessed, they still said such things and every word they said undoubtedly filled everyone present with shock and disbelief.

“Unless… it dissipates on its own, if not… if not… I’m afraid that we will have to live the rest of lives being tormented by this virulent poison.”

“Heh, the rest of our lives?” Another Brahma King let out a miserable laugh. “The moment our strength is exhausted, this frightening poison will devour our bodies and lives, so… how long do you think we can actually last!?”

As those cruel words were p.r.o.nounced, the expressions of all of the Brahma Kings, who were already writhing in pain, turned even worse.

“If it’s just us… then it’s fine,” the Third Brahma King said. “But the G.o.d emperor… the poison he has been afflicted with is ten times worse than ours and it even caused his devilish energy to go berserk. If this continues…”


Before the Third Brahma King even finished speaking, Qianye Fantian’s entire body violently swayed as he vomited out another great mouthful of blood… The blood was blackish-red and it was tinged with a dark green color.

“G.o.d Emperor!!”

The First Brahma King was greatly shocked and just as he was about to rush forward, he heard Qianye Ying’er rebuke him, “Don’t go near them, do you want the Sky Poison to invade your body too!?”

The First Brahma King immediately froze in place. He was left at a complete loss.

“Royal Father, how do you feel right now?” Qianye Ying’er was the only one who still maintained some composure.

“Heh, hehe…” Qianye Fantian let out a hoa.r.s.e laugh. “As expected of… the Sky Poison Pearl… a poisonous energy that was so miniscule that even I could not detect it, yet it actually pushed me, Qianye Fantian… into such a corner…”

“Also… the words that Xia Qingyue said before she left. At first, I thought that she was trying to distract me and cause me to overthink matters, but it turns out that she was reminding me… that when the poison of the Sky Poison Pearl combines with the devilish energy of the Evil Infant… it would… cause me to die a dog’s death… Hehehe, hahahaha… Kuhkuhkuh…”

A hearty laugh actually caused blood to crazily gush from Qianye Fantian’s mouth and an extremely acrid stench quickly spread through the entire Brahma Heaven Temple.

“G.o.d Emperor, what should we do now? Should we immediately ask the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm for help?” the First Brahma King said as he forced himself to remain calm.

“Eternal Heaven? Hah, even Royal Father has been pushed into a corner, so what can Eternal Heaven do? Could it be that the Eternal Heaven Pearl can also purge poisons!?” Qianye Ying’er growled, every single ray of light coming from her golden eyes contained an endless sinister chill.

“Then what exactly should we do?”

“Hmph, what else can we do?” Qianye Ying’er said in a cold voice, “This is the poison from the Sky Poison Pearl, so the one thing that can purge is naturally the Sky Poison Pearl! Do all of you still not understand the meaning behind Xia Qingyue’s and Yun Che’s actions!?”

“So they want us to go and beg them?” the First Brahma King said as he clenched his fists tightly.

“It’s not you,” Qianye Ying’er’s voice was as deep as any abyss, “it’s me! Their goal was never any of you or Royal Father, it has always been me!”

She had planted the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark on Yun Che back then, forcing him to run to the Dragon G.o.d Realm. She was also the person who had very nearly masterminded Jasmine’s death all those years ago.

She had also been the one who had nearly caused the death of Xia Qingyue’s mother, terribly altering her fate back then, and she had also been the one who forced Xia Qingyue into a desperate situation...

Without a shadow of a doubt, whether it was Xia Qingyue or Yun Che, both possessed a bone-deep hatred for her.

This was the vengeance that Yun Che and Xia Qingyue were taking against her!

Qianye Ying’er knew that Xia Qingyue would definitely seek revenge after she was crowned G.o.d emperor, but she never imagined it would actually come so swiftly! And in such a despicable manner at that!!

She had originally believed that Xia Qingyue, a “righteous person” who was never willing to harm others, would be an extremely patient person who disdained using despicable methods...

“Your Highness,” the First Brahma King said as his brows suddenly sank, “could it be that you really want to go…”

“You must… not!”

Qianye Fantian, who was being plagued by both the Sky Poison and devilish energy at the same time, let out a furious cry. He opened his eyes and his pained voice was laced with a sinister gloom that it had never held before, “My Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm, my, Qianye Fantian’s, daughter, how can we bend our heads towards the Moon G.o.d Realm!?”

Qianye Ying’er. “...”

“Even though this poison and devilish energy are very scary, I can still hold on for a short period of time… During this period of time, we might still be able to find a way to solve this mess,” Qianye Fantian let out the roughest and most guttural voice they had ever heard, yet it still contained the unquestionable majesty of a G.o.d emperor. “Even if we can’t find a solution, she, Xia Qingyue… will still take the initiative to come here and purge this poison afflicting me. She would not dare to let me die, she would not dare!”

“If I die, then her Moon G.o.d Realm will definitely suffer the full wrath and retaliation of the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm. Furthermore, after killing the number one G.o.d emperor in the Eastern Region for ‘no rhyme or reason’, the entire G.o.d Realm will focus their attention on the Moon G.o.d Realm. So she… definitely won’t dare to!”

Although his entire body was wracked in nightmarish pain and he had been thrown into a deep abyss of despair, Qianye Fantian was still frighteningly clear-headed.

Qianye Ying’er closed her eyes faintly and said, “She is Xia Qingyue, not Yue Wuya. She was not born in the Moon G.o.d Realm and she has only been in the Moon G.o.d Realm for a mere ten years. Why would she have any deep feelings for the Moon G.o.d Realm? I’m afraid that even her sense of belonging towards the Moon G.o.d Realm is thin and shallow. Furthermore, inheriting the will of Yue Wuya was only a secondary reason for why she succeeded the t.i.tle of G.o.d emperor. Her greatest goal has always been to take revenge on me!”

“Thus, while other Moon G.o.d Emperors definitely would not dare to do so, she… might really dare to do such a thing!”

When they had been in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning that year and Qianye Ying’er had planted the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark on Yun Che before ripping apart Xia Qingyue’s outer garments, the look Xia Qingyue had given her and the words that she had said were things that Qianye Ying’er could not forget.

“Ever since she became a G.o.d emperor, there were many things that were beyond her control… To drag the entire Moon G.o.d Realm into danger because of a personal grievance? I am convinced that… she would not dare do such a thing! This is a gamble… and even if she can win, she won’t dare to win!!”

Because he had kept speaking, Qianye Fantian’s complexion grew even more shocking, and a moss green color that was growing deeper and deeper shrouded his eyes.

“That’s right, this is a gamble,” Qianye Ying’er said in a low voice as she closed her eyes. “But what she’s gambling with… is something that I dare not gamble with!”

“Ying’er!!” Qianye Fantian risked the devilish energy flaring up as his voice suddenly grew several times more severe. “Listen here! Remember your status and remember everything that I’ve ever taught you! Even if I am truly going to die, you must never do anything that you’re not supposed to do! If not… you won’t ever be worthy of being my daughter anymore!”

“Number One, all of you keep a close eye on her. Until the point of my death, you are not allowed to let her take a single step out of Brahma Heaven City!”

“G.o.d Emperor…” the First Brahma King took a single step forward, his face twitching with unease.

“Heh, Royal Father, you’re underestimating me far too much,” Qianye Ying’er said with a dull laugh. “I promised you this all those years ago, that aside from Royal Father, I would never ever bend my head or my knee to anyone else. All of creation would be as dogs and fodder to me. If I can use them, I will obtain them, if they are useless, I will discard them, and if I can’t obtain them, I will destroy them! If it comes down to it, even Royal Father is also something that can be abandoned or used. So why would I let myself be muzzled by Xia Qingyue just for the sake of Royal Father?”

“Hehehe…” Qianye Fantian’s expression finally relaxed a little. “Very good, it’s fine as long as you have not forgotten!”

“Hmph! Xia Qingyue… Yun Che!” Qianye Ying’er said in a deep and low voice, “Did the two of you really think that I would be rendered helpless? Even though you became a G.o.d emperor, you were still only born as a lowly peasant in the lower realms! How could either of you even fathom the depths of our Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm!?”

“Number One, all of you stay here and guard Royal Father.” Qianye Ying’er turned around and walked towards the exit.

“Your Highness, you are?”

“I am going to see the Venerable Ancestor!” Qianye Ying’er said in a cold voice. “Why? Do you want to accompany me?”

The two words “Venerable Ancestor” that Qianye Ying’er had said oh so casually, caused the bodies of all the Brahma Kings to shake violently. Terror appeared on the face of the First Brahma King before his expression turned hopeful and he hurriedly said, “No, I don’t dare. But… if the Venerable Ancestor is willing to make an appearance, this crisis will surely be solved!”


With a cold snort, Qianye Ying’er’s body vanished from the temple.

However, she did not go and see the “Venerable Ancestor” that she talked about. Instead, she went to a secluded forest and coldly stared at the scenery in front of her as she lay silent for a very long time.

The Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm had suddenly closed its doors and the core Brahma Heaven City had also descended into a bizarre silence. Time slowly flowed by amidst the silence. Two hours… six hours… twelve hours...

A day pa.s.sed by.

Twenty-four hours had pa.s.sed and to an existence on the level of a king realm, this amount of time was nothing more than an instant of meditation. However, to Qianye Fantian, it was the longest and most painful twenty-four hours of his entire life.

That was because he was sinking into a nightmare that grew deeper and deeper with every pa.s.sing second.

The Evil Infant’s devilish energy and the Sky Poison’s poison...

All of the Brahma Kings had gathered in the Braham Heaven Temple, but they were at their wit’s end and only fear remained in their hearts. Even the eight great Brahma Kings, who had only been afflicted with far less poison than Qianye Fantian, the pain they felt today was several times more intense than it had been yesterday. Their auras were becoming exceptionally weak and disturbed, and various weird changes could be seen on their bodies.

A poison that even the strength of a G.o.d emperor and a Brahma King were unable to purge in any way… This was definitely a nightmare, it was an absolutely ridiculous nightmare!

As time continued to pa.s.s, fear had started to crazily pile up in their hearts… Qianye Fantian was convinced that Xia Qingyue would not dare force him into a dead end. However, an entire day had pa.s.sed but she had not appeared and no movement could be detected from the Moon G.o.d Realm.

Meanwhile, Qianye Fantian’s condition had been swiftly getting worse and worse...

If he truly died… and the eight great Brahma Kings also died one after another because of this Sky Poison that could not be purged, the damage done to the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm would be so huge that it would basically be unimaginable! It was not something they could endure!

The First Brahma King continuously paced about the temple, his body already drenched in sweat. Finally, he could not restrain himself any longer. He came to a sudden stop and said in a deep voice, “G.o.d Emperor! We cannot wait any longer! What Her Highness said previously is definitely not impossible! If that Moon G.o.d Emperor is truly a lunatic…”

“Shut up!” the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor roared as he raised his head and stared at the First Brahma King icily. “How can this king… bend my head to her Moon G.o.d Realm!? She… definitely won’t dare!”

“But what if… what if?” the First Brahma King said. “The G.o.d Emperor’s life is more valuable than anything, even if there is the slightest possibility, we definitely cannot allow it!”

Qianye Fantian’s features twisted in urgency, his expression turned so dark that it became as terrifying as an evil spirit, “Whoever dares to go to the Moon G.o.d Realm… This king will kill him first!”

“This…” shock appeared on the First Brahma King’s face. He did not know that Qianye Fantian would behave in such a pigheaded and irrational manner when it came to this matter which concerned his life and the future of the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm.

“Go.. and call Ying’er here.”