Against the Gods - Chapter 1411 - Giant Divine Sovereign Beast

Chapter 1411 - Giant Divine Sovereign Beast

Chapter 1411 - Giant Divine Sovereign Beast

Everyone tensed up when they noticed that the departing Yun Che had suddenly stopped moving, his aura clearly disturbed. The governor of Illusory Smoke City asked, “Senior benefactor, is there anything you’d like to ask us to do?”

“…” Yun Che turned around slowly with cool eyes and a very serious expression that rang alarm bells in everyone’s head. He asked, “Are there any Divine Sovereign profound beasts in the Snow Song Realm?”

“I…” The major was caught off guard by his question. The city defenders looked confounded as well.

There were only two Divine Sovereigns in the entire Snow Song Realm, and they were the Chief Palace Master of all thirty six Ice Phoenix palaces, Mu Bingyun and the Great Elder, Mu Huanzhi. Divine Kings were already the stuff of legends to a city like Illusory Smoke City, so naturally they couldn’t infer anything relating to Divine Sovereigns at all. It was just completely beyond their level.

“There is!” Mu Hanyan replied, “This junior has heard from his master that there are a total of three Divine Sovereign profound beasts in the Snow Song Realm. They normally keep themselves to the north, eastern, and southern regions, and they are the overlords of all profound beasts in the Snow Song Realm.”

“However, they never step out of their respective territories, and no one has ever seen them in their lives. The one who discovered and confirmed that they exist… is our sect master and Great Realm King.”

Mu Hanyan replied in detail before probing, “…Could it be that you have come to the Snow Song Realm to visit these profound beast overlords, Senior Ling?”

“…” Yun Che shot Mu Hanyan a silent stare… Do I look like I have a hole in my head!?

High level profound beasts like these almost never enter a human territory unless they had a really good reason, but at the same time they were incredibly territorial. Visit? Any human who dared to enter their domain was basically challenging them to a fight!

“Run,” Yun Che said coldly after withdrawing his gaze.

“Huh? I’m sorry?”

“Grab Mu Feixue with you and run right now!” Yun Che’s face looked frighteningly dark.

Mu Feixue, “…”

“We…” The crowd grew even more confused than ever.

Yun Che clenched his fists tightly as he stared straight towards the front, but when he noticed that the crowd behind him still wasn’t moving he jumped furiously on his feet, “Did you not understand what I just told you!? Run away now or it’ll be too…”

His swearing abruptly took a sharp turn, “Phew… it’s too late already.”


The quiet snow region shook intensely… and a roar that nearly shattered the sky came.


The earth turned upside down, and clouds s.h.i.+ed away from the source of that roar. In an instant, every Ice Phoenix disciple and city defender was knocked off their feet, and more than half the people started to bleed from all seven orifices. Those profound pract.i.tioners who were injured fared even worse than those who were unharmed, coughing blood with their wounds cracking open.

Yun Che immediately wrapped Mu Feixue inside a wisp of profound energy… All the injuries she had just suppressed would’ve burst apart otherwise.

“What… what’s going on…” The governor of Illusory Smoke City said shakily… he couldn’t stop himself from trembling at all.

An absolutely terrible spiritual pressure had come down from above right after the roar… It was a power that far transcended their recognition and imagination, and it was tens of thousands of times more frightening than those two Giant Glacier Beasts.

Mu Hanyan dropped to one knee and trembled all over. He actually couldn’t muster the strength to get back on his feet for a long time. Still trembling, he recalled Yun Che’s earlier questions and felt his pupils contracting into needle points. He exclaimed in shock, “Senior Ling, could it be… could it be…”

“This city is pretty lucky, I see,” Yun Che said while still staring towards the front, “it’s not everyday you get to see a profound beast overlord walk out of its territory. I guess it is pretty p.i.s.sed.”

“Wh… wh… wh…”

Every word Yun Che uttered sounded like a crack of thunder. The profound pract.i.tioners of Illusory Smoke City felt like their very souls were escaping their bodies.

No one in this city except their governor had ever had a chance to meet with a Divine Sovereign profound pract.i.tioner. They knew even less that a Divine Sovereign profound beast overlord was living in the same region as them all this time… They just couldn’t believe that an enraged Divine Sovereign beast would be interested in their tiny city!

“Se… se… se… senior…” Mu Hanye’s voice was still trembling, “What should we do… if it’s really a Divine Sovereign beast… Do you happen… to know a way…”

“…What the h.e.l.l can I possibly do against a Divine Sovereign beast!?” Yun Che said irritatedly.

Yun Che was seriously starting to suspect that he was an evil portent. Illusory Smoke City was small, secluded, and clearly insignificant in the entire Snow Snow Region… and yet a Divine Sovereign beast had deigned to walk out of its territory and come here anyway!

There was absolutely no way he could fight against a Divine Sovereign with force! He couldn’t possibly waste his life again and activate Other Sh.o.r.e Asura either.

Running away would be an easy feat, but… Mu Feixue and everyone else present would be dead for sure!

“Do your best to run,” Yun Che exhaled slightly, “The further away, the better. From now on, it’s up to your own lucky stars whether or not you live or die.”

Yun Che’s profound energy erupted and turned into a great whirlpool of power.

“Senior, you…”

“I’ll try to change its mind, but if the negotiation fails then all I can buy is ten breaths of time…”

Suddenly pausing, he appeared next to Mu Feixue and put an arm around her waist without caring for her consent at all, “Her life is the only one I can guarantee right now. The rest of you will have to fend for yourselves.”

After that, he disappeared into a beam of light while giving them no time to react whatsoever.

He could’ve saved a lot of people using the Vanis.h.i.+ng Moon Celestial Palace, but… he had already shown them extreme benevolence by saving their lives once at the risk of exposing himself. He had no reason to expose the Vanis.h.i.+ng Moon Celestial Palace just to help a bunch of people he didn’t know a second time.

But Mu Feixue was now Mu Xuanyin’s direct disciple. If she died, Mu Xuanyin would definitely be disappointed… This was also one way for him to make up for the reputation loss she had suffered due to his blasphemy some years ago.

A gigantic, white figure appeared in the sky almost immediately after he had disappeared with Mu Feixue… Everyone felt like the sky was falling on top of their heads the moment it appeared, magnifying their shock and terror tens of times more.

“What should we do, senior brother?”


“But Senior Sister Feixue is…”

“Senior Ling said that he’d protect her life… we can only choose to believe him! Spread out and run!!”

“Lord Governor…”


They would fight to the death if their opponents were only one beast wave and two Divine Spirit beasts. But a Divine Sovereign beast… they were literal ants before a powerful being like this. Resistance was absolutely futile.

Not daring to hesitate or worry for Illusory Smoke City’s safety any longer, the group hurriedly escaped in every direction… Yun Che was the only one charging straight towards the pale white beast while carrying Mu Feixue.

The profound beast standing in front of him was at least several times bigger than the Giant Glacier Beasts he had killed earlier, standing at almost a thousand meters tall. Its body was snow white, and it could blend perfectly into the white world of snow if it concealed its presence.

The profound beast didn’t move forward after sensing Yun Che’s approach. It simply floated in mid air and stared at Yun Che with its huge, deep blue eyes… fixing the strongest human in the area within its gaze.

Yun Che stopped in front of the giant white beast while still carrying the powerless Mu Feixue in his arms. The two looked incredibly tiny before this Divine Sovereign profound beast.

“You…” Mu Feixue tried to speak.

“Quiet,” Yun Che muttered before looking up at the giant white beast, “Senior, you are one of the supreme rulers of the Snow Song Beast Race. Why have you deigned to invade a tiny human city like this?”


The giant white beast waved its arms and shook the sky itself. Its angry voice could be heard throughout the entire snow region, “This king has never offended the humans even once in his life, but do you know how many of my people your kind have slaughtered this year!? Despicable humans! How dare you throw my question back at me!”

“…” Yun Che was speechless for a moment. He was incredibly tempted to say: Are you f.u.c.king blind or what? The profound beasts were clearly the ones who had invaded the human’s territory first!

“Please, quell your anger, senior.” Yun Che raised his arms and explained, “I’m sure you’ve noticed that your people are acting very unusually as of late. Have they not exited their territories and attacked humans very frequently for the past year? We are just defending ourselves…”

“Shut up!” The giant white beast roared angrily, “Whatever the reason, this king still has lost nearly ten million people in just a year, and the humans are undoubtedly the ones who have killed them! There is no way this king can sit by and do nothing!”

“In that case, you better consider the consequences properly!” This Snow Song beast monarch was on the brink of a full blown rage, and it was clearly impossible to calm it down with just words. Yun Che’s tone and expression suddenly took a hundred and eighty degrees turn, “Considering your level, you should know very well where the Great Realm King of Snow Song Realm currently stands! She will not do nothing if you decide to attack, and when that happens… both you and your people will be buried in this snow for eternity!”

“This king no longer fears any consequences from the moment I chose to step out of my territory!” Yun Che’s persuasion attempt was completely useless. On the contrary, it only made the giant white beast even angrier, “We, the profound beasts have lost countless people all across the realm… it is time for the humans to pay the price!”

This giant white beast was clearly unaffected by the crimson influence. However, it just couldn’t stay calm any longer after watching its people riot and die slowly to the humans.

Frankly, Yun Che was surprised that he managed to buy this much time in the first place. When the giant white beast’s fury was about to detonate, Yun Che moved an arm backwards and gave Mu Feixue a strong hug, “Don’t worry, we’ll survive this.”

Mu Feixue, “…”

“Alright, if you insist…” Yun Che narrowed his eyes at the giant white beast, “Then allow me to tell you that I’m the one who killed the most profound beasts in this city, mn, a couple hundred thousand maybe? Heh… to think that you waited until nearly all your people were killed, I guess you’re really just a coward, aren’t you?”

Yun Che’s taunt was without a doubt a splash of oil on the fire that was already burning on top of the giant white beast’s head. Its deep blue pupils actually turned a shade of red when it heard this.

“If you wish so much to take revenge against the humans… then kill me first if you can! Show me that you’re not all talk and no bite!”

The giant white beast roared, and Yun Che burst towards the distance like thunder… The direction he was flying to was the exact opposite of Illusory Smoke City.

The Ice Phoenix disciples and city defenders who were running for their lives all turned around to look at the streak of light flying into the distance… They knew that Yun Che was risking his life to buy them time to escape. They were all deeply touched by his compa.s.sionate act.

Of course, while it was true that Yun Che was playing the role of bait, they had no idea that Yun Che was actually in no real danger whatsoever.

The giant white beast swung its claws angrily and caused several glaciers to appear out of nowhere. The sky turned dark in an instant, and the glaciers flew straight towards the escaping duo.

In the next moment though, the glaciers suddenly froze in midair before vanis.h.i.+ng abruptly. The giant white beast that was about to jump after the escaping duo was also frozen in midair like it was being held down by a thousand mountains.