Against the Gods - Chapter 1340 - Suicidal Star Restoration

Chapter 1340 - Suicidal Star Restoration

Chapter 1340 – Suicidal Star Restoration

“Thirty-Seventh Elder!!”

Yun Che had destroyed his own right arm to escape the Star Suppressing Chain, and he was incomparably resolute and determined in doing so. The pain of losing an arm should have torn at one’s heart and soul. The pain ought to be so great that it would make one wish for death, but Yun Che had actually used his remaining arm to launch an explosive attack against Xing Mingzi in the next instant. Xing Mingzi’s power was concentrated within the Star Suppressing Chain, and he would never have imagined, even in his dreams, that Yun Che would destroy his own arm, nor would he have imagined that Yun Che would actually instantly explode into an attack after he lost his arm…

Even if he was a supreme Divine Master, having the crown of his head smashed by Yun Che’s raging sword also caused his vision to go black as his consciousness scattered.

Yun Che’s body swayed and his knees violently hit the ground. But after that, he immediately opened his eyes, the light of hatred flas.h.i.+ng within them. A shocking might still exploded from the Heaven Smiting Sword that he held aloft with a single arm before he smashed it towards Xing Mingzi.

But this strike was not able to fall on the Xing Mingzi who had lost consciousness. Behind him, furious roars soared to the sky as over a hundred Star Guards raced to close in on his position. The energy wave generated by their entire group caused the heavily injured Yun Che to feel as if he had been swept up in a hurricane. The trajectory of his sword s.h.i.+fted and his blow exploded against the ground before he was fiercely thrown to the ground.



The stump of his right arm was dripping blood and his entire body had been dyed by fresh blood. Not a single person doubted that all of the blood in his body would run dry before too long. He slowly stood to his feet and around him a hundred… two hundred… three hundred… five hundred… More and more Star Guards surged out to meet him as wave after wave surrounded him.

Yet until he fully stood up, not a single Star Guard made a move to attack him, especially the wave of Star Guards that were closest to Yun Che. Every single one of their eyes were violently shaking, unable to stop their hearts from convulsing.

His chest had been pierced through, he had destroyed his own right arm, there were countless wounds on his body, and his blood had nearly run dry… Yet he was still able to stand up and the aura radiating from his body was still fiendish enough to make it hard for others to breathe.

“He’s already an arrow that has reached the end of its flight… Hurry up and kill him!”

These words were once again a personal command from the Star G.o.d Emperor himself, so it was obvious just how apprehensive this Star G.o.d Realm King was about Yun Che. If not for the fact that he was unable to leave the ceremony or the barrier, he would not have cared about his status and definitely would have taken action himself, to completely and utterly eliminate Yun Che.

As his voice just fell, before all the Star Guards even had a chance to react, a beam of b.l.o.o.d.y light that was mixed with fresh blood exploded outwards…


From complete motionlessness to a sudden explosion, even though he clearly only had one arm left, the dreadfulness of this sword blow was still enough to cause the souls of the Star Guards to fly straight to the heavens. More than thirty Star Guards had been sent flying simultaneously by the sweep of his sword and nearly all of them sustained serious injuries.

With a blur of that b.l.o.o.d.y figure, Yun Che had already cut into the ranks of the Star Guards like a ghost, the blood-stained Heaven Smiting Sword simultaneously piercing a hole through two Star Guards, cruelly spitting them on the body of his enormous sword.

As the miserable cries that sounded like the cry of a despairing evil spirit rang in the air once more, the crimson flames ignited once again and the cries of of misery were abruptly cut off. The Divine Sovereign bodies of both Star Guards exploded amidst those crimson flames, and the fragments of fire that rained down caused most of the shocked Star Guards to catch fire, blanketing the sky with more cries of misery.





In this world, an enraged demon was scarier than a demon, but what was even scarier than an enraged demon was a despairing demon. His sword danced and sang as he stepped forward, and every time his sword exploded forth, it would definitely cause loose limbs and fresh blood to fill the air. He grimly destroyed the lives of these Star Guards, one after the other, as his sword destroyed their bodies, one slice at a time.

Countless swords, spears, and profound light explosively landed on his body, causing his body to become riddled with wounds. Not a single part of his body had been left unblemished since a while ago, but he did not dodge or evade the attacks of the Star Guards nor did he circulate any energy to suppress his injuries. He allowed his body to be riddled full of holes, but the Heaven Smiting Sword held in his sole arm still continued to dance, sending forth sword might and violent flames which came from the abyss of despair.

The world in Yun Che’s vision had long ago turned blurry and blood-colored. His body was being broken down, layer by layer, as he was injured and pierced through again and again. His eyes, however, remained frighteningly calm and there was only hatred and killing intent within them… His life was already no longer important to him.

It was just like what had happened all those years ago when Su Ling’er had lost her life, that incomparably calm and incomparably despairing him…

More than seven million living creatures… That debt of blood which he would never be able to wash clean even after ten lifetimes…

Fresh blood pooled on patches of ground as the scattering firelight dyed the skies scarlet.

Within the barrier, the Star G.o.d Emperor, the Star G.o.ds, and the elders were dumbly staring at the scene unfolding before them, their faces contorting or going completely rigid from time to time. But for the longest time, not a single person uttered a single sound. Their vision was filled with fresh blood and loose limbs as they saw the Star Guards lose their lives one after the other. Their ears rang with the explosive detonations of that sword might, with the wailing and cries of misery that had not ceased for even a single instant…

But the completely b.l.o.o.d.y Yun Che, whose body had been pierced by the Star Guards countless times, refused to fall no matter what.

They did not know when this nightmare was ever going to end.

However, at this time, Xing Mingzi’s body spasmed and twitched before he fiercely leapt to his feet.

How could a Divine Master fall to an attack so easily? At this moment, the consciousness that had been dissipated by Yun Che’s sword smash had finally recovered itself. He got up in a panic as an intense pain that pierced the bone radiated from his skull. He slowly lifted his hand up to inspect it, clearly feeling the countless dreadful fractures on his skull.

The skull was the most st.u.r.dy part of a human’s body so one could well imagine just how st.u.r.dy a Divine Master’s skull would be. Furthermore, Xing Mingzi’s skull had been cracked… He was very clear that if it was not for the combined efforts of the Star Guards who immediately surrounded him, Yun Che would definitely have had sufficient time to take his life while he was unconscious.

Lingering fear, trembling, dread, rage, humiliation… Every single blood vessel in Xing Mingzi’s body trembled with such rage and indignation that they threatened to rupture open. He suddenly fiercely grabbed at his chest as a large mouthful of bright red blood spewed from his mouth.

“Blood… Blood essence!?” Xing Mingzi’s action caused a Star G.o.d elder to shout in alarm.

“Has the Thirty-Seventh Elder gone mad?”

“He is not crazy… The greatest rage and humiliation he has ever experienced in his life has all occured today. This is in order to ensure that he kills Yun Che, even if he has to harm his own blood essence,” the Star G.o.d Great Elder said in a deep voice.

When the blood essence fell, it started to radiate a bizarre red light from his hand. His palm closed over this red light and all of his power crazily surged into both his hands as his body trembled. A small profound formation was slowly being formed, and in the end, a red light slowly floated out from that profound formation.

That red light was only about the size of a fist, but the moment it appeared, it caused most of the s.p.a.ce around Xing Mingzi to abruptly start to twist and warp. Furthermore, the moment one’s gaze came into contact with this cl.u.s.ter of red light, it seemed as though one’s vision was suddenly dragged into a boundless abyss, and even one’s soul felt like it was being rent apart by a terrible power as it nearly left one’s body.

“It is the… Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner!”

“As expected!” The Star G.o.d Great Elder said as he spat out a small breath of air, “It is hard even for me to unleash a Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner. So given Xing Mingzi’s cultivation, for him to forcibly unleash the Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner will not only greatly harm his blood essence, it will also cause his cultivation to stagnate for at least a thousand years. But now that it has come to this, even if Yun Che is a true ghost or G.o.d, he will also die in this place.”

“It’s just that this price… Sigh.”

The starlight that was radiating a bizarre red light had finished forming. At this moment, Xing Mingzi’s eyes opened wide and his face, that had been blurred by blood, displayed a twisted elation. He rushed towards Yun Che, a hoa.r.s.e roar ripping from his throat, “All of you, get out of the way!”

The enraged voice of a Divine Master pierced one’s heart and soul, causing the Star Guards surrounding Yun Che to unintentionally look in the direction the voice came from. When their gazes come into contact with the red light in his hands, every single one of their bodies shook violently as they scattered in all directions at the fastest speed possible.

Xing Mingzi stared straight at Yun Che, the red light in his hand firmly locking onto him, “Yun Che… Die!!!!”

This howl was to release all of the malicious energy and humiliation inside of his body. His arms thrust forward and the red light immediately shot towards Yun Che, its speed even faster than a meteor falling from the sky.

Wherever the red light pa.s.sed, it was as if an irresistible force had ripped apart the fabric of s.p.a.ce itself as layers of s.p.a.ce contracted and even light itself was completely swallowed by a blot of gloomy dusk.

This scene was so terrifying that it caused all of the Star G.o.d elders to internally quake in fear.

This was the power that Xing Mingzi had used his blood essence and future to obtain, it had already surpa.s.sed the standards of a level one Divine Master. Even if Yun Che was at the peak when he had first started berserking, he would still definitely not be able to endure it, let alone right now.

The “Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner” was peerlessly violent and fierce. Within a tenth of a second, it was already about to hit Yun Che. It was also at this moment that Xing Mingzi’s eyes were widened to their limit. He was absolutely convinced that the very first instant Yun Che came into contact with this light, he would be ground into dust, so he was making sure to carve this scene into his mind. He refused to miss even an second of it.

Yun Che’s body spun around halfway, the spatial shockwaves brought about by the red light’s approach made it hard for him to stand straight. It also seemed as if he had no power to escape. He lifted his left arm, the Heaven Smiting Sword welcoming the red light as it made a very small wave…

The red star came into contact with the Heaven Smiting Sword. After that, it abruptly shot backwards, like a beam of light that had been reflected by a mirror… The scene of the “Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner” disintegrating Yun Che in an instant had not appeared in Xing Mingzi’s eyes. Instead, that cl.u.s.ter of red light that had already smashed straight towards Yun Che was getting closer and closer as it grew larger and larger in his vision.


A rumbling explosion rang out in the air, so deep and low that it made it seem as if the earth in the entire Star G.o.d Realm had suddenly sunk inward. The reflected starlight explosively smashed into Xing Mingzi’s body, the exploding red light rus.h.i.+ng towards the sky before it directly pierced through the blue dome of the heavens. As for Xing Mingzi, his body had already been carried high into the air as the red light crazily danced and flashed across his body. It was as if countless stars were continuously exploding on his body, and every single explosion would produce a miserable shout that reached the heavens and a large shower of raining blood…

“Wha… Wha… What is going on? What happened?”

Even though their nerves had been so shaken and shocked by Yun Che that they had grown numb, even though their knowledge and experience had been completely shattered, the scene that they had just witnessed once again completely and utterly floored all the Divine Masters present, leaving them in a state of appalled shock.

The Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner that Xing Mingzi had created in extreme rage, that he had not hesitated to heavily wound his blood essence in order to release, had actually been… reflected by Yun Che with a casual wave of his sword!?

How could such a thing even happen!? Even if he could easily defend against it, the Star G.o.d Emperor, even ten, no, one hundred Star G.o.d Emperors… would definitely not be able to instantly reflect a power like the Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner!

Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom…

Red light continued to consecutively explode on Xing Mingzi’s body and these explosions repeated for over a hundred times before finally coming to an end. Xing Mingzi dropped from the sky like a rock, his entire body already b.l.o.o.d.y and mangled, utterly broken. But the moment he hit the ground, Yun Che’s blood-covered figure had already rushed forward with a weird cry as the Heaven Smiting Sword viciously smashed downwards.


A Divine Master, in the end, was still a Divine Master. Even though half of Xing Mingzi’s life had been taken away by his own Ghost Destroying Star Ruiner, he still had some bit of consciousness and power left. Both of his arms thrust forward as they tenaciously slammed into and pushed against the Heaven Smiting Sword. The gazes of the two men collided, both their eyes as scarlet as an evil spirit’s.


Yun Che let out a roar as the Heaven Smiting Sword fiercely pushed downwards. Amidst that furious explosion, it snapped the two arms which Xing Mingzi had thrust forward. The b.l.o.o.d.y light in his eyes grew even richer and like a completely crazed demon, he let out a strange roar as the Heaven Smiting Sword crazily flailed at Xing Mingzi’s broken body.


Xing Mingzi’s right arm was shattered.


Xing Mingzi’s shoulder and neck were split open.


Xing Mingzi’s legs were cleaved into four parts by the sweep of a sword.


Xing Mingzi’s sternum and ribs were reduced to powder at the same time his internal organs flew through the air.


The Star Guards behind them let out a loud cry. All of them thronged forward in a bid to save Xing Mingzi’s life, but Yun Che did not even spare them a glance. The Golden Crow Manifest G.o.d shot out from his above his body and mercilessly unleashed a Yellow Springs Ashes on the onrus.h.i.+ng Star Guards.

The loud roars swiftly turned into countless cries of misery as the golden-colored flames plunged all the approaching Star Guards into a purgatory of incinerating flames. It was also at this moment that Yun Che’s sword heavily thrust forward once more, impaling Xing Mingzi’s body before deeply sinking into the ground of Star G.o.d City.

“Eh… Eh…” The light in Xing Mingzi’s eyes completely went dull, his lips trembling uncontrollably with fear as he let out the very last sound he would ever make in his life.

“Mon… ster…”


The flames on the Heaven Smiting Sword detonated, instantly igniting Xing Mingzi’s entire body. Following that, an explosion that shattered everyone’s hearts and courage rang out in the air, and the Divine Master body that was being incinerated by those flames exploded under that sword, dissipating into countless fiery fragments.