Against the Gods - Chapter 1240 - Six World Shocking Tribulations

Chapter 1240 - Six World Shocking Tribulations

Chapter 1240 - Six World Shocking Tribulations


Four bolts of tribulation lightning descended, combining with the earlier three bolts of tribulation lightning, exploding into a larger and more fearsome lightning region, and within the center of the lightning region was without a doubt, Yun Che.

“Three stages… Three consecutive stages?”

“How could this be happening? This… Is this really tribulation lightning?”

The various Divine Kings, Divine Sovereigns, and Divine Masters all looked at each other. Each and every one of them had deep looks of doubt and disbelief. Three stages of tribulation lightning was a rare sight, but them happening to Yun Che wasn’t much of a wonder… however, three stages of tribulation lightning descending within one breath… this was virtually unheard of. No one, not even the those at the peak of the entire divine way had ever heard of such an occurrence.

The broadcast from the Eternal Heaven Realm didn’t get cut off, it continued projecting the event that was happening right now on the Conferred G.o.d Stage to all the various star tablets across the Eastern Divine Region. Countless profound pract.i.tioners watched slack-jawed as Yun Che was submerged within that lightning region… It was a sight that even a Divine Master wouldn’t be able to comprehend. The shock they were experiencing was definitely a given.

After the three consecutive stages of tribulation lightning, no more descended but the lightning region all around Yun Che didn’t diminish. The lightning surrounding him actually grew even more violent.

The entirety of the Snow Song Realm and Flame G.o.d Realm were already shocked silly in their seats, and at a loss for words. Atop the Conferred G.o.d Stage, Yun Che’s body was completely covered by the lightning region. They couldn’t see him but they could still feel his presence.

“...Dragon Monarch, has the Western Divine Region ever had such a phenomenon where three stages of lightning tribulation descended at once?” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor asked.

“It’s never happened before.” The Dragon Emperor shook his head, looking at the roiling black clouds, “And it hasn’t ended.”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor raised his brows, voice low with deep traces of disbelief, “That means… Yun Che is still alive!”

Yun Che, at the peak of the Divine Tribulation realm, was able to battle against those at the peak of the Divine Spirit Realm. Thus, with his abilities, being able to resist a few strikes of tribulation lightning was a given. But right now, based on Yun Che’s condition, everyone could see that he was pretty much in a half dead state. Based on the power of heavenly tribulation lightning, just one strike would be enough to render him to ashes… however, after three different stages of tribulation lightning, and a whole seven strikes later, he was actually still alive!?

The tribulation lightning descending was as clear as day to them, they definitely weren’t fake… how could Yun Che survive three consecutive rounds of tribulation lightning?

When the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s voice ended, the skies began to tremble and quake once more. He lifted his eyes, “Don’t tell me…”


As the sound rang out, everyone felt as if their eardrums burst. Amidst the lightning the lightning region eight purple streaks were shuttling about the region and then struck down with immense force.

“Fou… Fourth stage!!”

Every additional stage of lightning tribulation meant an quant.i.tative increase in tribulation lightning! The first stage was one strike, the second stage two, the third stage four, and now the fourth brought over… a full eight more strikes!

It was even more than the previous three stages together!

Although third and fourth stages were just a difference of one, it was in fact a world of difference.

Boom boom boom——

Eight lightning bolts simultaneously exploded as a brilliant purple filled the sky. This frightening scene, along with the might of the heavenly law, caused the profound pract.i.tioners that were in the Divine Tribulation Realm to turn pale with fright. As for those Divine Spirit profound pract.i.tioners who had just experienced divine tribulation not too long ago, they were even more scared.

This was a whole different experience from what they had gone through… It was more than ten times more terrifying!

“Sssss.... Why is it like that? Master, both of us had four stages of tribulation lightning but why is Brother Yun’s completely different from mine?” Huo Poyun shockingly shouted.

“...” Huo Rulie couldn’t reply as he had no clue. He was equally as shocked as Huo Poyun.

When Huo Poyun first broke through into the Divine Spirit Realm he had indeed received four stages of tribulation lightning. Before his tribulation, the Flame G.o.d Realm’s three sects didn’t spare any effort in helping Huo Poyun prepare to his fullest to break through, and later on when the four stages descended… the first strike, second and third, then the next four and finally the final eight strikes, they had all descended systematically, each tribulation stage stronger than the last, but they were interspersed by exactly ten breaths throughout, which allowed Huo Poyun to rest in between the stages.

Huo Poyun was incredibly clear that every breath was crucial during the ten breath chance period. Without these ten breaths in between, even if he had eight breaths, he would not be able to take the final fourth stage tribulation lightning.

Yet Yun Che’s four stages of lightning tribulation had the first three descending within one breath, and the fourth arriving in a short time that didn’t even amount to three breaths.

This means that in less than five breaths of time, four stages of tribulation had descended. Fifteen tribulation lightning bolts… Huo Poyun was asking himself, if it was him in Yun Che’s position right now… not even thinking of resisting the tribulation lightning, would he even be able to keep his life?

Before the audience could recover their senses, the skies shook once more as eye piercing lightning brilliance began to form. This time, it was a whole sixteen strikes.

“Fi… Fi… fifth stage!?” Huo Poyun’s voice broke.


Shouts of surprise were instantly drowned out as sixteen streaks of tribulation lightning crashed down together, converging into a gigantic lightning pillar before striking at Yun Che’s location.

In that very moment, the heavens were completely stained purple, the initially roiling black clouds was now purple. It almost seemed as if the whole world had turned purple from the purple light that these lightning strikes cast all around.

No one could sense Yun Che’s aura, nor could anyone imagine his current state.

Atop the Conferred G.o.d Stage, the heavenly tribulation lightning that was violently wreaking havoc transformed into a vast lightning ocean, and within that ocean, Yun Che, who had previously been lying on the ground with his life hanging by a thread, slowly and steadily sat up…

When the first tribulation lightning struck him, his whole body jolted. Countless streams of power flowed through every part of his body. Although these streams were violent beyond compare, they actually felt very comfortable to him, they were in fact refres.h.i.+ng and warm. They felt like soft and gentle healing spring winds caressing his battered body.

Is this… lightning tribulation…

His barely conscious mind thought to himself.

Under the continuous strikes of heavenly tribulation lightning, the tribulation lightning’s force resembled berserk beasts that charged at his body. A paG.o.da then unwittingly appeared above his head. Stimulated by the tribulation lightning, the Great Way of the Buddha quickly activated, greedily absorbing the power of the tribulation lightning… like a fish at its last gasp within a barren desert that suddenly encountered a sweet downpour from the skies above.

This wasn’t any ordinary profound lightning, this was heavenly tribulation lightning. This was a power that exceeded that of “man”, it was the power of the heavens!

Its strength was perhaps not that unfathomably shocking. After all, this was but a punishment and test for a Divine Tribulation profound pract.i.tioner. Regardless of how high the level was, it should still be one which could be accepted and at a level that human profound pract.i.tioners could understand.

But that was only for “humans”.

Yun Che was far from an ordinary man. He had the Evil G.o.d’s profound veins, and possessed the “Lightning Spirit Evil Body” exclusive to the Evil G.o.d.

As the Creation G.o.d of Elements originating from the beginning of the Primal Chaos, the Evil G.o.d had control over the pinnacle of elemental power within the Primal Chaos. As long as it was within the Primal Chaos plane, all sorts of lightning could be controlled.

Even if it was heavenly tribulation lightning!

Spiritual energy frantically poured into Yun Che’s body. Within this high level sea of heavenly tribulation lightning, the speed of the spiritual energy invasion was much more fierce than the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and the G.o.d Burying Inferno Prison. Yun Che’s injuries which covered his entire body were recovering at a visible pace, his dry and drained profound veins were being restored at a rate that defied common sense.

Yun Che’s mind was gaining more and more clarity. He sat up, amidst the sea of lightning, now consciously executing the Great Way of the Buddha. Under his conscious control, the speed at which spiritual energy was entering him began to increase at an explosively exponential rate.

Not only did those very tribulation lightnings that were meant to annihilate his entire existence not cause him a single shred of harm, they had become his vital energy and power.

It was just that… No one outside was able to witness this sight, while Yun Che couldn’t be bothered with whatever heaven toppling scene he was causing. All his pores were open as he channeled the Great Way of the Buddha to its limits. His entire being was like a man taking a leisurely bath in the fiercest of storms, yet thoroughly enjoying and soaking in it. However, he still felt that it was not quite enough…



The more the merrier!

Please continue!!

After the fourth and fifth stages of tribulation lightning finished, the skies were filled with thirty-two brilliant lights just three breaths later, showing a scene that would be eternally carved into the annals of the G.o.d Realm’s history.

“Six… Sixth stage of tribulation lightning!?”

Countless shocked voices floated in the skies above the Eastern Divine Region, becoming an enormous rippling sound wave which took a long time to dissipate.

Being able to attract the fifth stage was the rarest among the rare in all of the G.o.d Realm. If one could pa.s.s the tribulation, he would be destined to be an overlord of an era… The founders of the Eastern Divine Region’s four great king realms were existences that had attracted five stages of tribulation lightning when breaking through from the Divine Tribulation Realm. With this fact alone, it could clearly be seen how rare five stages of tribulation lightning were.

As for attracting six stages of tribulation lightning? In the entire Eastern Divine Region, in the entire G.o.d Realm which encompa.s.sed a million years of history, there was only one other incident.

Unfortunately, that world shocking talent was at his last breath after the fifth stage of tribulation lightning and turned into ash the instant the sixth stage struck down.

This meant that, in the history of the G.o.d Realm, there wasn’t a single living being that had pa.s.sed the sixth stages of tribulation lightning.

“Can it be... The second person to attract six stages of tribulation lightning is now going to appear… Ah!!!”

Without giving any chance for the shock to subside, the heavens were rent again, and thirty-two dazzling streaks of heavenly tribulation lightning struck down…

Yun Che’s sixth stage of tribulation lightning, the second emergence of the six stage lightning tribulation known to the G.o.d Realm, came down within the suddenly enlarged pupils of countless eyes...

The fourth, fifth, and sixth stages had all descended within a span of ten breaths of time.

The usually strict and orderly power of the heavenly law had suddenly lost all control of itself today...

Thirty-two streaks of lightning simultaneously landing was an unforgettable sight. They would perhaps never see such an occurrence a second time in their lives. Everyone’s eyes were filled with purple light. Within that world of purple, they they seemed to have been frozen by an invisible power, unable to budge an inch, unable to utter a single sound. In fact, they had all lost their power of reasoning.

Even those strong Divine Masters couldn’t help but suspect that they were in a dream.

No one could have ever imagined that Yun Che would have survived the prior five stages of tribulation lightning.

And no one knew that Yun Che was incomparably safe and sound beneath the horrifying sixth stage tribulation lightning. His injuries, vitality, and profound energy were all recovering at a frightening rate. His entire body was subtly changing as the Great Way of the Buddha drew in the power of the heavenly law.

Even the revolving paG.o.da was releasing a strange yet brilliant light that was different from before.

After the sixth stage descended, the sky above the lightning region seemed to quiet down. For a long time, no more lightning appeared, only the dark clouds still continued roiling about.

After a long while, the lightning region began to shrink and become smaller.

Everyone’s beating hearts finally started to calm down.

“It’s finally… over...”

“Six stages of tribulation lightning… The second time in all of the G.o.d Realm’s history… I’ve been blessed to personally witness the legendary six stage lightning tribulation!”

“I once thought that the legend was made up, but it seems that it’s true that six stages of tribulation lightning do indeed exist in this world. A Divine Tribulation Realm expert able to defeat a peak Divine Spirit Realm expert… Where did this freak Yun Che come out from… Only… has he already been turned to ash?”

The Conferred G.o.d Stage was still covered by the sea of lightning, no one could sense Yun Che’s presence.

“Six stages of tribulation lightning…” Glazed Light Realm King Shui Qianheng was lost in thought.

“Ah, six stages of tribulation lightning…”

Luo Shangchen, Lu Zhou, Jun Wuming… These n.o.ble Divine Masters standing at the summit of the Eastern Divine Region seemed to have been bewitched as they all murmured the same words.

The more stages of tribulation, the higher the talent and potential, and the greater the rejection from the heavens. And six stages of tribulation lightning… even for them, was a “glory” that they wouldn’t hope for.

If one truly managed to attract and successfully endure a six stage lightning tribulation, it would mean that their future was limitless and these peerless existences didn’t dare to imagine what that future would be like.

The first man to attract six stages of tribulation lightning had perished under the tribulation lightning.

While the second… Yun Che, based on his initial state when the tribulation descended… Did he really stand a chance of still being alive?

All eyes were now focused on the sea of lightning atop the Conferred G.o.d Stage, waiting for the power of the tribulation lightning to dissipate. Although they knew that it wasn’t possible, within the depths of everyone’s hearts, they still had a sliver of hope… because this was Yun Che, who had created miracles time and time again.

In this moment, the Dragon Monarch lifted his head and looked toward the skies, his eyebrows sinking, “That’s…”

At the same time, the color around the world showed a strange phenomena. A crimson radiance suddenly mixed with the originally purple lit world.

Everyone instinctively raised their heads and held their breaths in unison.

The shrinking of the lightning region had stopped.

The originally purple brilliance from the lightning had now inexplicably changed under the distortion… In its place was now a rotating region of crimson red.

Like the color of fresh blood.