Against the Gods - Chapter 1238 - World Encompassing Black Clouds

Chapter 1238 - World Encompassing Black Clouds

Chapter 1238 - World Encompa.s.sing Black Clouds

Luo Changsheng held a hand to his chest as streams of profound energy slowly sealed the gigantic wound on his chest. After that, he slowly walked towards Yun Che, who was lying senseless in a pool of blood, as a demonic and vicious aura, which had not existed before, rose from his body.

However, Honorable Qu Hui did not yet announce that the battle had ended. Because even though Yun Che’s aura was extremely weak, he still held onto consciousness and had not fainted. Furthermore, he had not admitted defeat either… On the contrary, the light that faintly gathered in his eyes still shone with discontent and a desire to continue his struggle—This desire to struggle seemed instinctive at this point.

“Brother Yun, he… hasn’t lost consciousness?” Huo Poyun asked in a low voice.

Luo Changsheng had slowly sauntered over in front of Yun Che. A dark, cold, baleful aura engulfed Yun Che as Luo Changsheng raised his arm… and just when everyone present thought that he would generate a tempest to blow his helpless opponent off the Conferred G.o.d Stage, a terrifying windstorm suddenly started forming in his palm. After that, he mercilessly sent the attack hurtling down toward Yun Che amidst the countless horrified shouts of disbelief.

Even a Yun Che that was in peak condition would not be able to resist this blow, much less a Yun Che who was terribly wounded and could barely muster any profound strength to block this attack. Amidst a heart-wrenching, gigantic explosion, Yun Che’s internal organs exploded out like a volcano but he was not even able to let out a groan. His body had turned into a broken and b.l.o.o.d.y meatsack that was being tossed about within the windstorm before it sent him flying into the distance.

“Yun Che!”

“Brot… Brother Yun!”


All of the gathered members of the Snow Song and Flame G.o.d Realms were so shocked and frightened by this turn of events that their faces had turned a ghastly white. The people from the other star realms also all had stunned expressions on their faces. Honorable Qu Hui’s brows furrowed greatly at this and he looked like he could barely wait to announce the end of this fight.

He was the distinguished Young Master Changsheng, an incomparable existence who had broken through to the Divine King Realm in thirty years. Yet to think that he had actually launched such a vicious attack against a severely wounded and helpless Yun Che.

Yun Che fell to the ground from the sky, painting an extremely long trail of blood behind him as his body skidded across the floor of the Conferred G.o.d Stage. The large blood cloud in the sky, which did not dissipate for a long time, caused all the hearts of all the profound pract.i.tioners in the divine way watching to constrict.

The place where Yun Che finally stopped, was merely a few steps away from the boundary of the Conferred G.o.d Stage. He lay there unmoving and silent. Luo Changsheng’s vicious and cruel strike was not something that Yun Che could have defended against. Even if he were to be smashed to death right then and there, no one would have been surprised.

However, even though Honourable Qu Hui’s expression had changed, he still did not declare the end of the duel.

“Luo Changsheng… to think that he actually…” Huo Rulie gasped as his rage reached its apex.

“Ah, this is his true nature it seems,” Yan Juehai said in a deep voice. But after that, his complexion suddenly changed, “Huh, why hasn’t the fight been declared over? Could it be that Yun Che… still hasn’t fainted? What is he doing? Why the h.e.l.l is he still holding on?”

Yun Che’s body was covered with heavy wounds and his aura was as thin as gossamer. In this kind of condition, one would not even need to act as any other person would have fainted dead away in this situation. So there could only be one reason for why Yun Che still maintained consciousness, and that was because he was still struggling. Furthermore, this was an extreme struggle that used every single shred of his remaining will in order to prevent himself from fainting.

Luo Changsheng’s body flickered as he arrived once more in front of Yun Che.

Yun Che lay paralyzed in a pool of his own blood, his entire body ruptured open. His injuries were so severe that even a bloodthirsty person would have a hard time looking at him and his aura was extremely weak and thin as well. Yet, despite being in such a terrible state, Yun Che’s body continued to twitch weakly and his blurry eyes still shone with a weak, but incredibly tenacious light.

Luo Changhsheng extended an arm and grabbed Yun Che by the throat. He lifted him up from the ground and stared intensely into those eyes which still glimmered with the faintest of light… He did not know why, but even though Yun Che had been completely crushed by him to this extent, had been reduced to a broken doll that he could manipulate every which way, he still did not feel too much satisfaction in his heart, and it still felt like there was something that was stubbornly squeezing his heart and soul.

This was because, when it came to Yun Che, the reality was that the jealousy and fear Luo Changsheng held toward Yun Che far exceeded his hatred of the man.

He could use Manifest G.o.ds, he could fuse together divine flames, and he could even release that absurdly powerful dragon soul…. His profound strength was merely at the Divine Tribulation Realm, yet he could defeat the Luo Changsheng who had been at the peak of the Divine Spirit Realm. And now, once again, even though he was still at the Divine Tribulation Realm, Yun Che was actually able to seriously wound his Divine King body.

These were things that he was completely unable to do and they were things that he would never be able to do in his entire life.

So how could he not feel jealousy!? How could he not feel fear!?

But he would never concede this point. He was the number one person among the Eastern Divine Region’s young generation, so how could he feel jealousy or fear towards someone else!?

Even up to now, Yun Che had still not given up and this greatly subtracted from the satisfaction he was feeling. He raised his arm high in the air, dangling Yun Che high up in the air… The border of the Conferred G.o.d Stage was right in front of them and he would only need to blow on Yun Che lightly to push him off the Conferred G.o.d Stage to end this ridiculously lopsided battle, while also bringing an end to this round’s Conferred G.o.d Battle.

But Luo Changsheng suddenly twisted his body instead. He gave a deep bellow and profound light surged around his body before he fiercely smashed Yun Che onto the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

“Yun Che!!” Mu Bingyun cried out as her snowy complexion instantly lost all color.


One could well imagine just how frightful Luo Changsheng’s profound strength was right now and under this enormous force, even a Divine Spirit profound pract.i.tioner, who was using all of his profound strength, would instantly be smashed apart and reduced to a badly mangled mess.

As Yun Che’s body heavily smashed onto the floor, a huge explosion rang out and the floor of the Conferred G.o.d Stage actually cracked. After that, Yun Che’s body was sent flying nearly ten kilometers into the air before lifelessly dropping from the sky like a dried and wilted leaf, his body accompanied by a bright red rain of blood.


Yun Che fell to the ground unmoving, but at this moment, Luo Changsheng suddenly soared into the sky. After that, he hurtled directly towards Yun Che and he fiercely smashed his elbow into Yun Che’s heart area as countless pairs of shocked eyes looked on.


The portion of the Conferred G.o.d Stage beneath Yun Che’s body cracked and splintered apart and and Yun Che sprayed out an arrow of blood that soared tens of meters into the air… It was as if he had spat out all the blood left in his body.

“You…” Honourable Qu Hui’s brows abruptly sank and it was clear that he had lost some of his composure.

On a distant cloud far away from the battle, blood seeped between Jasmine’s clenched fingers as her entire body trembled. A b.l.o.o.d.y light gleamed in her eyes as she desperately fought to suppress her killing intent. She seemed like a vicious animal which was on the verge of going wild at any moment:

“This… b.a.s.t.a.r.d… is seeking… death!!”


The Dragon Monarch suddenly slammed his palm against his desk as he rose up from his seat, an incomparably heavy darkness appeared on his expression.

His sudden movement attracted the gazes of all the great G.o.d emperors, their hearts’ shocked at this action.

After a brief period of heavy silence, the Dragon Monarch slowly sank bank into his seat before murmuring an apology, “My apologies, this dragon forgot himself for a moment.”

“....” All the gathered great G.o.d emperors gave a faint nod of their heads and not a single person dared to make a sound.

“To be able to cause the distinguished Dragon Monarch to lose his self-restraint. It looks like the dragon soul in Yun Che’s body… is far more than what meets the eye,” Qianye Ying’er muttered pensively.

“Cease your prattle,” the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor warned her, “In this world, the one thing you must definitely not provoke is the ‘wrath of a dragon’.”

“Luo Changsheng!!” On the other side, Luo Shangchen was no longer able to restrain himself as he gave a fierce roar, “What are you doing!? Have you become so enraged that you’ve gone completely mad!?”

“Didn’t I say? Let him vent!” Luo Guxie said coldly. “If we don’t let him vent all the rage, resentment, humiliation, jealousy… In short, do not stop him. If there are any consequences, I will be the one to bear them all!”

“Aren’t you worried that his reputation will be left in complete shambles!?” Luo Shangchen shouted in a voice that faintly trembled.

“Hmph,” Luo Guxie gave cold snort. “He is Changsheng. He’s not like you, the Holy Eaves Realm King who looks at fame and face as the number one most important thing to the exclusion of else!”

Luo Shangchen, “...”

The crowd was in a complete uproar as every person present wore expressions which conveyed their acute agitation. They could not believe that the famous “Young Master Changsheng” would commit such insane and cruel acts, but what they really could not believe was… that this battle had actually not come to an end yet.

“Luo Changsheng, you… I’ll never forgive you! If you dare hurt my Big Brother anymore, I swear that once I’m all grown up, I’ll definitely kill you…. Wuuuuuuu…”

Shui Meiyin’s voice was laced with a never before seen fury. But before she could even finish yelling, Shui Qianhang used profound energy to forcefully suppress her voice and restrict the movements of her pet.i.te body. She violently struggled against her restraints as tears of distress unconsciously sprang into her starry eyes….

As well as a… gleam of dark resentment that she herself had not realized.

“Yun Che, he… is still clinging onto consciousness… It’s already come to this, so what is he… still holding on for?” Shui Yingyue said in a despondent voice.

Yun Che only needed to allow himself to faint naturally, and everything would come to a close. Yet he still stubbornly clung onto consciousness, refusing to give in to the darkness, despite the vicious and heavy blows that were dealt to him by Luo Changsheng…. Under this kind of force, the fact that he was still alive could already be counted as a minor miracle and n.o.body could even imagine how extreme one’s will and belief must be to be able to continue to hold on.

What exactly was he enduring all of this for? Was he dissatisfied with this turn of events and still trying to achieve a victory? But in this current scenario, what hope did he have of actually overturning it? This was something that he himself should be well aware of…. So what exactly was he holding on for? He would rather allow Luo Changsheng to trample all over him than to surrender his consciousness to the beckoning darkness….


Luo Changsheng stomped on Yun Che’s chest, causing it to violently buckle and sink in under the weight of his foot. His eyes were narrowed into slits as he spoke in a dark and heavy voice, “Yun Che, I am, all of a sudden, seized by a sense of admiration for you. To think that you would still refuse to faint despite enduring until now. That is certainly strange. So should I say that you’re firm and unyielding? Or should I say that you’re simply stupid as can be?”


With a fierce explosion, flesh and blood flew from Yun Che’s chest.

“Yun Che!” Mu Bingyun cried out involuntarily yet again. The force behind Luo Changsheng’s kick was shockingly enough directed at Yun Che’s profound veins. She stood up in a flash and arrived in the air above the Conferred G.o.d Stage. Once there, she said with a pleading expression, “Honourable Qu Hui, I beg you that you look the other way and allow this junior to say a few words to Yun Che. This junior is deeply aware that the rules of the Conferred G.o.d Battle are not to be violated but if this continues… Yun Che will be lucky to survive.”

Honourable Qu Hui looked at her but he did not give his a.s.sent. Just as Mu Bingyun was prepared to plead with him again, Honourable Qu Hui’s low voice suddenly engulfed the Conferred G.o.d Stage:

“Yun Che! This battle is one that you will definitely lose. Allow yourself to faint and this compet.i.tion will come to a close. You will be placed second in the tournament and come out of it covered in glory. However, if you continue to stubbornly hold on, Luo Changsheng will be allowed to continue dealing you legal attacks and no one will be able to interfere! So don’t ruin your own future just over a momentary and unexplainable fit of pique!”

As Honourable Qu Hui’s voice rang out, the entire place fell silent.

But that stubborn will of Yun Che’s refused to fade away.

Yun Che’s world was alternately blood red or ghastly white at times. He already could no longer feel any pain and even his existence felt extremely indistinct to himself. The only thing he could still feel was Luo Changsheng’s aura and some other noises which were mixed in from the outside.

Unexplainable fit of pique….

Heh… What a joke….

Just a single Luo Changsheng… is worthy of making me feel dissatisfied?

Yun Che’s laughter reverberated in his heart and soul… Once a red figure made an indistinct appearance, he felt his heart and soul fill up with an incomparable warmth.


I could pluck the Netherworld Udumbara Flower for you….

I could come to the Realm of the G.o.ds for you….

Yet right now… I am unable to emerge the winner of this Conferred G.o.d Battle….

Could it be that it is destined… that I am not fated to ever see you again….

For the two of us to not be entangled in each others affairs and to never meet ever again…. Heh, what kind of joke is this? In this life… that will never be possible!

Even though, the useless me is already unable to conquer this Conferred G.o.d Battle for you...

But at the very least, let me endure until the very last moment for you, until the very dregs of my will and belief fade away.

That is the… proof of my dedication towards you… and it is also… the punishment for my incompetence….


His body was once again sent flying by a heavy kick from Luo Changsheng…

He did not know where he fell, nor could he check the extent of the damage he had sustained up to now. Because it took everything he had to hold on to the last shred of consciousness he had.

I cannot feel any pain, nor can I even feel my own body. Right now, I cannot even feel the existence of my profound veins….

Even if my profound strength were to wither away completely… or perhaps… if my profound veins… were to be destroyed...

My consciousness will… also...

Yun Che’s gaze gradually approached oblivion, the last thread of profound energy emanating from his body suddenly dissipated. After that, there was not a single bit of profound energy aura being emitted by any part of his body, whether inside or out.

“Heh, not bad, not bad! To think you’d still be able to hold on,” Luo Changsheng said as he took deliberate, unhurried steps towards Yun Che. The more Yun Che endured, the more satisfaction he felt. Yet at the same time, he also grew more vexed and irritated as this went on. His steps slowed even more, but two cruel and vicious whirls of hurricane energy had quietly begun congealing inside his palms.

This time, he wanted to directly shear both of Yun Che’s arms off.

But once he was within ten steps of Yun Che, the world suddenly and unexpectedly grew dark.

There had been no change in any aura, there had been no strange sounds, there had been no premonitions or omens of this happening, but the light in the sky suddenly grew incomparably dim. Everyone involuntarily raised their heads as expressions of shock and astonishment swiftly spread across everyone’s faces.

In the blue dome of heaven above them, black clouds began to roil and gather. They seemed boundless and endless as they engulfed all light in the sky.

However, before that instant, the sky had been clear for thousands of miles, with nary a cloud in sight.

The gathered great Divine Masters and G.o.d Emperors all slowly got to their feet one after the other. Everyone’s brows were knitted together tightly, because even they had not detected where these black clouds had come from—To go from a clear blue sky to a completely overcast sky, all of this happened in just one instant… One inexplicable and incomparably bizarre instant.

The black clouds roiled about, dark and heavy and in the blink of an eye, it became nearly impossible to see. Furthermore, the people gathered at the Conferred G.o.d Stage did not know one thing. They did not know that at this very moment, the skies above the entire Eastern Divine Region had also been engulfed by dark clouds as well.

As the dark clouds churned, they began to slowly press down from above. It was just as if a dark devil G.o.d had suddenly awakened and cast the entire Eastern Divine Region into a dark abyss.