Against the Gods - Chapter 1183 Battle of the God Children

Chapter 1183 Battle of the God Children

Chapter 1183 - Battle of the G.o.d Children

The Profound G.o.d Stage became absolutely silent, and a dumbfounded look remained on everyone’s face for a long while.

“Yun… Yun’er!!”

Amidst the quietness, a loud sound resounded like a thunderclap. Huo Rulie had no composure now to care about other things, as he rapidly flew over to Huo Poyun’s side, and quickly and carefully brought him back.

Huo Poyun’s chest and back were dyed in blood. Although his external injuries were small, his internal injuries were extremely severe. But fortunately, they weren’t severe to the extent of being untreatable, which made Huo Rulie feel a bit calmer. However, when he suddenly saw the look in Huo Poyun’s eyes, his relaxed heartstrings became several times tighter all of a sudden.

Huo Poyun had lost consciousness. He wasn’t groaning in pain due to his severely injured state, or even guiding his profound aura to suppress his injuries. Rather, he was lying there in an incomparably calm manner. His eyes were open, but as if they were covered by a thick layer of smoke, they had lost all l.u.s.ter and focus.

It was as if he was in a dream.

Seeing Huo Poyun grow for so long and as his master, how was it possible for Huo Rulie to not know his nature. He dealt with people or things with gentleness and sincerity, but had an extremely strong sense of dignity of the profound way. In particular, the inheritance of the Golden Crow and the Golden Crow flames had become his greatest pride as well as his reverse scale.

It was easy to imagine how great the blow he had suffered was upon being instantly defeated, despite the fact that he had unleashed all the power of his Golden Crow Flames.

Even Huo Rulie had absolutely not expected such an outcome.

“Yun’er, it’s okay, it’s totally okay,” Huo Rulie said in as calm a voice as possible to comfort him. “She is the successor of the Sword Sovereign, so it’s not at all disgraceful to be defeated by her. You’ve already done so well. You are Master’s pride, and the pride of the Flame G.o.d Realm, too.”

Huo Poyun was still in a dazed state, and didn’t show any reaction. It was at this time that he heard Jun Xilei’s ice-cold, disdainful voice, “Hmph, this is the strongest young pract.i.tioner of Flame G.o.d? In the end, he could only amount to this!”

“You!” Huo Rulie turned his head around in great anger, but no matter how furious he was in his heart, he couldn’t let himself lose his temper.

It was quiet at the Conferred G.o.d Stage, with everyone staring dumbfoundedly at the scene ahead. The power that Huo Poyun had displayed was so stunning that he had received praise from all the realm kings, and even from the topmost existences such as the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the Dragon Monarch.

But, Xun Xilei had just used one swing of her sword…

To instantly shatter his flame, fighting will and pride, like a bubble.

All the people from Flame G.o.d Realm stood up. Each of them had their pupils quivering as they couldn’t believe or accept such an outcome.

Yun Che also shrank his pupils slightly, as stormy waves surfaced in his heart.

So this is… the strength of the Sword Sovereign’s successor…?

This is the strength of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region!?

The sword move that instantly defeated Huo Poyun had contained such enormous might that it…far, far surpa.s.sed Yun Che’s expectations. It meant that Jun Xilei’s strength was far, far greater than he had estimated.

It was evident that even Honorable Qu Hui hadn’t expected such an outcome. When he finally came to himself, he gave a deep glance at Jun Xilei, and announced in a loud voice, “Huo Poyun is out of the bounds of the Conferred G.o.d Stage area, and thus has fallen into the Losers Group. He will be entering the fourth round battle of the Losers Group tomorrow. Jun Xilei has won, and will be entering the third round battle of the Conferred G.o.ds Group day after tomorrow!”

Everyone had been certain that it was impossible for Huo Poyun to be Jun Xilei’s opponent, but they had also really been looking forward to his performance while facing someone as strong as Jun Xilei. They had wanted to witness for themselves the ultimate limit of the strength of this absolute dark horse, but they hadn’t thought that things would turn out like this.

It was definitely not because of Huo Poyun being a very weak contestant. When he had unleashed the power of his flame, it had indeed stunned everyone, after all. Instead, it was due to the fact that Jun Xilei was simply too powerful that he was defeated in such a way. She had gotten an easy win in all the battles earlier, so she hadn’t displayed her true strength so far. The image of the sword light just now that had instantly defeated Huo Poyun, and made the world seem as if it had frozen, was still deeply imprinted in their minds, and they were not able to get it off their minds.

With Huo Poyun severely injured, Huo Rulie no longer concerned himself with other things. He carried Huo Poyun along with him, and swiftly flew away into the distance. The great elders of the Golden Crow Sect also stood up and followed behind him. Yan Juehai didn’t follow after them and remained standing in place for quite a while. However, his face had anxiousness and uneasiness written all over it.

Yun Che lowered his brows. He had clearly sensed something odd from the unusual aura from Huo Poyun. He hesitated for a while before planning to go over and take a look at him, but Mu Bingyun stretched out her hand to pull him back, “Don’t be distracted!”

“…” Yun Che slowly sat down, but he was feeling a heaviness in his heart. He had been sure that Jun Xilei would vent her anger and hatred in her fight with Huo Poyun, but he hadn’t expected it to be done in such a way.

By exerting absolute strength against the other party.

That sword move also served to further increase Jun Xilei’s extremely glorious reputation. Watching her slowly flying away from the Conferred G.o.d Stage like a fairy, with the old sword on her back, the young profound pract.i.tioners present at the site felt as if they were looking up at a deity… Despite them being from the same generation, if Jun Xilei was the sky, then they were existences as insignificant as mud or dust.

Jun Xilei had become well-known throughout the Eastern Divine Region since the day she had become the successor of the Sword Sovereign. At the same time, countless doubts were raised by people because of her being a woman. Later, she became one of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region, which undoubtedly proved that the Sword Sovereign had made the right choice after all, as well as her apt.i.tude as a profound pract.i.tioner. On this day, the whole Eastern Divine Region once again witnessed and recognized the mightiness of the existence that the Sword Sovereign’s successor of this generation was.

Furthermore, it was just one move from her… which was obviously far from comparable to the extent of her true strength.

“I didn’t think that Jun Xilei’s achievements in the way of the sword would have already reached this extent,” Mu Bingyun sighed in a low voice. “Perhaps, her strength right now is not that far from Luo Changsheng, either.”

Yun Che raised his brows at once, “Perhaps… not that far? Could it be that someone as powerful as Jun Xilei is still not a match for Luo Changsheng at all?”

“Among the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region, excluding the king realms, Luo Changsheng is absolutely an invincible existence,” Mu Bingyun replied. “A lot of rumors about him are so astonis.h.i.+ng that they sound closer to legends. Luo Changsheng will be fighting in the next battle, so just see for yourself why he is called the strongest person among the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region.”

“Next, we’ll have the second battle of the second round of Conferred G.o.ds Group. Luo Changsheng from Holy Eaves Realm versus Lu Lengchuan from Shrouding Sky Realm!”

Luo Changsheng and Lu Lengchuan were both part of the “Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region,” and this was the first fight between the G.o.d Children in the Conferred G.o.d Battle. Following Honorable Qu Hui’s announcement, the gazes of all the people firmly fixed on the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

One was the strongest of the four G.o.d children.

And the other was the weakest of the four G.o.d children.

Although both of them were members of the “Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region,” and they had the same cultivation, the tenth level of Divine Spirit Realm, there was such vast difference in their strengths that a large number of people considered it impossible for Lu Lengchuan to overcome it and have any chance at winning this battle.

Two human figures appeared on the Conferred G.o.d Stage at the same time, and stood facing each other.

Lu Lengchuan had an extremely tall and broad physique. He was nearly nine feet tall, and so brawny that his body could be compared to Xia Yuanba in his youth. He had not released his profound strength yet, but a thick and heavy aura had already emerged ahead of him, giving the impression of a towering mountain in front of his body.

On the other hand, Luo Chansheng was dressed in white garments. He had his black hair tied back, and there was an indistinct aura on his body. The skin of his face and neck was as tender, fair and flawless like that of a young girl. Adding to his outstanding appearance, he clearly seemed like a frail scholar who had no experience or knowledge of the profound way.

Both of the G.o.d Children were quiet, and they had calm looks on their faces and in their eyes. There existed not the slightest tense atmosphere before a fierce battle.

But there was a difference in the reasons for the two of them to be so calm. One was calm because of possessing absolute strength, and the other was calm because he knew that he had no chance of winning.

Yun Che was already extremely surprised after listening to Mu Bingyun’s words just a moment ago. Seeing Lu Lengchuan’s expression at this time, he even felt shocked in his heart. They were both part of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region, and Lu Lengchuan shouldn’t have too much of a difference in his strength compared to Jun Xilei, even if he was the weakest among them. However, he had the att.i.tude of “being aware that he would certainly be defeated” in front of Luo Changsheng, even before they had started fighting.

Just how strong was Luo Changsheng right now?

Why would Mu Bingyun say that the rumors about him sounded closer to “legends!?”

Earlier, he had no interest in knowing the strength of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region, but now that his objective had changed, they had become four great mountains in his path ahead… that he had to cross at any cost! But, he still had no idea about the true strength of these “four G.o.d children.”


As soon as Honorable Qu Hui ordered, the Conferred G.o.d Stage immediately became completely quiet.


Luo Changsheng's weapon appeared in his hand after a sound of lightning cracking. It was a long and broad sword, with purple lightning encircling it.

“Holy Lightning Sword!” Mu Bingyun said in a low tone.

“I didn't expect Luo Changsheng to have actually cultivated a lighting attribute profound art,” Yun Che said.

“Yes and no.” Mu Bingyun's befuddling words startled Yun Che.

“Brother Lengchuan, please!” Luo Changsheng stretched his other hand ahead. Contrary to the savage and domineering Luo Changan, Luo Changsheng was refined and courteous. Although he was allowing Lu Lengchuan to make the first move, there was not the slightest bit of arrogance in his att.i.tude. Instead, his words and expression displayed deep respect, such as one would give to their elder brother.

“All right!!”

Lu Lengchuan immediately accepted his proposal. He let out a low roar as yellow light erupted from his body. By the time the yellow light stabilized, it had taken the shape of a defensive barrier which was revolving around his body.


Lu Lengchuan roared once again, as several streaks of the yellow profound aura danced around in air like swimming dragons. After a few breaths’ time, they yet again combined together to form the second layer of the defensive barrier.

However, during this whole process, Luo Changsheng didn't interrupt him. Instead, he watched the other party calmly, or to be exact, waited for him to launch his attack with an indistinct, faint smile at the corners of his mouth.


As Lu Lengchuan roared loudly for the last time, a shocking dragon cry resounded through the sky above.

A third layer of the defensive barrier had formed around Lu Lengchuan. But this barrier didn't have the same faint color as the previous ones, and was instead a bright yellow image of a True Dragon that was moving in circles around him.

The thickness and heaviness of his aura suddenly increased by several times. All the people could even sense the dense aura of a true dragon.

“This is…” a look of surprise surfaced on Yun Che's face.

“‘Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier’ of the Lu Clan in the Shrouding Sky Realm,” Mu Bingyun said in a low tone of voice. “He has inherited the divine blood of a primordial true dragon, and cultivates an earth attribute profound art. As a result, he has extremely powerful defensive abilities, and his physique is as strong as profound steel. Now that Lu Lengchuan has also added the protection of 'Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier’ to his body, he will have an unparalleled ability to defend himself. Once all the three barriers have been formed, he would normally remain undefeated even when facing two opponents of the same level.”

Yun Che, “…”

“To let him form the three layers of the 'Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier’ in his presence… Among all the Conferred G.o.d Candidates, only Luo Changsheng would have the strength and boldness to do such a thing!”

“Not bad.” At the eastern seating area, the Dragon Monarch nodded slightly. As the monarch of dragons, he naturally got interested in Lu Lengchuan who was an inheritor of the bloodline of a primordial true dragon.

As the triple-layered “Glowing Dragon's Scared Barrier” formed completely, the aura around Lu Lengchuan underwent a thorough change. His whole body was glowing with yellow, and his skin, in particular, was actually reflecting bronze-like metallic l.u.s.ter.

Lu Lengchuan stretched out his hands and took out an over three meter long silver spear. This spear was called “Sky Splitter,” and the soul of a true dragon was sealed within it. It was one of the profound artifacts of the Shrouding Sky Realm that have been famous for a long time in the Eastern Divine Region.

“Brother Luo, I admit that I'm not your opponent.” Despite the fact that the triple-layered “Glowing Dragon's Scared Barrier” was protecting him, Lu Lengchuan still had the same att.i.tude of being “prepared for certain defeat” as before, while he spoke calmly. “But I really want to know whether 'Young Master Changsheng’ is truly as mighty as the legends say… Fifty breaths’ time… If Brother Luo can smash my triple-layered ‘Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier’ in fifty breaths’ time, I'll have no choice but to admit defeat with heartfelt admiration.”