Against the Gods - Chapter 1170 - Jasmines Voice

Chapter 1170 - Jasmines Voice

Chapter 1170 - Jasmine’s Voice

“This… this… this is… darkness profound energy?” A Phoenix Sect disciple shuddered in fear.

“It’s much scarier than the legends… Hss.” Huo Poyun secretly inhaled.

“Jianming… Jianming!!!” Seeing the son that he was so proud of and who was about to bring him a lifetime of glory on stage, being suddenly turned into a two part rotting corpse, this difference between heaven and h.e.l.l was too drastic. It caused his heart and soul to collapse as he cried on top of the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

All of this happened too suddenly. From the start, when the weird change occurred, to when Wei Hen used his life to exchange for another life, all of this happened within an instant. Before someone could react, the terrible tragedy had already concluded.

“Out...rage...ous!” The Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor’s face darkened. During the Conferred G.o.d Battle, not only had a devil managed to sneak in, but he was able to hide from everyone’s eyes, and during the most sacred and observed stage in Eastern Divine Region, he managed to ignite his sinful devil blood and cause a Conferred G.o.d Candidate to perish with him...

The rage in his heart could easily be imagined.

“Qu Hui, hurry up and exterminate this devil in its entirety! Don’t let any dirty devil blood stain the Conferred G.o.d Stage!” The Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor instructed with rage.

Honorable Qu Hui swiftly attacked. Under his profound energy, the devil blood that Wei Hen used his life to scatter quickly dissipated and the last traces of Wei Hen’s existence had now all disappeared into nothing.

However, looking at Li Jianming’s miserable corpse, Honorable Qu Hui sighed slightly and said with a frown, “This matter… This honored one could not detect and intercept in time, it’s this honored one’s fault. After the Conferred G.o.d Battle, I will give the Thunderclap Realm King an answer.”

“No… no… it is not your fault. It’s that devil… that devil!!” The Thunderclap Realm King raised his head and roared, “My Thunderclap Realm... will never be able to coexist with the Northern Region’s devils henceforth!!”

“Everyone,” the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor sighed heavily once again. His downcast voice suppressed all the noise and his voice was also spread throughout the entire Eastern Divine Region using the star tablet, “Eternal Heaven did not increase surveillance and allowed a sinful devil enter the Conferred G.o.d Battle. This is the fault of Eternal Heaven and Eternal Heaven feels ashamed. Eternal Heaven has never once imagined that these sinful Northern Region devils would dare to be so bold.”

“These sinful and despicable devils. Not only do they rely on extremely sinful and frightening strength, they are devoid of humanity and are insane. They should not exist in this world and they anger the wrath of both humans and G.o.ds. My Eternal Heaven shall promise right now that after the Profound G.o.d Convention, we will dispatch adjudicators to clear the devils once again. Anyone who is stained by darkness profound energy will be exterminated. The Eastern Divine Region will never allow the existence of any bit of those devils!”

From the start, there was no place for “devils” to exist within Eastern Divine Region. However, the matters that happened before had caused the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor to be angered once again.

The Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor’s words had caused an angry reaction throughout the Entire Eastern Divine Region.

“This devil does have some ability, being able to fool all of us,” the Star G.o.d Emperor muttered.

“No, he obviously isn’t a pure devil,” the Dragon Emperor replied, “Hearing what he shouted before, he should have originally been a member of the Eastern Divine Region. However, hatred caused him to travel to the Northern Divine Region and he used almost all of his vitality to exchange for darkness profound energy. He then probably used some unique method to lock this energy within his body. He was originally human and he had only obtained this power for a short amount of time. The fact that we did not detect it is not anything strange.”

However, it was not that there was completely no one who knew about it. There was one exception, which was Yun Che.

He bore the Evil G.o.d’s Darkness Seed. In his profound veins, extremely powerful darkness profound energy similarly flowed. His sensitivity towards darkness profound energy could be said to be unparalleled. When he first noticed Wei Hen, he could already faintly feel the presence of darkness profound energy within him.

He felt that Wei Hen had brought along with him extreme hatred and the fact that he had come here had meant that he had already set his unwavering determination. However, he did not expect the result to be so pathetic.

“Wei Hen was a Northern Region devil. Now that he has already been exterminated, his name has no right to remain within the Profound G.o.d Convention. All results concerning him will be voided!”

“Although Li Jianming had unfortunately met his fate under a devil’s hand, his name shall remain within the Conferred G.o.d Battle. He shall be viewed as a winner and will proceed onto the Conferred G.o.d group!”

Following Honorable Qu Hui’s resolute words, the display showed that “Li Jianming” had proceeded onto the Conferred G.o.d Group while Wei Hen’s name had directly disappeared from the screen.

The Thirty-two Conferred G.o.d Candidates, in essence, had become Thirty-one Conferred G.o.d Candidates.

In that case, during the Conferred G.o.d Group’s first battle on the next day, one person would be given a victory without even fighting. Similarly, within the Losers Group, one person would not have to face anyone and would directly advance to the second round of the losers group.

“Wei Hen” disappeared. His life, body, blood, and even name had completely disappeared from this world without a trace. Yun Che stared at Wei Hen’s original position, deeply distracted.

“Yun Che, that eerie cold aura just now was darkness profound energy.” Mu Bingyun explained, “Next time you encounter a beast or human with such an aura, you must definitely escape far away… However, it is not that easy to see them either. After all, the devils stay in the Northern Divine Region. There is simply no place they can exist in outside of that region.”

“...He was not a devil by birth. He was most likely forced into it by revenge. He probably only did this in order to obtain sufficiently powerful strength in a short amount of time. In actual fact, he was but a pitiful human,” Yun Che softly said.

“Although that is true… you have already witnessed how frightening those who dabble in the darkness profound energy are just now.” Mu Bingyun sternly replied, “In our Ice Phoenix Sect, whenever we see a devil, our sect law instructs us to exterminate them.”

Yun Che, “...”

Compared to the “devils”, aren’t the sins of those who force them to become devils worse and more frightening… Yun Che sighed secretly in his heart.

Because of the “devil” matter, the Conferred G.o.d Battle temporarily halted. Yun Che then stood up and sent a sound transmission to Mu Bingyun, “Palace Master Bingyun, I want to leave this place first.”

Mu Bingyun glanced over, “Why?”

“I just suddenly remembered that Moonflower is present. Even if she has come to Eternal Heaven Realm, she would not come to the venue of the Profound G.o.d Convention. Instead, she would try to completely avoid Moonflower’s detection… Otherwise, her sudden appearance might cause Moonflower to suspect that I was the Yun Che she ‘killed’ previously.

“I previously only thought of how to make her meet me, but I had forgotten that this place was actually the most unsuitable place for her to find me. Now that everyone’s attention is on this matter, any place other than here would be much more suitable.”

Mu Bingyun did not stop Yun Che as he flew away.

A Conferred G.o.d Candidate’s sudden departure should have been something that garnered attention. However, due to the sudden change as a result of the “devil”, not many people noticed this… or perhaps, Yun Che was simply not worth their attention?

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm was exceptionally quiet.

There was strong dense spiritual energy, buildings that emitted divine aura and light and profound arrays that were located everywhere. Even the sky seemed to be filled with an invisible might that made people dare not lift their heads.

This was a king realm, it was an existence of the highest standing within the entire chaotic s.p.a.ce. A place that he could not even imagine in his dreams when he was still on Blue Pole Star. In the short span of a few years, he had actually arrived here. Now that he thought about it, all of that still seemed like a dream.

On Yun Che, there was the tag that belonged to the “Conferred G.o.d Candidates”, which provided great freedom of movement within the Eternal Heaven Realm. Wherever he went, the guards of the Eternal Heaven Realm did not stop him and at most only glanced at him.

The matter regarding Wei Hen had a huge impact on Yun Che. Previously, on the Conferred G.o.d Stage, when everyone was faced with “darkness profound energy”, everyone revealed looks of hatred and disgust. When they shouted the two words “devils”, it was as though they were screaming at sinful demons that came from h.e.l.l.

Yun Che possessed darkness profound energy. Furthermore, it could be said that darkness profound energy was his greatest strength… Because the source of his darkness profound energy was not just simply the Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins, he still possessed a devil origin orb that came from a true primordial devil.

This also meant that Yun Che was a complete devil. In the understanding of the Eastern Divine Region, he was an existence that was “intolerable by heaven and earth, the bane of humans and G.o.ds”.

“It seems like I can never ever reveal any signs of darkness profound energy over here. Otherwise… even before others, it might be Master and the Palace Master Bingyun who will destroy me.”

Back then, the speed at which the devil origin orb within his body grew far exceeded Jasmine’s expectation. After Jasmine left, the orb broke through the seal she had left and he kept losing control. However, after he received the Evil G.o.d’s Darkness Seed, he could completely control it. Unless his profound energy completely lost control, he did not have to worry about darkness profound energy leaking out.

Unknowingly, Yun Che had already returned to the place he stayed in the night before.

The elegant small yard had numerous s.p.a.ces for individual cultivation. Guests from middle star realms were being placed nearby. However there was a formless barrier that separated the aura and sounds of the two places, causing them to not cause disruptions to one another.

Yun Che arrived beside the lake and sat down quietly on a green rock and looked distractedly at a lotus leaf in the lake… three years in the G.o.d Realm, profound strength improving by leaps and bounds. Everyone on the Conferred G.o.d Stage laughed at his low profound strength and yet no one knew that he only took a mere three years from the Sovereign Profound Realm to the Divine Tribulation Realm.

If he were to return to Blue Pole Star now, even if Feng Xue’er and Huan Caiyi were to team up, they would not be able to defeat him. Back there, he would be able to act however he wanted. Even if there were another ten thousand Xuanyuan Wentians, they would not be able to beat his little pinky.

However, he still had not managed to see Jasmine.

“Jasmine, where are you? Have you heard my name yet?” Yun Che’s eyes seemed detached as he muttered to himself listlessly.

At this time, mini ripples suddenly appeared on the calm water surface.

“Hmph! Could you recklessly coming to the G.o.d Realm actually be to search for me?”

A soul voice suddenly rang in Yun Che’s mind without warning. It was a young girl’s voice but it was ice cold and packed a strong mocking tone.

This voice seemed to have struck the depths of Yun Che’s soul with lightning as his whole body began to tremble and he rose abruptly, “Jasmine… Jasmine?! Where… Where are you?”

This was a voice that appeared in his hazy dream countless of times. It was a voice that he would not be able to forget in the slightest throughout his life. Her voice, her cold tone, none of them had changed in the slightest.

He swiftly looked around, however, due to his intense agitation, his vision became blurred and he could not identify the pet.i.te figure he missed sorely.

“Hmph.” The reply that he got was a cold snort that was without feeling, “You don’t have to look around. With your capabilities, even if you were to go around the entire Eternal Heaven Realm, you still wouldn’t be able to find me.”