Against the Gods - Chapter 1131 - Jun Wuming, Nameless Sword (2)

Chapter 1131 - Jun Wuming, Nameless Sword (2)

Chapter 1131 - Jun Wuming, Nameless Sword (2)

Yun Che wasn’t too interested in understanding the true aspects of the G.o.d Realm. His partic.i.p.ation in the Profound G.o.d Convention wasn’t with the intention to strive to make himself famous, after all. Given his strength, he would be hardly better than a bottom level existence among the partic.i.p.ants. It was basically impossible for him to make any difference in this compet.i.tion between the young geniuses of the Eastern Divine Region. In the end, he didn’t belong to this place and had never thought of staying here for long.

That was how he had thought all this time. It was just that now there was already some sentimental attachment for the G.o.d Realm in the depths of his heart that he had himself not realized yet…

It was because of Mu Xuanyin.

“Palace Master Bingyun, what realm has Huo Poyun’s cultivation reached now? You all seemed to be very surprised just now,” Yun Che asked in a light voice.

“The seventh level of… the Divine Spirit Realm.”

“Ah!?” He was already mentally prepared after seeing the reaction of Mu Bingyun before, but he was still greatly shocked by her reply as it completely surpa.s.sed his expectations.

“No matter whether it’s the Flame G.o.d Realm or our Snow Song realm, there hasn’t been anyone in the past that has reached the Divine Spirit Realm before even turning thirty, including your master. But Huo Poyun not only stepped into the Divine Spirit Realm, he is also in its late stage.” There was a complicated look on Mu Bingyun’s face. “The current Huo Poyun can very well be called a world-shocking genius. He will be considered a topmost level young pract.i.tioner even in the upper star realms. Looks like the success of the hunt of the ancient horned dragon back then helped the Flame G.o.d Realm create a miracle.”

Yun Che, “…”

“It’s extremely likely that Huo Poyun will be one of the thousand young profound pract.i.tioners who will qualify for the privilege to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. When he returns from the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm in three years, it’s absolutely not impossible… for the Flame G.o.d Realm to have a Divine Master!”

“Extremely likely?” Yun Che raised his head in surprise at these two words from Mu Bingyun. “Is it not a certainty?”

“You’re underestimating the upper star realms,” Mu Bingyun said slowly. “Huo Poyun is a miracle that one would find hard to believe, and could be the only one to have such achievement even in the future of the Flame G.o.d Realm. But in the Eastern Divine Region, besides the four great king realms, all the upper star realms have a lot of people of similar age to Huo Poyun with cultivations no weaker than him. There are even some world-astounding, extraordinary geniuses who are far stronger than Huo Poyun. Even if he has an astonis.h.i.+ng cultivation of the seventh level of the Divine Spirit Realm, it’s not going to be easy for him to make his way into the list of the top thousand young pract.i.tioners.”

“There are still people… who are far stronger than Huo Poyun with his current cultivation level?” Yun Che felt an intense stir in his heart once again.

Although he hadn’t come into contact with upper star realms, Yun Che at least knew that anyone at the late stage of the Divine Spirit Realm would absolutely be considered a powerful and influential person in the middle star realms. In the lower star realms, such a person could run amuck. The strongest elder under Lei Qianfeng, the sect master of the Black Soul Divine Sect that he had faced before, was also just at the middle stages of the Divine Spirit Realm.

These experts would have to cultivate for a thousand or even several thousand years, but Huo Poyun had already reached their level before turning thirty years old. It was far beyond any achievement that Yun Che had known in his life, and even Mu Bingyun used the word “miracle” to describe it… Hence, it was hard to believe that there were still people in the upper star realms who were “far stronger” than him…

“Has your master ever mentioned to you the ‘Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region’? Mu Bingyun asked all of a sudden.

“Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region?” Yun Che shook his head. “No, I have never heard of them before.”

Mu Bingyun wasn’t surprised at his reply, and explained to him, “The Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region refers to the four people who are favored by the G.o.ds, and have the highest talent and the strongest profound strength among the pract.i.tioners of the young generation, excluding those from the king realm of our Eastern Divine Region. There is no one in the Eastern Divine Region who doesn’t know about them, and when it comes to popularity, they even far surpa.s.s the great Realm Kings of the upper star realms.”

“It is said that these young profound pract.i.tioners that are praised as ‘G.o.d children,’ have already reached the tenth level of the Divine Spirit Realm.”

Yun Che, “…!!”

“Although Huo Poyun is surely astonis.h.i.+ng, he is still far worse in comparison to these four. There is no doubt about the fact that these great G.o.d children will be the main characters of this Profound G.o.d Convention. The first rank holder will also be one of these four, without a doubt.”

Yun Che remained silent for a long while before he let out a laugh in self-ridicule, and sighed with emotion, “The vastness of the G.o.d Realm is indeed difficult to imagine.”

Mu Bingyun glanced at Yun Che as she said to comfort him, “You don’t need to be concerned about them. Your cultivation level now is already extremely amazing, and there’s no one in my Snow Song Realm that can even come close to you. Don’t go comparing yourself to those from the upper realms.”

Yun Che shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s not that I’m feeling dejected or inferior. I’m simply marveling at this new information that I’ve just heard. After all, no matter whether it’s them or the G.o.d Realm, they all are just too far of an existence for me. I only care about the fact that the G.o.d Realm has Master and the Snow Song Realm, that’s it.”

Time slowly pa.s.sed by and the snowstorm didn’t show any signs of stopping, not even for a second. It had been an hour but the dimensional profound formation hadn’t begun to s.h.i.+ne yet.

It was at this time that Yun Che’s spirit sense caught something. He had an indescribable feeling, as if the heaven and earth had undergone a subtle change. In front of him, Mu Bingyun had already s.h.i.+fted her eyes slightly sideways as she looked high above in the sky to the south. First, a doubtful expression surfaced in her pupils, which then gradually turned to seriousness.

People from the Flame G.o.d Realm, Huo Rulie, Yan Juehai, and others also s.h.i.+fted their gazes to the sky, one after another.

They sensed an aura that was barely detectable in the beginning but could still be felt getting closer and closer to them, in an indistinct manner. The gazes of Mu Bingyun, Huo Rulie and others became increasingly serious. As they looked at each other, they suddenly changed their expressions at the same time.

“This sword aura… Could it be…”

Feeling something in his surroundings, Yun Che raised his head all of a sudden.

Far-off, high up in the sky, two figures had appeared at some unknown point in time. Or perhaps, the two of them had been there this whole while.

The old person in the front was dressed in black clothes and had a fair, clean, and gentle looking face, but his hair was pale-white like snow. There was a placid look in his eyes like an old well that hadn’t made a sound for ten thousand years. They seemed as if they had seen a hundred generations and it was simply impossible for there to be even the slightest fluctuations of emotions in them.

With his both hands at his back, his hair flying and clothes fluttering, he appeared like a celestial being from an ancient realm that had stepped into the mortal world.

Even if a profound pract.i.tioner didn’t deliberately release his profound energy, the naturally flowing aura and its field around the pract.i.tioner would undoubtedly have an indistinct influence on the snowstorm. But the cold wind blowing past him didn’t deviate in the least and the ice and snow stuck on his body didn’t met away either. It was as if there was no aura present on his body, or perhaps, his mastery of controlling aura had already reached great heights, making it possible for his aura to be a part of nature itself.

Standing quietly behind him was a girl that seemed to have come out of a painting. She had an absolutely beautiful face, which also looked indifferent like a clear and deep pool. She was clad in white garments that were even whiter than the cold snow falling all over the place, and had a large sword diagonally on her back. The scabbard and the hilt of the sword were bronze colored and weren’t emitting any aura, but no matter who looked at it they would indescribably get the feeling of primitiveness and antiquity belonging to ancient times.

“Palace Master Bingyun, these two are…”

Yun Che had just spoken a few words when he saw that Mu Bingyun had already flown into the sky. Mu Huanzhi, Mu Tanzhi, and others quickly followed behind her. People from the Flame G.o.d Realm, Huo Rulie, Yan Juehai and the rest had soared into the sky at an even earlier time. Yun Che could clearly see that the expression on the face of Huo Rulie was actually that of shock, as well as… fear!?

Mu Bingyun went over to the old person in black, but surprisingly stopped in her tracks at the height where the lower half of her body was below the feet of the old person. Mu Huanzhi, Huo Rulie, and others followed suit. There was no one who dared to stand at the same height in the sky as him.

“Mu Bingyun from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect of the Snow Song Realm, pays respect to Senior Sword Sovereign!”

“Mu Huanzhi from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, pays respect to Senior Sword Sovereign. The arrival of Sword Sovereign here is an undeserving glory to our Snow Song Realm.”

“Yan Juehai, sect master of the Phoenix Sect in the Flame G.o.d Realm, pays respect to Senior Sword Sovereign. It’s my good fortune to be able to witness senior’s celestial figure at this place.”


Mu Bingyun was only second to Mu Xuanyin in the Snow Song Realm. Huo Rulie and Yan Juehai were two of the three great rulers of the Flame G.o.d Realm. But they were all bowing to the old person before their eyes and were incomparably respectful. Huo Rulie’s att.i.tude was especially noticeable given how different it was from his usual. He was someone who had dared to rain curses on Mu Xuanyin back then, while being in the Snow Song Realm, the territory of his enemy. But in front of this old person, his entire face was filled with fright, and he was behaving respectfully to an extreme level.

Seeing such a scene, all the disciples from the Flame G.o.d Realm and Divine Ice Phoenix Sect were so taken aback that they were flabbergasted. But the moment they very clearly heard the two words “sword sovereign,” immediately their jaws dropped to the ground in shock.

“Sword… Sword Sovereign?”

“Is this for real…? Why would Sword Sovereign come to this place…?”

“Oh my heavens…”

“Don’t tell me that person beside Sword Sovereign is…”


The expression of shock appeared on the face of each and every one of them. They looked so stiff, as if they had been frozen by the cold air of this place. Their pupils were quivering as if they were looking up at a deity from above the nine heavens. It was only Yun Che who had no idea what was going on, as he had never heard the name “Sword Sovereign.”

But without the shadow of the doubt, the old person was absolutely an unimaginably terrifying individual, looking at the att.i.tude of Mu Bingyun and the rest, and the way everyone was extremely shocked at his arrival.

The old person in black didn’t move in the slightest. He smiled faintly, but there was no fluctuation of emotions in his eyes, “This old man had brought his disciple to a distant place to cultivate. We are pa.s.sing through your esteemed Snow Song Realm in order to borrow this formation to head to the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. I’m very thankful for the help.”

“What are you talking about?” Mu Huanzhi said, partly terrified and party excited. “The arrival of Senior Sword Sovereign is the good fortune of the Snow Song Realm. There is nothing to be thankful about.”

While speaking, Mu Huanzhi prudently s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the girl dressed in white beside the old person. “Could this… be…”

“Haha,” The old person in black clothes laughed lightly, as a doting look flashed in his eyes. “She is the little disciple I was talking about, Lei’er.”

The girl carrying the sword gave a slight nod, “Xilei pays respect to the seniors.”

The expression and tone of the girl was extremely indifferent, but none of these highest level people of the Snow Song and Flame G.o.d Realm felt the slightest dissatisfaction in their hearts. Instead, they returned the greeting in a hurry. No matter whether it was their gazes or divine consciousness, they remained quietly focused on the girl for a long time.

Although she was just a disciple of this old person in black, and the aura of her life force was also only close to twenty years, she would far surpa.s.s everyone present here when it came to her standing and reputation in the G.o.d Realm, and even her seniority.

The successor of Sword Sovereign—one of the Four G.o.d Children—Jun Xilei!

The gaze of the old person swept over the crowd of people when he suddenly showed a faint surprise. “Oh? Why do I not see Realm King Xuanyin?”

“Reporting to Senior Sword Sovereign. Sect Master is occupied with some matter, so she won’t be partic.i.p.ating in this Profound G.o.d Convention.” Mu Huanzhi turned his head. “Bingyun, promptly report to Sect Master that Senior Sword Sovereign has arrived here in Snow Song.”

“There’s no need for that,” the old person in black said in an indifferent voice.

“No, the arrival of senior has brought light to our humble Snow Song Realm. Sect Master would absolutely not want to miss such an auspicious opportunity. Furthermore, Sect Master has always extremely revered senior. She would be certainly overjoyed to meet you here in Snow Song.”

By the time she finished her words, there was an ice phoenix engraved jade grasped in her palm, on which chilly rays were flickering.

“Haha.” The old person let out a faint laugh, and didn’t stop her again. He quietly stood in the sky, without releasing the least bit of his aura. But it seemed as if he was the only existence left in the word, and even heaven and earth had become a background to his existence.

“The profound formation hasn’t activated yet. Looks like we will need to wait for a while.” The old man said in a light tone. His gaze swept downward, and suddenly stopped on Huo Poyun. Clear fluctuation appeared in his eyes that had always been calm and peaceful until now. Soon after, a slight smile emerged on his face, “Sect Master Huo, this disciple of yours is quite a bit better than you in talent. It seems that the Flame G.o.d Realm will definitely s.h.i.+ne in this Profound G.o.d Convention.”

Huo Rulie had a face full of excitement as he promptly bowed, “It’s the good fortune of my lowly disciple to be able to get such praise from Senior Sword Sovereign. But in the presence of senior’s successor, my lowly disciple really doesn’t deserve such praise.”

The gaze of the old person flashed past the disciples of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect next, and he didn’t say a thing about them. The girl in white beside him also followed his gaze. When it fell on Huo Poyun, a look of surprise flashed across her eyes, however, it only existed for an instant before disappearing without a trace. Following, her gaze swept over the disciples of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, which brought evident wrinkles to her fine brows. Then, her face returned to its former state, with indifference and no expression on it.

“Lei’er, we’ll be waiting here for a while.”

With his voice drifting in the air, the figure of the black-clothed old person landed on the ground. The girl behind him also followed suit, and stood proudly in the midst of the snowstorm with the ancient sword on her back.