Against the Gods - Chapter 1110 - Unexpected Harvest

Chapter 1110 - Unexpected Harvest

Chapter 1110 - Unexpected Harvest

Above the Soul Sect’s main sect, countless streams of profound energy roiled upwards, turning into one large torrent of profound energy, all slowly entering the star formation until no more was left.


Light flashed from Little Jasmine’s pupils, and the star formation simply shattered. However, as it shattered, no profound energy seemed to be found about its pieces. It was as if the entire star formation had been completely annihilated. The star formation slowly dissipated into nothingness, as if entering an unknown void.

All the Soul Sect members had their profound strength completely sapped dry and it was an unrecoverable state. None could escape it.

Her hair slowly fell back into place and the light in her eyes faded to a shade of pale blue. She looked into the distance and giggled, “This is good. Hehe, I’m seriously too smart… Time to play, yay!”

She turned around and her colorful figure could be seen hopping and skipping, leaving the scene as if she had just done something very normal and ordinary.

Far off, Wu Chengyan had taken a long time before regaining his composure. s.h.i.+elded behind was Wu Guike whose body was jelly-like from fear. That incomparably frightening suppression wasn’t something that he could bear.

“Young Master, she… she is...”

The girl’s age, features, that colorful dress and the previously displayed the Starfall Remnant Light Formation... He didn’t dare to believe it. He recalled that terrifying name which surfaced within his memories, waves of shock thras.h.i.+ng in his soul.

“...” Wu Guike supported Wu Chengyan and stood up, both his legs finally under his control. He looked forward and saw Lei Qianfeng’s “frightened out of their wits” group. He slowly muttered vicious words, “Silence them!”

Wu Chengyan lifted his arm, profound light was released and within the blink of an eye, the entire group consisting of Lei Qianfeng and gang felt a shudder run through their bodies. They didn’t seem to have suffered any visible injuries but they had now lost their lives.

Wu Chengyan was a Divine Sovereign, killing them was as easy as turning over his hand, even more so, now that their profound strengths had been crippled.

Little Jasmine didn’t go too far off and felt Wu Chengyan and Wu Guike’s auras vanish, as if they didn’t dare remain any longer, fleeing.

Little Jasmine raised both her eyebrows, her little hands holding onto two pieces of Profound Imagery Stones, her lips pulling to the sides revealing a devious grin.

Black Feather Merchant Guild.

Although he didn’t harbor much hope, Yun Che was completely clear that his current strength was too weak and he had no strong backing to rely on. Wanting to find the Nine Star Divine Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Gra.s.s before the Profound G.o.d Convention was going to be an impossible feat. Comparatively, training within this time span of two years and hoping to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm, though hopes were dim, it was his one and only option left.

Ji Ruyan had arranged a training room for him that was strongly isolated from the outside world. It was incomparably quiet. Inside here, he could focus on training peacefully with all his heart, however after a while, after closing and opening his eyes countless times, he was still unable to calm himself.

He had only one objective when he followed Mu Bingyun to the G.o.d Realm and that was to see Jasmine again.

Mu Xuanyin, his second teacher of the profound way, she was an icy G.o.ddess standing above the clouds, yet she had used ways and means to protect him, who was from a lower realm. His heart was filled with endless grat.i.tude, and at the same time he couldn’t repay the favor that she had showed him. Instead.... He could only pathetically escape.

He didn’t dare to see her another time, not knowing what the consequences would be. However, every time he thought of her voice and face, he was worried that she still hadn’t regained clarity, and that her injuries hadn’t gotten better.

And He Lin who had died in his arms.... Their friends.h.i.+p was clearly a short lived one, but his death, those tears at the end, his words and that worry… It was like a heavy weight on his conscience.

He had wanted to look for Jasmine, search for He Lin’s sister, and even had countless thoughts of pa.s.sing by the Snow Song Realm just to find a way to apologize and make it up to Mu Xuanyin.

“Hoo!” He let out a deep breath. Yun Che opened his eyes and looked up. He was in quietness for a day, yet the expression in his eyes was still that of turmoil, he seemed totally in a daze, “Jasmine… How do I…”

“Sir Ling Yun, may I come in?”

A soft and gentle voice travelled in from the outside. Yun Che stood up and opened the door. He saw Ji Ruyan standing there, red with excitement and looking incredibly elated. He curiously asked, “Miss Ruyan, what happened?”

“The Soul Sect…” Ji Ruyan was panting a little, “The Soul Sect’s… Completely… Finished!”

“...?” Yun Che frowned “What are you… saying? What happened to the Soul Sect?”

Ji Ruyan gently took in a few breaths and then regained her composure, “We just received news from the main branch of the Soul Sect. Something incredibly strange happened. A large blue light enveloped the entire Soul Sect, and then afterwards, everyone within the Soul Sect, from disciples to elders, within ten breaths of time had their profound strengths crippled!”

“...” Yun Che’s eyebrows jumped. He confirmed that it was the truth through Ji Ruyan’s expression and voice, “How could this even happen?”

Ji Ruyan continued, “I didn’t believe it at first, but father and I went personally to verify this. It’s one hundred…. No…. a thousand percent true. My father even discovered the corpse of Lei Qianfeng in front of the Black Soul Mountain.”

“...Then what about those from the Divine Martial Realm?” Yun Che frowned, still unable to process this news.

The main sect had over eight million members He had once used Moon Splitting Cascade to enter, its size was huge and teeming with experts. All of them were at the top of the Darkya Realm… The horrifying thing was… They had actually all had their profound strength crippled?

This was an absolutely unbelievable and incomprehensible fairytale!

“The Divine Martial Realm members weren’t there. It seems like they’ve already left. Also…” Ji Ruyan’s eyes sparkled, “This sort of thing happening, the only possibility is that the Great Realm King of the Divine Martial Realm did this to the Soul Sect because of his anger over the issue of the Royal Wood Spirit. Sir Ling Yun’s understanding of the Wood Spirits is perhaps still quite superficial, however their use to existences such as the Divine Martial Realm Great Realm King is extremely beneficial. Knowing that the Soul Sect managed to capture a Royal Wood Spirit would drive him mad with glee, but losing the Royal Wood Spirit would drive him mad with rage, and it wouldn’t be any sort of ordinary rage.”

This point, Yun Che didn’t find it strange. That day within the wood spirit secret realm, Qing Mu, who had given his wife’s Wood Spirit Orb to him, had personally said that the one responsible for ma.s.sacring the Royal Wood Spirits, particularly He Lin’s parents, was the greatest existence within the Eastern Divine Region—the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm!

Even the king realms were like this, let alone the Divine Martial Realm!

After receiving He Lin’s Royal Wood Spirit Orb, he was now clearer than anyone else on why they were so coveted.

“Although the Divine Martial Realm and the Soul Sect are related by marriage, that’s only on the surface. They definitely don’t even consider the Soul Sect anything of worth. In his anger, the Divine Martial Realm King could even wipe out the entire Soul Sect. Being able to cripple the profound strength of so many within such a short period of time… If it’s the Divine Martial Realm, they can definitely do it, and that’s the only possibility.”

As she was reporting all this, her demeanor, which had somewhat calmed down, started to grow excited again. This was because it wasn’t just about the annihilation of the Soul Sect, this was about the thousands of years that the Black Feather Merchant Guild was being suppressed under the thumb of the Soul Sect, unable to escape.

Falling deeper and deeper into an abyss, they had finally seen a ray of sunlight. This wasn’t just a cause for celebration, this was literally a chance for rebirth that the heavens gave them!

“Sir Ling Yun, the Soul Sect suffering such harsh punishment from the Divine Martial Realm, and right now being on the brink of destruction is all thanks to your efforts.” Ji Ruyan lifted her head and her gaze held a deep grat.i.tude, “If it wasn’t for you s.n.a.t.c.hing that little wood spirit out of their hands, we would not have today. Our Black Feather Merchant Guild would also have not been able to escape from their clutches. Ruyan, and the entire Black Feather Merchant Guild, will forever remember this great grace you’ve given to us.”

“...” Yun Che’s expression tightened, not reacting to Ji Ruyan’s subsequent response. After a while he started to mumble to himself, “Crippling the profound strength of over eight million people at once, furthermore a large portion of them were Divine Realm experts. The difficulty, the amount of energy expanded… Has to be much much more than just outright killing them. Doing things this way leaves several loose ends. Since he was in such a rage, why not just kill all of them? Why spend so much effort just to waste their profound cultivations?”

Ji Ruyan replied, “Perhaps, the Divine Martial Realm didn’t want to be too extreme, after all, Lei Qianfeng’s sister is the concubine of the Divine Martial Realm King.”

“Then why was Lei Qianfeng killed? You also mentioned before that two members of the Divine Martial Realm came, one of them was even Wu Guike. How is it possible that the Divine Martial Realm would finally decide to kill Lei Qianfeng?”

“This…” Ji Ruyan didn’t have a good explanation for this. “Although this defies logic, the result is so. The only one who could do this is the Divine Martial Realm. Escorting Wu Guike should have been a Divine Sovereign. This rank of an expert is more than enough to kill Lei Qianfeng without killing the rest of the sect members and just crippling their cultivation. Perhaps this was his intention all along.”

Yun Che’s hatred of Lei Qianfeng ran deep. He had spent a huge effort and taken several life threatening risks in order to force him into a dead end, however the arrival of the Divine Martial Realm had caused his efforts to come to naught. He never would have expected for this result, but right now, instead of feeling happy, he had even more doubts.

“What’s the situation like in the Soul Sect currently? Are there alot of people gathered there?” Yun Che suddenly asked.

Ji Ruyan shook her head, “Father intentionally spread the news, however due fear of the Divine Martial Realm, no one dares to go near, even the various branch sects of the Soul Sect have sealed themselves. All of them are in peril, no one dares go near the main sect.”

“Is Lei Qianfeng’s corpse still there?”

“Yes, and it’s very much intact.” Ji Ruyan suddenly felt some misgivings, “Sir Ling Yun?”

“The main sect is completely finished. Even though there are a large number of branch sects, with all the hatred and enmity acc.u.mulated by the Soul Sect throughout the years, they should be at a dead end. This is their well deserved retribution.” Yun Che stated, “Whether it was the Divine Martial Realm that was responsible isn’t important, I also can’t be bothered to move against the Soul Sect now, but one thing is for certain… I want to take away Lei Qianfeng’s corpse!”

Ji Ruyan was shocked, and slowly replied, “Of course that isn’t a problem. I’ll immediately send a transmission to father to prevent anyone from getting close to the location where Lei Qianfeng’s corpse is located.”


Black Soul Mountain Range.

Nearing the Soul Sect, the entire atmosphere right now was indeed different from before.

The sense of danger and suppression had completely disappeared. In fact, the atmosphere held an aura of sorrow and hopelessness.

Once the overlords of the entire Darkya Realm; they were now a nest of invalids. Falling from the heavens to h.e.l.l was without a doubt a nightmare that they wouldn’t be able wake from. With all the evil deeds that they’ve committed throughout the years in the Darkya Realm, their future fate was certain.

The Black Soul Divine Sect, once glorious and ever powerful, had now been inexplicably… and thoroughly finished.

Based on the coordinates that Ji Ruyan gave him, Yun Che quickly located Lei Qianfeng’s body.

The ground here wasn’t level, as if a tornado had swept through it. Lei Qianfeng’s body was particularly eye catching. Beside him were also several Soul Sect members. From their clothing, their positions in the Soul Sect were definitely not low, but they were the same as Lei Qianfeng, not a breath of life left in them.

Yun Che landed and looked coldly upon Lei Qianfeng. The Darkya Great Realm King, who had once nearly forced him into a dead end, now looked as if he didn’t die a peaceful death. Both of his eyes were wide open, as if filled with regrets. His eyes didn’t show any fear or horror, but held an emptiness within, as if the moment he died, he had felt an immense amount of hopelessness. Before his body had even died, his soul had already gone before it.

“Lei Qianfeng, it’s time you face those innocent wood spirits and account for your crimes!” Yun Che growled. He stretched out his arm and violently lifted up Lei Qianfeng’s corpse.


Just as he lifted Lei Qianfeng’s body and was about to fly, a sudden sound of a jade stone falling to the ground sounded. Yun Che looked down and saw a purple dimensional ring. It had fallen from Lei Qianfeng’s body. It was apparently his belongings.

He was the Darkya Realm King. His dimensional ring would definitely hold a large amount of profound stones and rare treasures. Yun Che stretched out his hand and pulled the ring into it. He swept it with his sense and then paused in shock.

This ring which belonged to Lei Qianfeng only had four different stones within it.

Two of them were ordinary Profound Imagery Stones. The other two, one was as small as an dragon eye fruit, it released a strange treasure like light, the larger one was grayish white in color, it looked like an extremely ordinary stone.

Yun Che quizzically brought out these four stones. Lei Qianfeng was an extremely rich guy, why would there only just be four stones within?

He first lifted that grayish white stone. Yun Che inserted some profound energy and tried to inspect it, but his profound energy was immediately cut off and he was unable to investigate any further.

Yun Che’s eyebrows jumped in surprise, this ordinary looking rock was definitely something extraordinary.

Although he was unable to investigate it with profound energy, Ji Ruyan should know what it was.

He put it away. Yun Che then lifted up the glowing jade stone. Its glow wasn’t strong, it was peaceful and comforting. When he saw it, it involuntarily reminded him of beautiful stars filling the dark night sky. He inserted some profound energy into it, and a name surfaced in his mind.

Yun Che’s hand began to shake as he cried out, “Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade!!”