Against the Gods - Chapter 1108 - A Great Scare

Chapter 1108 - A Great Scare

Chapter 1108 - A Great Scare

Following Lei Qianfeng’s orders, Lei Tiangang personally moved and shot towards Little Jasmine like a giant roc.

Although his opponent was a little girl with an aura of only the Emperor Profound Realm, the aura which surged from his body was indeed shocking. Having been stepped on in all matters by Ling Yun for the past month, the sixty four halls he controlled had all suffered heavy losses. As the chief hall master, Lei Tiangang naturally contained a lot of pent up anger within as well. The girl in front of him was clearly connected with Ling Yun. If he was able to capture her, it would mean that he had finally taken a great step forward in pursuing and killing Ling Yun.

As he fiercely charged forward, coa.r.s.e tears appeared in the s.p.a.ce surrounding him. Lei Tiangang’s decisive moves caused Wu Guike’s expression to undergo immense change. Wu Guike abruptly rushed towards Lei Tiangang, his movements so sudden and fast that it was as if a needle had just p.r.i.c.ked his a.s.s. In his hurried and anxious rush, his originally arrogant and prideful manner was completely lost.


A hastily prepared force firmly hit Lei Tiangang’s unprepared back, causing him to fall out of the sky and slam into the ground. After climbing back up to his feet and stabilizing, he turned back and looked at Wu Guike, who had just attacked him. Lei Tiangang remained frozen where he was, confused and not daring to speak.

Lei Qianfeng’s face was full of suspicion and confusion as he asked, “Guike, what are you doing?”

Wu Guike seemed to ignore them as he took several steps forward and let out a breath of relief. He stopped precisely ten steps in front of Little Jasmine, his body slightly bent forward and his face full of turmoil. It seemed like he wanted to smile but couldn’t due to fear. Finally, an incredibly stiff and ugly smile emerged on his face. “Your… Your Highness, that idiot just now just happened to have no eyes and thus almost offended Your Highness. He didn’t… he didn’t trouble you, did he?”

Lei Qianfeng and Lei Tiangang abruptly became petrified as Wu Chengyan, who was observing from within the sky with his spirit sense, descended with a face full of shock.

Wu Guike’s current bowed and smiling appearance made him look like a sycophant… no, his current self had already gone beyond sucking up. All of his prior arrogance, overbearingness and even his earlier extravagance, suiting his status as the son of the Divine Marital Realm King, had all disappeared. Not only did fear emerged within his eyes, his expression and his actions revealed clear humility!

Regardless of whether it was Wu Chengyan or Lei Qianfeng, they were certain that even if Wu Guike was facing his father, Wu Sanzun, he would not act in such a scared manner.

“Ah?” Little Jasmine blinked several times as she attentively looked at Wu Guike. Afterwards, her brows curved as she exclaimed, “Aiyah! No wonder you seemed so familiar. It seems like we met not too long ago. Let me think, I remember you are called… Ha! Divine Martial Realm’s… Wu Gui… Wu Gui… ah, it doesn’t matter. You are one of those small turtles! Right!?”

Wu Sanzun had many many children. For those born in the last hundred years, they took on the surname “Gui”. Their names would be Wu Guiyun, Wu Guilin, Wu Guike, etc. However, Wu Gui just sounded too much like “turtle”. But because the Divine Martial Realm was so powerful and because it was a taboo of the Realm King’s son, anyone who dared to confuse Wu Gui with turtle was practically courting death.

For Little Jasmine to say “one of those small turtles” in front of Wu Guike, she had dragged his brothers and sisters into this matter of face as well. Yet Wu Guike was not angry at all but quite flattered instead as he excitedly said, “This one is Wu Guike. For Your Highness to have remembered me, I am incredibly honored.”

Lei Qianfeng and the rest were all shocked, their minds becoming so muddled and confused that they could barely think. As for the Black Soul hall master who had recognized Little Jasmine so long ago, his eyes were bulging out and his mouth was gaping open, yet he could not make the slightest sound.

“Young Master, this young lady is?” Wu Chengyan cautiously asked, his voice full of shock.

Wu Guike didn’t turn his head, nor did he respond. Even if he had the guts to speak, he wouldn’t dare to speak of the girl’s ident.i.ty. He continued trying to keep a gentle smile as he bent himself eight degrees more. In a most humble manner, he said, “I wonder why Your Highness has come here. Is there something…”

Before he could finish speaking, Wu Guike’s mind blanked for a moment as a cold sweat abruptly covered his back. Considering her terrifying status, there must have been a great matter for her to personally come here. How could it be something that he could inquire about?

Breaking into a cold sweat, Wu Guike quickly reacted and changed his words, “To be able to meet Your Highness here, Guike is honored. Your Highness, if there is anything which Guike can help with, please do say so. Guike’s life is yours.”

Of course, his last words were only said out of courtesy and politeness. Although he thought very highly of himself, he absolutely did not believe that he would be able to help the girl with anything.

He never imagined that the girl’s eyes would light up upon hearing his words, “Wow! Really? That would be great!”

Wu Guike blanked as he hurriedly replied, “To be able to serve Your Highness is Guike’s blessing. I wonder what Your Highness…”

“Hehehehe. Actually, it was not easy for me to come over here. I’m looking for something. If Little Turtle's willing to help me, that would be great.”

The girl was extremely beautiful. Her gentle laughter was like a lotus blooming, incomparably sweet. Wu Guike didn’t dare look directly at her as a tingling numbness spread across his scalp and intense ripples of unease emerged in his heart. He could only bite the bullet as he asked, “I wonder what Your Highness is looking for?”

“It is not anything which is too precious.” Little Jasmine’s face was full of innocence as she said, “It is only a small stone. I remember it was called something like the ‘Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade’. Little Turtle, do you have any of these stones on you?”

The moment the name “Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade” emerged from Little Jasmine’s lips, Wu Chengyan’s brows abruptly wrinkled and Wu Guike’s heart tightened. Afterwards, he immediately replied, “The Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade is an extremely rare stone and incredibly hard to find. One dreams about it but might never find one. Guike too can only ever dream about it but will never have one. However, since Your Highness has ordered it, Guike will immediately pa.s.s down orders to search for it once he has returned to the Divine Martial Realm. If there is any news, Guike will definitely… think of a method to pa.s.s the news on to Your Highness.”

“Is that so?” The girl continued smiling but the corners of her lips had slightly moved. Behind her sweet smile, there seemed to be, yet also not to be, other expressions, causing everyone present to feel their hearts palpitate with fear. “But an old grandpa in the Heavenly Mystery Realm said that in the last month, you have received a piece of Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade. And that piece was even personally delivered by the old man himself. Could that old bearded grandpa have lied to me?”

Hearing that Little Jasmine had been able to bribe one of the old bearded grandpas of the Heavenly Mystery Realm to speak caused Wu Guike and Wu Chengyan’s expressions to simultaneously change.

It was only now, when matters had reached this point did Wu Guike recover from his daze… it was no coincidence that the girl had come here and the appeared in front of him!

Wu Guike abruptly became covered in a cold sweat again as his entire body trembled. Even in his dreams, he had never thought that someone like him… someone who would not even qualify as a “little person” in her eyes, would actually have a day where he was specifically searched for. At this current moment, he couldn’t decide if he should feel honored or afraid.

He did indeed have a Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade on him currently. It was something he had luckily obtained after bitterly searching for many years and expending a huge price. With this piece of Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade, he was confident that the would be able to increase his profound strength by another large level before the Profound G.o.d Convention in two years, allowing him to list in the rankings for the Eastern Divine Region.

Thus, regardless of the circ.u.mstances, he was not willing to hand it over to others. However, the girl in front of him was someone he absolutely could not offend. She was a terrifying existence who could determine his life and death with a snap of her fingers. Even if he had ten more lives, he still would not dare offend her.

A cold sweat broke across his back as Wu Guike cowered and fearfully said, “Your Highness, in the last period of time, Guike did indeed have a fortuitous encounter and obtained a Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade. However, it is not that Guike is not willing to give it to Your Highness, it is just that it is too important to me. If…”

“Aiyah, aiyah, Little Turtle doesn’t need to be so anxious.” Little Jasmine grinned as her head crooked to one side, “I never said that I was simply taking it away by force. Although I really want a Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade, it currently is yours. How can I make you just give it to me for free? After all, I am such a cute little girl. How can I act like an unreasonable bad person?”

Wu Guike blanked.

“I am willing to take out other materials and trade with you. I guarantee that the materials will be as good as the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade.” As Little Jasmine spoke some very reasonable words, her long eyelashes fluttered, “If Little Turtle doesn’t want to trade after seeing the materials, I guarantee that she won’t take it by force, okay?”

“...” Little Jasmine’s words caused Wu Guike to feel slightly better. At the same time, some curiosity arose in his mind, “I wonder what materials Your Highness is talking about?”

“It is this!” Little Jasmine opened her hand, revealing the round, black profound stone in the center of her white, tender palm. Clearly, it was just an ordinary Profound Imagery Stone.

Before Wu Guike could even speak, Little Jasmine’s hand pressed against the stone, causing a projection with sound to abruptly appear from the center of the Profound Imagery Stone, in front of everyone.

Lei Qianfeng and the rest watched as the projection formed an image… of their Black Soul Divine Sect’s main hall.

As for the people within the image… Wu Guike, Wu Chengyan, Lei Qianfeng, and Xiao Qingtong… were all present!

“Before you mince that Ling Yun, you had better look after yourself first! What happened to the matter regarding the Royal Wood Spirit? Because of this matter, royal father is extremely angry! You had better give a proper account...”

From within the projection came the sound of Wu Guike speaking in a sharp and fierce voice.

“The matter regarding the Royal Wood Spirit is not false. When we managed to catch that Royal Wood Spirit, we were about to immediately gift him to your royal father, however due to a moment of carelessness, Ling Yun s.n.a.t.c.hed the Royal Wood Spirit away!”

The Lei Qianfeng within the profound image anxiously replied.

“Leaving the issue of the Royal Wood Spirit aside, these few years, your tributes of Wood Spirit Orbs and cultivation incubators have become fewer and fewer. If we add on this current issue to those, it’d be hard for my royal father not to be incensed!”

“Guike, it isn’t that your uncle is slow, it’s that the wood spirits are getting fewer in number these years. High quality cultivation incubators are even more difficult to find. I’m… really... Sigh, Guike, when you go back, please put in a few words for me especially with regards to the Royal Wood Spirit. Even if I had a thousand guts, I would never dare to lie to your royal father.”

“Fewer and fewer… Really? Or is it because you want to solely lord over Darkya, sowing seeds and creating handles over different powers by selling a portion of your Wood Spirit Orb tribute to others?”

Upon seeing the first scene and hearing the first words, Wu Guike’s face became incredibly pale. By the time the profound projection was abruptly retracted by a smirking Little Jasmine, Wu Guike’s entire body felt weak. His legs became unsteady and he could feel all of his internal organs beginning to violently tremble.

The expression of Wu Chengyan, who was acting as his guard beside him, simultaneously changed. His shrinking pupils were filled with no less panic and fear than Wu Guike’s.

The Royal Wood Spirit, the tribute of Wood Spirit Orbs and incubators… and it had clearly been Wu Guike personally saying such things…

It was illegal to kill wood spirits. This was a rule which had been jointly imposed by Eternal Heaven Divine Realm and three other king realms. If the scenes within this Profound Imagery Stone were to be leaked, the result would not be something so simple as a scandal within the Divine Martial Realm. They would be sanctioned and judged by the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm!

Even more terrifying was, this Profound Imagery Stone was in the hand of the little girl!

As for him, he was the “main character”. If this incident was allowed to spread across the entire G.o.d Realm, he would be ruined. The consequences for him within the Divine Martial Realm were even more unimaginable.

Although many star realms secretly seized Wood Spirit Orbs and even killed wood spirits… being done in secret and being known to the public were completely two different matters!

Wu Guike’s pupils practically lost all their color, as if his soul had been shocked out of his body, leaving only a husk behind. This moment was the absolute scariest of his life.

“You… just who are you!? Why must you blackmail us!?” Wu Chengyan took a step forward, standing directly beside Wu Guike, whose face could no longer maintain its indifference.

The scenes projected by the Profound Imagery Stone had only occurred no more than three quarters of an hour ago. This meant that at that time, she had hidden herself somewhere beside them

And they had not been able to sense her presence.

Little Jasmine slightly raised her head and looked Wu Chengyan, the smile on her face disappearing as her lips rose in a manner of discontent, “Uncle, you are so fierce. Don’t you know that you should treat pretty girls in a gentle manner? Hmph, you are not allowed to speak any more. Otherwise, I will just kill you.”

Her voice was tender and pleasing but once the last word had been spoken, Wu Chengyan’s entire body couldn’t help but freeze as an inexplicable sense of fear emerged in his heart and soul, causing his already shrunken pupils to shrink another several times.

“Chengyan, you are not allowed to say another word!” Having slightly recovered, Wu Guike hurriedly pushed Wu Chengyan away. Wu Chengyan retreated back a step and then actually clamped his mouth shut, not daring to say a single other word.

“Little Turtle, the thing in my hand is the only one of its kind within the world. I already watched it all earlier, what did you think? Very wondrous right? So, would you like to trade for it with your Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade?”

An innocent grin once again emerged on the girl’s face as she grasped the Profound Imagery Stone in the center of her palm and she said in an extremely friendly and helping manner, “If you don’t wish to trade, I absolutely~~ absolutely won’t force you to.”

The Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade would allow him to greatly raise his profound strength in a short time period, whereas the Profound Imagery Stone in the girl’s hand would likely ruin his entire life if it fell into the hands of a king realm. Thus, Wu Guike had no choice as he nodded and replied, “I’ll trade… I’ll trade… Your Highness… please be lenient though. It will take several days. As the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade is so precious, I left it in the Divine Martial Realm. It will take me some time to go and return.”

“Okay, okay.” Little Jasmine nodded in agreement without hesitation, “It’s been a while since I have been to the Eternal Heaven Realm to see white bearded uncle to play. When the time comes, I will come find you with white bearded uncle.”

Wu Guike’’s entire body abruptly froze as the last thoughts in his head completely vanished. His lips trembled even more violently as he replied, “Your… Your Highness, I suddenly remembered. Before I left, I actually… did decide to bring the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade with me. I hope Your Highness… is happy.”

As he spoke, his trembling hands took out and raised up a small white jade stone. When the jade stone appeared, the entire surrounding area seemed to have abruptly brightened a lot.

It was the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade!

Little Jasmine’s pupils lit up as her small hand moved. In but an instant, the jade stone had flown into her hand. The jade was small and as radiant as her snow white skin. Embedded within the jade were nine stars. It released a radiance reminiscent of a moon and crisscrossing stars.

Little Jasmine’s lips turned upward as a brilliant smile emerged on her face. With a smile, she put away the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade. Afterwards, she flicked one of her fingers, causing the Profound Imagery Stone which almost scared Wu Guike lifeless to shoot out and fly into his hand. “Little turtle, remember that you agreed to this trade. I absolutely did~~not~~force you!”

Upon receiving the Profound Imagery Stone, Wu Guike twisted it in his fingers several times before directly using profound energy and crus.h.i.+ng it to pieces. Afterwards, he raised his head and replied with a smile even uglier than crying, “Yes… Of course I… I was willing. Thank you… Your Highness… for helping me.”

“Right, right.” Little Jasmine happily nodded her head, “And to think that I had thought that you wouldn’t be willing to trade. I never thought that this item would be worth so much.”

Little Jasmine’s lips slightly curled again, revealing her teeth, as her small hand extended outwards yet again. In between her delicate, white fingers, yet another Profound Imagery Stone appeared. “To be honest, I have another one right here. Little Turtle, do you want to trade again with me? Hehehehe.”

Wu Guike abruptly raised his head, “Your Highness, you…”

“Of course, this one is not the same as the previous one… although it is also very disgusting.” Little Jasmine’s bright eyes curved like two new moons as she said, “Last night, I was outside playing when suddenly, I saw a naked little turtle and a big sister named ‘aunt’ hugging each other and doing weird things together. Although I was extremely disgusted, I was also extremely curious and thus secretly recorded it. Do you all want to take a look?”