Against the Gods - Chapter 1096 - Red Butterfly in the Darkness of Night

Chapter 1096 - Red Butterfly in the Darkness of Night

Chapter 1096 - Red b.u.t.terfly in the Darkness of Night

Soul Sect. The night was dark and the winds never ending.

On this night, killing intent permeated every corner of the sect. Although it was deep into the night, the entire Soul Sect remained brightly lit. Every disciple of the sect was unable to fall asleep. They were on tenterhooks, as they were facing a mighty foe.

After all the commotion and Lei Qianfeng’s roars that had filled the sect, everyone now knew that on top of the thousands of disciples, even the favourite son of the sect master had died by Ling Yun’s hands. They even knew that Ling Yun could have immediately killed him, yet he chose to poison Guangmo, making him die a painful death before Lei Qianfeng’s eyes. Just as Ling Yun had intended, Lei Qianfeng was experiencing so much pain and anger that he was going crazy.

Soul Sect had set up traps and ambush squads all around. All sixty-four halls had been mobilized This was without a doubt, terribly excessive, but the sect master was on a raging warpath and no one was about to dare defy his orders.

On the outskirts of the sect, there were four disciples guarding their designated position. They didn’t dare slack off. All of a sudden, a strange red glow could be found in their pupils. Their bodies froze, not moving one bit, as if they had turned into stone.

Beside them, Yun Che slowly appeared.

In this period of time, combining the invisible state together with the soul burning Red b.u.t.terfly came easily to Yun Che. He was executing it while moving around the area of the Soul Sect. When he had first left the Snow Song Realm, he had to take extra care when executing Moon Splitting Cascade. His footwork would sometimes reveal the origins of his technique but right now he more of less had mastery over the technique and could move with freedom and confidence.

What was great about the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain was that there was no leakage of profound energy at all and it could kill without any sound or movement. Its most frightening ability was to annihilate the souls of its victims and despite this, their life auras would not disappear, nor were there any obvious changes. Even if someone was constantly monitoring the area with their spirit perception, they wouldn’t be able to sense that the victims had died.

The consciousness of all four soul sect disciples were completely annihilated as their minds were submerged in the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain. Their consciousness were covered in and unable to resist the myriad flamelike b.u.t.terflies. They couldn’t escape nor struggle. All it would take was one thought of Yun Che’s and their consciousness would be completely devoured by the flame b.u.t.terflies.

But Yun Che didn’t do so, his main goal after all wasn’t to kill them. His gaze swept the area and he chose one man at random. His left arm reaching out and releasing his profound handle into that man’s consciousness.

The opponent was already trapped within the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain and did not have any ability to resist. As the Profound Handle went in, several of his memories entered Yun Che’s mind.

Yun Che’s eyes instantly glinted... Reading this Soul Sect disciple’s memories wasn’t just to understand the inner workings of the Soul Sect, more importantly, he wanted to know where Lei Qianfeng’s other sons were. He was prepared to scour several individuals but who would have thought that just this one disciple was able to give him all the information he needed.

“Very good,” Yun Che muttered to himself. He withdrew his arm and all traces of him vanished.

A few breaths later, all four Soul Sect disciples regained consciousness.

“...I seemed to have zoned out for a moment…” All four disciples thought the same exact thing to themselves at the moment. They were still standing up straight and as stiff as sticks, earnestly on guard, clearly not realizing what had happened.

Even more so, they didn’t realize that there was a human figure striding past them.

Although not being able to compare to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect in the Ice Phoenix Realm, the main branch of the Soul Sect was still enough to be considered huge. Measuring from north to south, it was a few hundred kilometers. If he hadn’t known the layout and soul searched the aforementioned, it would have been akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

The atmosphere tonight in the Soul Sect was completely abnormal. The sect master’s son had died, the entire Soul Sect had sent forth all sixty-four hall disciples under the anger of Lei Qianfeng. The sect from top to bottom was way quieter than usual.

Suddenly Yun Che heard an ear shattering roar break through the silence.

“...Over five thousand disciples dead and this king’s very own son also died at the hands of Ling Yun… We are the Soul Sect and we’ve actually been led by the nose and played to such a point by someone who is in the Divine Soul Realm? To this date all of you have been incompetent… Are this king’s subordinates all useless!?”

“I don’t give a d.a.m.n what methods you all use… Five days. This king gives you five days. Even if you have to turn the entire Darkya Realm upside down, you had better give me Ling Yun… Alive. I want to personally torture him! I will personally make sure all that remains of his bones are ashes!!”

“Is there still no news from the Pure Moon Realm… A bunch of trash… Still no news of Ling Yun’s whereabouts. Those trash no longer need to come back!!”


This is… Lei Qianfeng’s voice!?

Being able to rage and shout so in the Soul Sect… There could be no other candidate.

Looks like he really has a bad temper.

His voice was very husky and it carried an astonis.h.i.+ng malevolence. Even Yun Che could hear it from his position, which was quite a distance away. Yun Che could feel a powerful aura coming from the direction of the voice. Just feeling this aura was suffocating enough to cause a heavy pressure on his chest.

Lei Qianfeng… Sect Master of the Black Soul Divine Sect, the Realm King of the Darkya Realm… The Darkya Realm’s one and only person in the Divine King Realm!!

The other auras beside him were without question extremely strong as well. They were auras that he couldn’t match up to.

Auras of those in the Divine Spirit Realm.

Ji Ruyan had mentioned before that Soul Sect had several Divine Spirit Realm experts. They included several elders, the sixty-four hall masters and a limited number of branch sect masters.

Quite obviously, the currently raging Lei Qianfeng had gathered the strongest of the sect together in a meeting… and the reason was because of him.

After a moment of hesitation, Yun Che slowly backtracked, changing his course. He avoided the direction in which he could sense Lei Qianfeng’s aura. This was within the Soul Sect. Once he was discovered, he’d be like a fish on a chopping block, doomed to die. There was no such thing as luck now. Although he was confident in his Moon Splitting Cascade, he still had to stay vigilant and cautious.

Though he was cautious, his speed wasn’t slow. One by one, groups and groups of Soul Sect disciples walked past him. None of them could have ever imagined that the Ling Yun they wanted to capture was actually swaggering about leisurely in their main sect grounds.

The leaders of the sect were now in a meeting. All sixty four hall masters were out. All that Yun Che could see around him on his way were low ranking disciples. After reading several of their memories, he had arrived at his first target’s location.

This was a luxurious courtyard. If an ordinary person stepped in, they would have thought that they had stepped into an emperor’s palace. The guards here weren’t many, but maids in makeup numbered more than the guards. They waited subserviently outside the doors of the magnificent palace.

The doors slowly opened halfway and Yun Che entered without a sound.

“Qian’er, Mo’er has already left. Mother just has you left, my son. Don’t go anywhere these few days. Even if there’s a sky shaking matter, you’re not to step one foot out of the sect. If you’re, mother will no longer have anything to live for.”

Within the room, a green clothed youthful lady’s eyes were filled with tears. In front of her was a strong and stout young man who had a large black beard on his face.

He was Lei Qianfeng’s oldest son, the young sect master of the Soul Sect. He was the blood brother of the recently deceased Lei Guangmo. Both of them had come from the same mother!

“Mother… Do not despair any longer. Royal father will definitely get Ling Yun and take revenge for seventh brother,” Lei Guangqian replied.

“Aah… This disaster was brought on us by your royal father, why did retribution have to fall on Mo’er? Mother doesn’t place any hope on your royal father being able to catch Ling Yun… Who knows where he’s run to… he might remain forever elusive. As long as you’re safe… that’s what’s most important,” the lady wailed.

Mother? Yun Che raised his eyebrows… So this lady in green was Lei Qianfeng’s official wife. If I didn’t recall wrongly… her name is Xiao Qingtong?

On the surface, she even looked a generation younger than this Lei Guangqian.

“Is that Ling Yun really so terrifying? Why does he bear such a deep grudge with our Soul Sect? Are the rumors true? What I’ve heard was that this is a result of royal father constantly sending men to hunt the Wood Spirit Race?”

“...” Xiao Qingtong didn’t say a word and nodded silently.

“Bah! This Ling Yun must be a lunatic!” Lei Guangqian slapped the table, gritting his teeth. “The wood spirits are born to live wretched lives. If we don’t kill them, others will still kill them. Just because of a few wood spirits, he wishes to constantly act against our Soul Sect and even killed my seventh brother? Now that royal father has been completely angered, even if this Ling Yun is ten times stronger than he is now, he won’t be able to elude us for a few more days. Just leave him be, he will accompany those wood spirits in death.”

“Qian’er… You must never say this… Even more so, you must never mention any of this to anyone outside.” Xiao Qingtong shook her head. “The hunting of the Wood Spirit Race is forbidden in the entire G.o.d Realm. I’ve counselled your father several times. With our current backing, we actually have no need for such shady methods but he never heeded me… Now… Qian’er, when you succeed him as Sect Master, please don’t forget how your seventh brother died. You must never continue the tradition of hunting wood spirits.”

Yun Che squinted… Hmm… At least you still have a heart. I’ll let you off… though I never intended to kill you.

“Yes mother, this child understands.” Although Lei Guangqian agreed on his lips but the look on his face clearly showed otherwise.

Never in their wildest dreams would Xiao Qingtong and Lei Guangqian imagine

that a pair of eyes was watching them coldly almost ten meters away.

“Qian’er, take a good rest tonight. Come tomorrow, your royal father will have some words for all of you.”

“Remember, do not ever leave the sect,” Xiao Qingtong reminded him once more as she departed.

“All of you can leave, the young sect master is going to rest.” Xiao Qingtong closed the doors as the rest of the maids hurriedly took their leave.

The instant the door closed, Yun Che calmly walked towards Lei Guangqian. Without any hesitation he released the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain without a sound.

Lei Guangqian’s profound strength was in the late stages of the Divine Soul Realm so casting the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain on him might not work a hundred percent. However, he was in his own sect and his own courtyard; he would not have his soul on guard. Just as he felt a little strange, his soul had been entirely trapped within the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain. He stood there, eyes lifeless, drool coming out of his mouth.

If he had tried to escape when Yun Che first released the domain, he would most likely have been able to escape. Now that he had fallen completely under its effects however, he was completely unable to escape.

Lei Guangqian’s consciousness entered the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain. As long as Yun Che wanted, he could instantaneously annihilate his soul and turn him into the “living dead”.

But Yun Che was not going to do so. He lifted the Sound b.u.t.terfly Blade and used the tip where he had smeared the ancient horned dragon’s poison and gently cut him on the back of his neck. Yun Che then turned around and sped towards his next target.

Yun Che didn’t immediately dispel the domain. He wanted Lei Guangqian to exit it eventually and that would take around one to two hours.

And after that duration, Yun Che would already be safe and far away from the Soul Sect.

After leaving the courtyard, Yun Che sped towards his next target, Lei Qianfeng’s second son, Lei Yuanze.

Under the cover of the night, within another thirty minutes of time, the same procedure repeated itself. Without sight or sound, utilizing Moon Splitting Cascade and perfectly pairing it with the Red b.u.t.terfly Domain, all of Lei Qianfeng’s six sons were trapped in the domain and poisoned.

They all had the ancient horned dragon poison in them!

Even when Yun Che stepped out of the Soul Sect’s main gates, they were all none the wiser.

Stepping out of the Soul Sect, Yun Che blinked and gave a self satisfied cold laugh. “Lei Qianfeng, enjoy this big present of mine! Just don’t get too excited… The biggest one has yet to come!”