Against the Gods - Chapter 1087 - Little Jasmine!?

Chapter 1087 - Little Jasmine!?

Chapter 1087 - Little… Jasmine!?

Looking at her expression… she wasn’t the least bit afraid!

“...Why are you here alone? Where are your companions or family?” Yun Che asked while doing a visual sweep of the area, not daring to look the girl in the eye.

“I don’t have any company and I secretly ran away to come out and play. No one at home knows.” The girl stared intently at him, putting a playful yet princessy smile on her face.

Alone? He raised his eyebrows.

Even though this was still technically the outskirts of Black Soul Mountain, they were still close to a hundred kilometers in. She was but a little girl in the Emperor Profound Realm. She could safely arrive here in one piece? This defied common sense, it was basically impossible!

Wait a minute… Unless… There’s someone protecting her from the shadows?

He couldn’t detect the presence of anyone else… Perhaps it was because the protector was too powerful and completely beyond him, which was why he couldn’t detect a presence.

Thinking back to how the girl maintained her composure and n.o.ble air, coupled with the fact that she wasn’t the least bit fl.u.s.tered and was able to continue looking bright and pretty despite the situation, she definitely didn’t have an ordinary background.

Looking back… Yun Che realized that lending a hand to save her was perhaps superfluous. He was a busybody!

“Big brother, what’s your name?” the girl asked.

“Ling Yun,” Yun Che casually replied. It was a false alias afterall. “If you’re alone, this area is very dangerous, you should leave as soon as possible.”

After finis.h.i.+ng what he said, he turned to leave.

“So it’s Big Brother Ling Yun… Ah! Wait wait wait!” As she saw Yun Che about to leave, the girl shouted to stop him. “Since this place is so dangerous, how about you protect me? Hee… Such a cute little girl is taking the initiative to ask for your protection. You’re really happy, right?”

“...I still have important matters to attend to, you should get home quick.”

Yun Che rose into the air and flew off into the distance within a blink of an eye.

“Ah! You… you… How can you be like this… You’re not allowed to leave!”

The girl’s angry voice trailed from behind. Yun Che ignored her, flying further and further when suddenly the girl’s shouts turned into screams.

“Save me… Ahhh… Quickly… Save me… Ahhhh!!!”

Yun Che casually gave a backward glance and suddenly felt over a dozen dangerous auras rus.h.i.+ng towards the girl.

It was profound beasts that were attracted by the commotion from earlier!

Amidst this girl’s shrill screams, the expert that Yun Che thought was hiding in the shadows didn’t appear to deal with the danger of the profound beasts.

Don’t tell me… She’s really alone?

The situation was too urgent and Yun Che couldn’t debate about it any longer. He descended with lightning speed and consecutively executed the Moon Splitting Cascade, finally arriving and putting himself between the girl and a profound beast that was ready to strike with its claws outstretched.


The beast’s right claws heavily struck Yun Che’s chest but it was instead flung backwards from the rebounding force. Yun Che swept his arm forward, lifting the ground around the beasts, and immediately sent eight of them flying away.


The beasts behind started rus.h.i.+ng toward the girl. The girl screamed once more, although it didn’t really sound like a genuine scream of fear. Yun Che didn’t have to turn around. His right arm lit up in flames and he channeled the energy backwards but when he realized that the high temperature might also hurt the girl, the flames dissipated and a blue glow appeared instead.


An ear piercing sound rang out. Seven profound beasts in the back were sealed in ice and were then sent flying far far away by a frosty wind. None of them made a peep.

Ascertaining that the area was clear of danger, Yun Che lowered his hand and turned around, “It’s alright, there’s no more danger.”

“You… You’re too cruel! You suddenly ran off by yourself, leaving me behind without a care. I was nearly eaten up by them! You… How are you going to compensate me!?” huffed and puffed the little girl as she stared at him wide eyed.

“...Little miss, I was the one who saved you and I saved you twice. You not only didn’t thank me, you’re actually giving me a tongue las.h.i.+ng now,” Yun Che replied dejectedly.

“Hey! You’re a man, saving such a cute and lovable little loli is a given!” She continued in a somewhat “justified and righteous” voice, “Not only are you supposed to save me, seeing poor little me, all alone by myself, in this dangerous place… You should actually protect me. I’m so lovable, not even a hair on my head should come to any harm.”

“And you dared to just leave me behind… I don’t care! This is unforgivable! Admit you’re wrong and protect me properly from now on!”

“...” Yun Che’s jaw dropped, so sh.e.l.l shocked he couldn’t even word a reply.

This little girl… Although she’s very obviously a narcissist, based on her character, she was most definitely brought up in a very coddled environment and had been spoiled to the point of being an unreasonable princess!

I guess that should be the case...

Seeing that Yun Che didn’t reply, the girl gave a smug smile, “Heh, no words to speak right? Now that you know you’re wrong, it’s not too late. I’m magnanimous enough to forgive you. However, you must obediently protect me from now on. I must not meet any danger or else… you… you will be the most heinous man in the world!”

“...” Yun Che took in a deep breath. “Little miss, you want me to protect you… Won’t you be afraid that I might turn out to be a bad person as well?”

The girl looked at him seriously as if trying to drill into him with her glare “Even though, you do look like a bad guy, you shouldn’t be thaaaaat bad, right?”

Yun Che’s mouth twitched uncontrollably… Not “thaaaaat bad”...

Isn’t that still a bad guy!?

Sigh! Forget it. She’s only a narcissistic little girl who doesn’t know better. Since I’ve saved her twice… I might as well “save” her all the way.

Yun Che stretched out his arm, a blue light flashed and a three meter long ice boat appeared in front the two of them. Yun Che floated onto the boat and said lifelessly, “Come up… I’ll bring you to a safe place.”

“Oh… Yes yes yes!” The little girl eyed the ice boat and without any hesitation hopped onto it. She giggled “Big brother, even though you don’t look like a good guy, you’re very powerful. Not only can you control fire, you can control ice as well… You’re really powerful.”

Yun Che, “...”

The ice boat rose into the air and speedily headed out of Black Soul Mountain.

“Little miss, are you really alone here?” Yun Che continued looking out of the boat.

“Of course! I’m such a cute loli, I would never lie,” she replied meekly.

“...What’s your name?” Yun Che casually asked. Although going into the mountain range was slow, he drove the ice boat with all his energy, heading out was dozens of times faster than when he was travelling in. They would reach the outside of the mountain range in a short while.

“Name, oh…. Let me think.” The little girl tilted her head to the side, her small hand resting on her chin. She started whispering a mnemonic under her breath “Orange, Apple, Hawthorn, Peach, Papaya, Lychee...”

Yun Che “...???”

“...Big Mushroom, Little Mushroom, Ant, Elephant, Camellia, Jasmine..." Her eyes flickered, hand waving about, she excitedly shouted, "My name is Jasmine!”

“~!@#¥%……” Yun Che turned around and looked down at her, “Little miss, even if you want to lie… You shouldn’t be so obvious!”

“Eh? Why would I?” She blinked a few times before continuing seriously, “I took sooo much effort to come up with such a lovable name!”

“I’m asking for your real name.” Yun Che’s voice rose a few decibels. “Furthermore, didn’t you say that you’re someone that wouldn’t lie?”

“Aye!” The little girl cringed and replied snarkily, “You obviously used a fake name and lied to me and now you’re turning around to accuse me? You’re indeed an evil, bad man!”

“...” Yun Che was rendered speechless… My goodness, how does she know I’m using a false name? Blind guess?

“You… How did you know my name was false?” His voice became softer, obviously carrying some guilt within.

“I just know!”

“Okay, okay, okay. I admit that the name I gave you was false, I admit that lying to you was wrong.” Yun Che waved his hand “So… Can you please change to a different name?”

“Why should I?” the girl tilted her head again asking suspiciously. “Jasmine not only sounds great to the ear, it also suits my beautiful and lovable appearance. I love it very much!”

“You… You can definitely come up with a better sounding name.” Yun Che started to put in effort to help come up with some names “For example, you could call yourself… Little Apple?”

“No way!” The girl shook her head unhappily. “I’m obviously such a lovable little loli, I’m not as big and fat as an apple.”

“... How about, calling yourself Radish?”

“That’s even worse! When I grow up I’ll definitely be buxom, who wants to be an ugly Radis.h.!.+?”


Yun Che was quickly going nuts, “Then you can just change your name to something else that you like. In short, you cannot call yourself Jasmine!”

“Why?” The girl eyed Yun Che suspiciously again, “Are you telling me that big brother doesn’t like jasmine?”

“Of course not!!”

The word “Jasmine” was firmly imprinted into his soul. He was about to instantly refute her, but he finally scratched his head and said, “Alright… I’ll be honest with you. I have someone very important to me, her name is Jasmine. Except for her, I really don’t want to call anyone else by this name. Furthermore, I don’t want anyone just throwing around and using this name randomly.”

“Ohhh… So it’s like this.” The little girl seemed as if she finally understood.

“It’s really like this!” Yun Che solemnly said.

“Well alright,” she nodded, she looked deep in thought once more. “Then I’ll just swap to another name.”

Yun Che breathed a silent breath of relief, happily thinking: This girl might be self obsessed and a little neurotic but at least she’s still a little bit reasonable.

“Alright, big brother. Is that Jasmine older or younger than me?” she hurriedly asked.

“Of course she’s older,” he replied.

“Then it’s decided!” The girls eyes shone once more “My name shall be… Little Jasmine!!”

“~!@#¥%……” Both of Yun Che’s eyes twitched incessantly “What… the… this… what… how… how is this different!?”

“Of course it’s different! Little Jasmine sounds even cuter.” The girl giggled with glee, as though she was even more satisfied with the name “Little Jasmine”.

“...” Yun Che was completely speechless.

“Oh… oh! Big brother, you mentioned that Jasmine is someone very very important to you. Is she your mother?” the little girl asked curiously. As she was now named Little Jasmine, she had a sudden interest in Yun Che’s Jasmine. “If Jasmine is your mother, then Little Jasmine is your little mother… Hmm… nope, it should be little aunt!”

“Of course not!” Yun Che nearly bellowed. What’s up with that strange logic at the end??

“A very important person… Hmm.. If it’s not mother… I know! She has to be big brother’s wife! Am I right?”

“...!!” Yun Che was about to bellow and retort but suddenly thought about the strange a.s.sociations the girl was making. If he told her that Jasmine was his master, he wasn’t sure what maniacal a.s.sociation she’d come up with.

He straightened himself, put on a serious face and nodded, “That’s right. Jasmine is my wife.”

“Wow!!” The little girl reacted exaggeratedly as expected, her perfectly crescent shaped eyebrows danced and her eyes started to twinkle once more, like thousands of s.h.i.+ning stars going off at once. “So it’s like this eh… Ah… Jasmine is big brother’s wife, so Little Jasmine should be big brother’s…”

“Little sister-in-law!”

Yun Che, “(⊙o⊙)!?!?”

“So along these lines, big brother is my brother-in-law… ah! Greetings brother-in-law!” Little Jasmine looked at him and gave an angelic smile. The words “brother-in-law” came out of her so naturally.

Yun Che began to have difficulty breathing. “I… How… How am I your brother-in-law!?”

“Why not?” Little Jasmine stretched out her soft white hands and started calculating using her little fingers. “Look here, Brother-in-law. Big Sister Jasmine is your wife and I’m Little Jasmine. That means Big Sis Jasmine’s little sister should be Little Jasmine, which makes me your little sister-in-law, which makes you my brother-in-law. This is absolutely logical.”

Logical… Logical your sister!!

This little girl… was she a human or a demon? Her train of thought completely didn’t belong to that of a human!

As he was going nuts, Little Jasmine had completely a.s.sumed her role as his sister-in-law and started to exert her rights. “It’s only right that a brother-in-law protects his little sister-in-law. Now that you’re my brother-in-law, you must take care of my safety and you must obediently listen to me. You must especially not run away suddenly by yourself. You have to bring me wherever you go! And… And… Hold on, let me think…”

Yun Che, “o((⊙﹏⊙))o…………”

Breathe… Breathe Yun Che… Get a hold of yourself! She’s a beautiful but obviously psychotic little girl. She just managed to somewhat coincidentally come up with “Jasmine” as a name… You must not get close to her or indulge her any longer. Quickly send her out of the Black Soul Mountain Range and at the first possible chance, run far far far away from her.