Against the Gods - Chapter 1006 - Never Before Seen

Chapter 1006 - Never Before Seen

Chapter 1006 – Never Before Seen

“What… what happened?”

The entirety of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was shocked into a daze. Even Mu Huanzhi, who had been preparing to move and rescue Yun Che, was astonished as he just stood where he was, his eyes blankly staring on.

Everyone could tell that Huo Poyun had only used a small portion of his strength, yet even then, it was clearly not something which someone at the Divine Origin Realm could withstand. Yet somehow, Yun Che had directly caused the Golden Crow flames to disperse.

This was unquestionably even harder to accomplish than resisting the flames straight on without injury.

Moreover, even though Huo Poyun had suppressed his strength, from Yun Che’s gestures, it wasn’t something he had done by accident.

“This brat… what the h.e.l.l?” Huo Rulie was unable to laugh anymore. Yun Che, with profound strength at the first stage of the Divine Origin Realm, was actually able to use frost profound energy to casually disperse Huo Poyun’s Golden Crow flames… could Yun Che’s attainments in ice have actually reached such heights?

It was Huo Poyun’s Golden Crow flames which Yun Che had dispersed!

As the person who had released the Golden Crow flames and with his understanding of them, Huo Poyun knew clearer than anyone else what had happened.

“No wonder Mu Hanyi lost. For someone who made it thousands of meters into the lake, his attainments with ice… have actually reached such heights!” Mu Huanzhi quietly said.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your next move!” Mu Xuanyin suddenly said, her voice sounding extremely impatient.

The dazed Huo Poyun’s figure quivered as he quickly regained his senses. The way he looked at Yun Che had suddenly dramatically changed.

“Poyun, seeing how the Snow Song Realm King herself has said such words, there is no longer a need for you be courteous!” Huo Rulie said. He then suppressed his voice as he continued, “Use Golden Annihilation!”

Huo Poyun didn’t respond as he raised his right arm up, sending Golden Crow flames surging into the sky and lighting it up before the flames quickly shrank back down and turned into a dazzling gold sword of fire.

“It’s… it’s the sword of fire from earlier!” the Ice Phoenix disciples screamed.

It was exactly this flame sword which had caused Mu Hanyi’s defense of ice and frost to completely crumble moments earlier, putting Mu Hanyi into such a helpless state. And now, it had appeared again, against Yun Che. Huo Poyun had once again ignited this extremely terrifying flame sword.

Moreover, the aura and fiery glow emanating from it were no weaker than earlier!

He clearly wasn’t planning to give Yun Che any more chances after his first blow had been so easily defended against.

“You better use all of your power.” Huo Poyun slightly furrowed his brows, “However, you can relax. Even if you can’t receive this blow, it will not injure you.”

Huo Poyun’s ability to manipulate Golden Crow flames had already reached an extreme stage. Earlier, even after he broke through all of Mu Hanyi’s defenses and tore through the profound energy defending Mu Hanyi’s body, he did indeed manage to not actually injure Mu Hanyi… This time, he naturally wouldn’t allow Yun Che to receive any injuries either, if Yun Che were unable to resist.

Yun Che didn’t respond as he looked at the golden yellow flame sword. However, he wasn’t like Mu Hanyi, who had quickly condensed an ice s.h.i.+eld. Instead, he once again stuck out his right hand as a blue light once again condensed atop his palm and quickly became increasingly concentrated. This was the only movement he made.

Huo Poyun’s eyes slightly wavered as the fiery light atop his body flickered and the golden yellow flame sword abruptly swung down under countless terrified gazes.

A streak of fiery golden yellow light cut across the sky, seemingly tearing apart the entire world. In the face of the sword, Yun Che remained completely still, not making any movements. Even the profound energy covering his body remained tranquil. The only difference was the blue light on his right hand grew increasingly darker and more mysterious.

“After seeing Poyun’s Golden Annihilation, this brat isn’t even bothering to try and resist it anymore,” Huo Rulie cackled loudly.

Although everyone already knew that Huo Poyun wouldn’t injure Yun Che, they couldn’t help it, as their hearts all tightened while the golden yellow flame sword descended. Yet even as the flame sword rapidly closed in on Yun Che, he still didn’t move.

Huo Poyun’s fiery eyes stared at Yun Che as his sword descended. He too believed that Yun Che had been scared into a daze and had become unable to respond. At this point, the golden yellow flame sword was a mere couple of meters from Yun Che’s head. Huo Poyun’s brows clenched as he prepared to suddenly stop the flame sword the moment it touched Yun Che.

But right at this same exact moment, Yun Che suddenly reached out with his right hand and made to grab the golden yellow flame sword.

Yun Che’s suddenly action caused the jaws of the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and Flame G.o.d Realm people to drop… Even Mu Hanyi’s full power defenses had been completely demolished by this terrifying flame sword, fully demonstrating the astonis.h.i.+ng amount of power contained within it, yet Yun Che dared to use his hand to go grab it… he would just be incinerated to nothingness in an instant.

“Yun Che, stop!” Mu Huanzhi screamed so loudly, he nearly tore his throat.

“Ah!” Mu Xiaolan shrieked.

“This brat’s gone mad!” Huo Rulie shouted.

Huo Poyun also suffered great shock but it was already too late for him to try and disperse the golden yellow flame sword. His pupils dilated but he could only look on and watch as Yun Che’s glowing blue palm grabbed the golden yellow flame sword like a bolt of lightning.


A pale white fog covered the skies as the sound of frost profound energy being extinguished resounded throughout. But amidst the white fog, at the point where Yun Che touched the brightly glowing golden yellow flame sword, it… suddenly crumbled.


“W-what!?” Faced with this scene, the astonished Huo Rulie suddenly stumbled backwards.

As the flame sword fragmented, the energy of the Golden Crow flames instantly went out of control and wildly scattered. In the blink of an eye, the hundreds of meters long flame sword had been turned into several fragmented pieces of fiery light which were quickly extinguished by the frigid air.

“…” Huo Poyun’s sword wielding arm continued moving as if his sword were still there but the entire rest of his body seemed to have frozen over as he remained motionless for a long time, his face was covered in an expression of extreme shock from having seen something that he had never before seen, in his life.

“What… what just happened?” Even the dignified Phoenix Sect Master Yan Juehai had been shocked speechless by the events.

Yan Wancang could only slowly nod as the look of shock on his face matched the ones on Yan Juehai and Huo Rulie’s faces.

Even the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect had become lost in a daze.

After all, they had just seen Mu Hanyi be easily defeated by this flame sword. It’s power was clearly extremely terrifying.

Yet Yun Che… was able to cause this flame sword to disperse!?

As for Mu Hanyi, who had just lost to Golden Annihilation and personally felt its terrifying power, he seemed to have become petrified on the spot. Even the pupils of his eyes had become completely frozen as he emotionlessly gazed at the area for a long time.

Yun Che lowered his arm as he calmly looked at Huo Poyun and said, “You still have one last move.”

Although Golden Annihilation was terrifying, in the end, it was nothing more than pure Golden Crow flame energy.

As long as it was purely flames, no matter how terrifying they were, they could not possibly harm him.

“HAHAHAHA!” At this time, Mu Huanzhi, who had been stunned for a long time, suddenly began laughing. “He is indeed worthy of being someone who descended thousands of meters into the lake. With his talent for ice, even with his Divine Origin Realm profound strength, he was able to disperse the Golden Crow flames of a Divine Tribulation Realm cultivator. This is something that is almost never seen…”

Immediately afterwards, however, Mu Huanzhi realized that he had lost control due to his excitement and said some rash words. Thus, he quickly shut up.

“What? Thousands of meters into the lake?” As Mu Huanzhi revealed this fact, Yan Wancang, Yan Juehai, and Huo Rulie all simultaneously exhibited their shock.

Naturally, all three of them knew about the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and were able to make the connection. Moreover, for someone at the Divine Origin Realm to descend thousands of meters into it… this required an incomparably terrifying innate talent for ice!

The gazes of all three Flame G.o.d Realm sect masters connected as their expressions all changed. This kind of talent was indeed extremely rare!

No wonder Mu Xuanyin had abandoned such a rare talent like Mu Hanyi for Yun Che, who was from a lower realm and whose cultivation was only at the start of the Divine Origin Realm!

The three also instantly realized why Divine Ice Phoenix Sect had proposed such a compet.i.tion.

If it were an actual battle, there was absolutely no way for a pract.i.tioner at the first level of the Divine Origin Realm to compete with one in the Divine Tribulation Realm.

However, if they were only competing with profound arts and using profound arts to release the pure energies of the elements, then as long as his attainments in ice were high enough, Yun Che would be able to release high level ice profound energy even with his low cultivation, allowing him to defend against the flame profound energy of his higher cultivation opponent.

Only, the difference between the two was a full two realms and Huo Poyun’s own attainments with flame profound energy were already extremely high. For Yun Che to have been able to do this… it could only be possible if his attainments with ice had reached a level which defied the heavens.

But for him to have been able to descend thousands of meters into the lake with just his Divine Origin Realm cultivation… it was already heaven defying!

Yun Che had indeed defended against Huo Poyun’s golden yellow flame sword earlier. This clearly proved that in terms of elemental laws, he was far superior to Huo Poyun!

“Yun Che is actually… this strong?” All of the Ice Phoenix disciples were stunned silly.

“He is only at the Divine Origin Realm… yet… he is stronger than Senior Brother Hanyi? This…”

“No wonder Sect Master actually chose him…” The large majority of Ice Phoenix disciples had only more or less heard of what happened inside the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and so, when Mu Xuanyin decided to pick Yun Che and abandon Mu Hanyi and Mu Feixue, nearly all of them had become shocked and unable to understand, while some even became angered.

But now, after seeing Mu Hanyi and Yun Che face against the same golden yellow flame sword wielded by Huo Poyun with different results, they had all completely changed their minds.

“Congratulations, Snow Song Realm King… for accepting such a good disciple!” Huo Rulie said, gritting his teeth.

Now that it had reached this point, he finally inwardly knew that he had been played.

However, as he repeatedly played the scene of Yun Che breaking Golden Annihilation in his mind, he was completely unable to calm down.

“However, compared to my inferior disciple… he is still far worse!”

“Poyun!” Huo Rulie said in an extremely agitated voice, “For the last move, you don’t have to hold back any longer… let the Snow Song Realm King see clearly for herself our Flame G.o.d Realm’s once in ten thousand years talent!”

Huo Poyun was quite surprised as he turned around and said, “Master, could it be…”

“Yes!” Huo Rulie slowly nodded as his eyes became increasingly vicious, clearly explaining everything.

As he thought about the bet from earlier and then the destruction of his Golden Annihilation by Yun Che’s single hand, Huo Poyun clenched both fists and then nodded his head in affirmation.

Yan Wancang seemingly wanted to say something but as soon as he was about to take a step forward, he paused momentarily and then decided to remain where he was as he faintly sighed… Although this would reveal some secrets, Huo Rulie indeed could not lose. With the wager made over this contest, Huo Rulie absolutely could not afford to lose.

“A once in ten thousand year talent?” Mu Xuanyin sneered coldly, “Such bravado. Okay! Then this king will carefully see where your courage comes from!”

“I hope you will not be too frightened!” Facing the Divine Master Realm Snow Song Realm King, Huo Rulie said some extremely exaggerated words. “Poyun!”

Huo Poyun’s expression had already become extremely solemn as the Golden Crow flames on his body reignited. However, this time, the flames were especially spa.r.s.e and sluggard.

“Ha!” Huo Poyun grunted. Almost immediately afterwards, he violently screamed in an extremely painful manner.


The Golden Crow’s soul shadow emerged over his body… but it was different from earlier. This time, the Golden Crow’s soul shadow did not contain the slightest feeling of illusion. Instead, it felt extremely real, as if the true Golden Crow Divine Spirit had suddenly descended.

The flying snow stopped as the nearby profound ice, which had been frozen for tens of thousands of years, began to silently recede at a terrifying pace. A burning heat completely swallowed up the nearby frigid air and continuously radiated into the surroundings.

As the heat became increasingly intense, the light also underwent an enormous change… the world in front of them had suddenly become covered in a layer of scarlet red. As time pa.s.sed, the scarlet red became increasingly intense before slowly turning into a golden color.

“This… this is?” The temperature had already heated up to an extremely shocking degree, yet it was still increasing at a crazy pace. It was at this moment that Mu Huanzhi subconsciously raised his head, after which he became dazed.

The sky, which had originally been a pale snow white had become completely red.

And high above in the red sky was a dazzling golden sun! One which no one noticed the appearance of!

Observing this golden colored sun, Mu Huanzhi first felt shock and then some confusion, before finally thinking of something which caused both of his pupils to suddenly contract… However, no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t speak the name, it just couldn’t be.

“Nine —— Suns —— Heaven’s —— Fury!

As Mu Xuanyin looked up, her snow white lips moved as she coldly said four words.

None of the Ice Phoenix disciples could comprehend these short four words but all of the elders and palace masters acted as if they had been struck by lighting as an expression of extreme disbelief emerged on each of their faces as if they had seen a ghost.

The looks of surprise and disbelief on their faces were several times greater than when they had personally seen Yun Che block Huo Poyun’s golden flame sword.

Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury… it was the divine power of the tenth stage of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World!

It was the ultimate divine flame which even Huo Rulie had failed to cultivate up to now!