Song in the Clouds

State: Completed

Author: Tong Hua 桐華

Tags: #drama #historical #romance #tragedy


Song in the Clouds summary: Boundless gold sea of sand, snow white Tian Shan camel, I am clothed in a green silk dress, eyes bright and with a faint smile. The prayers of a thousand mountains and a million waters, is not for this lifetime’s company, but for reunion in the next life… She is the wolf girl’s daughter, she is also Huo Qu Bing’s precious treasure, she is the green silk dress in the dessert, she is also the Ju Gong Zi of Chang An city. He is the deep, far-sighted wise Han Zhao Emperor. He is the clever and mysterious Meng fox. Each only unintentionally giving away a pearl embroidered shoe in youthful ignorance, what kind of love-hate-pa.s.sion-vengeance “Song in the Clouds” will be stirred into existence?

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Chapter 43 Part2 2 years ago