Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort

State: Completed

Author: Huli Xiao Shu 狐狸小姝

Tags: #action #adventure #fantasy #historical #josei #romance #tragedy


Because her appearance was not breathtaking, the Emperor breaks off their engagement and bestows her instead to the bloodthirsty, ruthless, and cold-blooded Second Prince (w.a.n.g Ye).On her wedding night comes endless humiliation, the genuine Princess Consort becoming a deserted women. A foolish woman before rebirth, she no longer expect his love. In this world, she must possess enough talent to awe those around her, carrying herself with composure and articulating with beautiful diction, override above the nine night.***This translation is done as a summary for most of the chapters. Interesting chapters will usually be fully translated.

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Chapter 85 a year ago