As An Otaku Me Met A Yandere Her

State: Completed

Author: Zhìài Kāqiūshā Dé Xiǎoménglóng 摯愛喀秋莎得小朦朧

Tags: #comedy


As An Otaku Me Met A Yandere Her summary: A certain being that arrived inside the solar system……..【Hey! Hurry up and perform girl’s love.】 Like this a certain Hua, due to that being’s constant urging encountered the yandere Murong. (Hua: “let’s discuss things normally, can you please untie me? I promise I won’t run”) [Murong: Okay, I’ll untie you. But if you still continue to try to run from me, I will break all four of your limbs.] (Hua: “*whimper*……okay”)

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Chapter 3 2 years ago