Thriller Paradise - Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: Double-section rabbit (2)



This guyIs so annoying AI ODA muttered angrily after her nth attack had succeeded.

The rabbit Mynas amazing dodging ability and its unkillable characteristic made AI ODA feel like she had pulled out a knife to cut through water.

However, she didnt dare to stop her attack, because her battle instinct told her that I cant stop suppressing it. If the rabbit finds a chance to counterattack, the situation will be very bad.

Love In the midst of the battle, Akas.h.i.+ suddenly asked,can you hold on for one minute No Forty seconds?

AI ODA completely understood the purpose of his question because she had also seen the battle on the other side from the corner of her eye.

Ah She replied confidently,not to mention 40 seconds, even 40 minutes will do

Although she was talking big, her answer was indeed very imposing. For her teammates This was undoubtedly a kind of spiritual encouragement.

Alright! Hearing this, kas.h.i.+zuki flicked his sword and retreated. He turned around and rushed towards the light pillar dozens of meters away.Ill be back immediately!

At the same time, w.a.n.g Tanzhis side

Be careful, kid. The first thing bunny hair bro did after he was trapped in the pillar was to remind Xiao Tan,leave the pillar, and you will be heavily injured.

With that, Xiao Tan, who was already at the edge of the pillar, stopped.But standing in this pillar, it seems like I cant do anything Isnt this just sitting here and waiting for death?

Dont worry, the people outside wont be able to hurt us for the time being. Fa bro replied.

Without a doubt, fa bro was able to see through the effects of the [Rakshasa heavenly pillar]. In the next ten seconds or so, he used the most concise words to explain the special effect of the skill to Xiao Tan.

I see When Xiao Tan heard that, he turned his gaze to Shang Shanren, who was outside the pillar of light.Then If Im not mistaken, that person has been waiting for the right time to prepare for some kind of big move

His speculation was very accurate

Among the five members of Sengoku team one, Uesugi Hitos weapon was the longest. Its name was [Ryoki Kusanagi Takas.h.i.+], and it was a samurai sword with a net length of more than 1.6 meters.

The length of the weapon was clearly long enough to change the nature of the weapon itself. To give an example If you use a normal-length vegetable knife to cut vegetables, and a vegetable knife with a blade twice the length of a normal vegetable knife to cut vegetables The technique used, the strength required, the posture, and so on are very different.

Dingchang was such a unique weapon.

It couldnt be used as an ordinary Katana, nor could it be used as a growth weapon.

Although ueshan Hito now had the physical fitness of a level 50 character and had done a lot of practice, she still could not use this legendary weapon very skillfully. All in all The current her, in an ordinary weapon station, can only display about 60% of the power of her fixed length.

However, ueshanren still insisted on using this sword as his main weapon and used it all the way in the compet.i.tion. One of the reasons was because There was always a skill that came with it, and it was compatible with Takeda Satos.h.i.+s [Rakshasa heavenly pillar].

[Name: Ryoki Hisas.h.i.+]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: extreme]

[Attribute: Fire]

[Special effect: s.p.a.ce splitting slash (after charging for 24 seconds, all of your stamina and mana will be exhausted to launch a slash. The power of the attack is proportional to the consumed stamina and mana. [Note: after charging up, even if the process is interrupted, the corresponding consumption will still be deducted]

Equip requirement: fighting mastery A, higher than the blades length, level 40 and above

[Remarks: this is the unique weapon pa.s.sed down from generation to generation in the famous iconosse family of martial arts. When used to the highest level, it can sweep away thousands of soldiers and look down on all enemies with its own strength.]

It wasnt hard to tell that the conditions to activate the s.p.a.ce splitting raging slash Were extremely, extremely harsh. Taking a step back, even if the skill was successfully used, if it didnt hit Then the user would fall into a dangerous state of having no physical or spiritual energy.

To put it in layman terms This move was very difficult to caved in, and in the process of caved in, it could be interrupted or killed at any time. If it was caved in and didnt hit, it would also be a dead end.

All in all, it was a very impractical skill.

However, as a skill that came with a legendary weapon, this move was naturally extraordinary.

That was Power.

Most of the skills in Thriller Paradise were instant cast, and the attack skills that needed to be cast, such as Dragon slash, usually had a shocking destructive power.

Then, looking at the [s.p.a.ce splitting raging slash] The consumption of this move was so great, and the preparation time was so long that it almost made people lose confidence in it Under this kind of price, the power that it ultimately displayed was undoubtedly on the G.o.d-destroying level.

Even if the barrier had not been broken, the king of time would have been likely to have been cut through and beaten to a state of near death.

However, the king of time would not let the opponent cast the skill successfully for 24 seconds. Even if Takeda Tetsuya and Uesugi Hito used the combination of [Rakshasa heavenly pillar] and [s.p.a.ce-splitting fierce slash] against the king of time, the latter could still pause time in the moment between [Rakshasa heavenly pillar] disappearing and [s.p.a.ce-splitting fierce slash] arriving And Dodge during the 12 seconds of time freeze.

Of course, there was also a more extreme situation That is,the players launched this series of attacks on the master of time during the cooldown period of time freeze. In that case The master of time actually had a way. It could choose to pay 95% of its HP and walk out of the range of [Rakshasa heavenly pillar]. In any case, it had self-healing abilities. As long as it retreated from the side far away from the players, it would recover a lot of HP before the other party could circle around and pursue it. In addition, he still had the divine barrier and the silence domain In order to end this boss, the other three players other than Uesugi and Takeda Satos.h.i.+ had to bypa.s.s the [Rakshasa heavenly pillar] in time and use at least an A-grade attack that was not an ordinary skill on the king of time. Only then could they end this BOSS.

There were too many restrictions and variables in this strategy. The slightest mistake would cause all their previous efforts to go to waste, and a single mistake would cause them to lose everything Without any prior discussion or practice, the members of the Sengoku team naturally could not use this strategy.

However, the situation in front of him Was different.

w.a.n.g Tanzhi and bunny hair brother Did not possess the universal pa.s.sive ability of the king of time. If they were hit by s.p.a.ce snapping slash They would be killed instantly.

On the other hand, if they left the range of the [Rakshasa heavenly pillar], they would be intercepted by Akas.h.i.+ Xin, who was rus.h.i.+ng over from the other direction. With only 5% of their Life Points left, the other party would definitely use some extremely difficult-to-Dodge attacks at all costs.

Anyway, Ming Zhixins goal was to reduce the targets HP by 5%, so she did not need to do anything extra. To make an a.n.a.logy, this was like playing j.a.pan Mahjong, already in the fourth Southern game, and kas.h.i.+zumi only needed to play one more round with hu to win against hanchan. At this moment, she Didnt need to play any big cards or take a roundabout way. She only needed to pursue speed, speed, and cards to win.

But for Xiao Tan and brother fa The situation after they forced their way out of the pillar of heavens region was like two people with only one last chip in their hands going to play a game of roulette. Although this situation was more optimistic than winning the lottery, there was still a high chance that they would be doomed.

Twenty-two Twenty-one Twenty Takeda Satos.h.i.+, who had overused his spiritual power, was now lying on the ground, unable to move. However, she still looked at the light pillar beside her and counted the time limit of her skill in her heart.

Nineteen Eighteen Seventeen Shang Shanren was also counting the time silently.

[s.p.a.ce splitting raging slash] If it was used too early, it would be offset by the light pillar. If he did it too late, the other party would avoid it Shang Shanren must have also been counting on the time to make his move.

The best time was only a moment, and that was the moment before the [Rakshasa heavenly pillar] lost its effect

What do we do? In this near-certain death situation, Xiao Tan asked brother fa,should we fight it or He used his eyes to signal to the area outside the pillar of light.Should we charge out and try our luck?

Dont worry, I have a plan. The first half of the bunny hair bros reply made Xiao Tan swallow a calming pill, but the second half was,however, Im afraid youll have to suffer a little.

Uh What are you doing? Xiao Tan suddenly had a bad feeling.

I suggest that you raise your hands in front of your stomach, face your palms outward, and stack them together. Be ready to receive the impact. Bunny hair did not answer Xiao Tans question but gave him a direct order.

So Xiao Tan did as he was told and repeated the question.What do you want?

Hey! Barney! The bunny hair brother still did not answer. The next second, he turned around and howled at the rabbit Myna who was tens of meters away.

What is it? Cousin. Barneys long ears were not just for show. He clearly heard the mans call and replied loudly,Im a little busy here. As he spoke, he dodged a few more slashes.

As they were talking, Takeda Satos.h.i.+ and Uesugis countdown in their hearts was coming to an end.Eight Seven Six

Come here and take an extra-large slash for me. At the same time, push Xiao Tan out of the attack range. Bunny hair bro continued to shout.

Five Four Three

Hey, hey Whats with the top? Xiao Tan narrowed his eyes and looked at brother fa.Furthermore, youre bunnies, not cows What kind of top should I use?

Before he could finish, Barney responded,Alright~its a piece of cake. When do you want to switch hands ?


Yes Fa bro continued,now!

As soon as he finished speaking, a Saber Light appeared.

When the slash arrived, the heavenly pillar scattered.

In that split second, an unexpected thing happened

The bunny hair brother before Xiao Tan and the rabbit Myna that was dozens of meters away Had switched their positions.

Fa bro suddenly appeared at Barneys previous position and caught AI ODAs blade with an empty-handed weapon grab.

Barney replaced brother fa and appeared before Xiao Tan.

It happened too late! The moment Barney completed the switch,[s.p.a.ce snapping slash] s blade grazed his rabbit tail, but he did not care about the damage he was going to receive. The second his body was cut open, he jumped up and delivered a flying knee at Xiao Tan, who was right next to him. (This was the most shameless and effective attack in dapper II, so whoever used it would know.)

At this moment, Xiao Tan finally understood why Brother fa had told him to be prepared for the impact .

In the blink of an eye, with a loud bang, Xiao Tan was sent flying by the rabbit Mynas flying knee. The speed of his flying left Ming zhinian in the dust. He could not catch up to him even if he wanted to.

Hmm At that moment, Xiao Tan felt his vision go black, and with a m.u.f.fled grunt, he lost control of his body. Before he lost his focus for a brief moment, the last thing he saw was Barney being struck by a Burning Blade energy slash that was as wide as a sharks fin.

About ten seconds later, after a series of ringing and dizziness, Xiao Tan came back to his senses.

He endured the intense pain from the fracture of both his arms (from his palm to his shoulder), spread out his body to withstand the wind pressure, and used his feet as the brakes To slow down the Millenium plate.

Just like that, after retreating another hundred meters or so, he finally stood up again.

Treating his wound was an instinctive action. Even if his hand was in so much pain that it drove him crazy, he could still take out medicine from his bag and treat himself.

During this process, even though he knew that he had already flown far away from where he was, he still did not let down his guard.

Almost at the same time he stood still, he activated [Eagle Vision] and looked at the battlefield.

Two seconds later, the scene that entered Xiao Tans field of vision gave him a huge shock.