The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 1799 - said something, as if afraid of her

Chapter 1799 - said something, as if afraid of her

Chapter 1799: Chapter 1801 said something, as if afraid of her



The words on the cloud note were spoken in Portuguese, not Chinese.

The people present had limited exposure to the language, so they naturally could not understand what language the cloud note was speaking.

But the man who was suppressed by the cloud note could understand it.

A man was a killer. He must have been trained and learned the languages of many countries.

Perhaps the man knew fewer languages than the cloud note, but the Portuguese language used by the cloud note, the man must know it.

Because the number of Portuguese speakers was not small in the world, the proportion of people who received missions to go there was high. Naturally, it was one of the languages that must be learned.

Sure enough, just as the cloud note finished speaking, the mans face instantly darkened.

From Afar, GE Junjian, Yu superpower, and Cai Yonghen could clearly see the mans face. Under the lightning-like speed, the mans face turned from a trace of blood to a pale white.

If you dare to reveal my ident.i.ty in public, you wont die so easily.

Just as Cai Yonghen, Yu superpower, and the others were stunned by Yun Jians words, Yun Jians voice sounded again. She continued to speak to the man in the same fluent Portuguese.

This man was caught by the police. As an international criminal, he was bound to die.

He must also know his own limits. As an international or agent, there was only one outcome for him if he was caught or if his mission failed, and that was death.

Yun Jian was not stupid. Since she dared to reveal her ident.i.ty to this international criminal, she was sure that he would not say it.

What Yun Jian said just now was a warning to the man. If he dared to talk nonsense, then it would not be as simple as death.

She had a thousand ways to make people realize that the most painful thing in the world was not death, but a life worse than death.

The feeling of being tortured to death was a sharp pain that came from the depths of ones soul.

Sha Shen was famous for her ruthlessness in the Dao. Not only was she powerful, but more importantly, her ruthlessness and cruelty in dealing with people who were also in the Dao were terrifying!

Brainwashed Killers referred to killers who had been brainwashed. Such people did not have their own emotions and thoughts. They only knew how to follow their masters orders. Even if they were caught.., no one could get anything out of them because they only listened to their master.

However, the way Sha Shen dealt with people back then made the brainwashed killer, who was known to have the strongest willpower in the world, Beg for his life. In the end, he gave up the person behind the scenes.

Naturally, the man also believed that Yun Jian had the ability to capture him from the police and make his life worse than death. He wouldnt even be able to die!

Therefore, the man would rather be captured by the police and executed than reveal Yun Jians ident.i.ty.

It was unknown what language Yun Jian used to say, but everyone present could clearly see that the mans body trembled slightly.

A grown man who was stepped on by Yun Jian did not feel humiliated. Instead, he was so scared that his entire body was trembling.

Whether it was GE Junjian, Cai Yonghen, or Yu supernatural, everyone present was stunned.

It was not the first time they had caught such a felon. Not to mention that the man in front of them was an international felon, even if he was an ordinary felon.., when they were about to be caught by the police, they would also take the last step of asking for help to give themselves a chance to escape.

No one wanted to give up the hope of survival!

But what did they see!

Why was this international felon, this man, running away so energetically just now! He looked like he would rather die than surrender!

But now that Yun Jian stepped on his head with his foot, he did not feel humiliated at all. Instead

His entire body was trembling?

Was he afraid of Yun Jian?


Could it be because of the words that Yun Jian had said in an unknown language?

Cai Yonghen could not hide his words. He walked to a spot not far away from Yun Jian in front of everyone and looked at her. He asked in puzzlement,

Jun Jians daughter, what did you say to him just now? Why does he look like hes very afraid of You?