Rebirth Of The Best Businesswoman At School - Chapter 1272 - 1272 Invitation to Taste

Chapter 1272 - 1272 Invitation to Taste

Chapter 1272 - 1272 Invitation to Taste

1272 Invitation to Taste

The next day, they released w.a.n.g Yunfa.

He had been detained at the police station for the past few days. Because he had not gone through the legal process, they could not consider him to be in jail these days. He could only be said to be under surveillance.

At ten in the morning, the old man, the old lady, and Li Xia came to pick him up. Officer w.a.n.g sent w.a.n.g Yunfa out personally. After being detained inside for the past few days, he looked exceptionally dispirited.

His body, which was not considered strong, to begin with, became even thinner. Although he did not look like he had suffered any physical pain, his entire vitality was gone.

It was as if w.a.n.g Yunfa had lost half his life. When the two elders saw him like this, the resentment in their hearts dissipated, leaving only heartache.

Yunfa, my son

The old lady cried and pounced forward. She hugged the stunned w.a.n.g Yunfa and started crying.

w.a.n.g Yunfa narrowed his eyes at the sunlight. When he heard the old ladys cries, he seemed to have regained his senses. His small eyes moved slightly before he saw his family members who had come to pick him up.

Dad, Mom, Wife, w.a.n.g Yunfa called out. His voice was a little hoa.r.s.e, but fortunately, it sounded normal.

The old mans heart ached, but he didnt want to show it. He only nodded gently and said to the crying old lady, Alright, stop crying. Lets go home first!

Only then did the old lady let go of w.a.n.g Yunfa. With tears all over her face, she asked Officer w.a.n.g, Officer w.a.n.g, will this end? Will you arrest my son again?

Auntie, dont worry. This case has been closed by private settlement. There wont be any problems in the future, Officer w.a.n.g said patiently.

Thank you. Thank you. The old lady thanked Officer w.a.n.g.

Seeing this, Officer w.a.n.g quickly helped the old lady up and said to w.a.n.g Yunfa, Dont be so rash in the future. Youre going to be a father soon. Remember to think twice about everything. As the saying goes, take a step back and the sea and sky are wide. You could have avoided this!

I understand. Ive troubled you. w.a.n.g Yunfas att.i.tude was okay. After adapting to the light outside, his mental state seemed to have eased a little.

Officer w.a.n.g sighed. Its not troublesome for me, but your parents are already so old. They cant withstand such torture. Alright, go home!

Everyone thanked Officer w.a.n.g again before leaving the police station in a car.

Jian Ai had been good recently for a while. Every day, she would visit three places: martial arts school, school, and home. It was mainly because it was almost the end of the year and the company had entered the statistical stage. Bai Zhou was very busy.

Even Ji Haoyu had been very quiet recently. Other than making a few hara.s.sment calls to Jian Ai occasionally, Jian Ai had not seen Ji Haoyu since w.a.n.g Yunmeis birthday.

It made sense. The New Year was the busiest day for all corporations, so how could Ji Haoyu be an exception? As one of the top financial groups in Asia, the Ji Group must be even busier.

After school, that day, Jian Ai and Guan Tao walked out of school.

Qinghuans scenes are almost wrapped up, right? Guan Tao asked.

Jian Ai sighed. Because she accidentally fell from the roof and got injured last time, she affected the production teams progress. When I called her two days ago, she said that the production team was rus.h.i.+ng for progress recently and wanted to finish filming within expectations. After all, the director and a.s.sistant director are big shots. They have other jobs later, so she doesnt know if they can catch up.

Has her injury healed? Guan Tao was a little worried. Qinghuan is so strong-willed. She shouldnt drag her half-crippled body and force herself.

Dont worry. Yan Tian goes to visit every week and asked the doctor. Although it takes a hundred days to recover from a serious injury, fortunately, Qinghuans muscles and bones were not injured. She only fell hard, so shes fine. She just needs to lie down and recuperate for a week, Jian Ai said.

Only then did Guan Tao nod in relief. Thats good.

The two of them walked out of the school gate and to the bus stop. Guan Tao looked at Jian Ai and asked, Are you going back to North City?

Jian Ai smiled and said, Im going to my friends for dinner.

Initially, Bai Zhou had been busy these days, so Jian Ai didnt look for him. She didnt a.s.sign him additional missions to increase his pressure. She just wanted him to focus on handling the companys end-of-year summary.

Unexpectedly, Jian Ai suddenly received a call from Bai Zhou at noon today. He asked her to go to the apartment tonight. Jian Ai asked what was wrong, and Bai Zhou said: Try the dishes!

Jian Ai agreed without thinking. With delicious food, she naturally wouldnt miss it.

After Guan Tao got on the bus home, Jian Ai crossed the road and hailed a taxi to Bai Zhous apartment.

At this moment, in the apartment, Chi Lian was sitting on the sofa feeding her snake. Other than Chi Lian and a snake, there was no one else in the huge living room.

In the kitchen, Bai Zhou looked at the ingredients on the counter and frowned slightly, looking exceptionally resistant.

Chi Yang stood at the side and said, You know all the ingredients, right?

Bai Zhou nodded and pointed them out one by one. These are potatoes, this is brisket, these are onions, this is garlic, and that pile is spices

Seeing that he could recognize all the ingredients, Chi Yang was relieved. Then, he pointed at the seasoning table and said, Can you distinguish the seasonings?

Bai Zhou shook his head innocently and looked at Chi Yang pitifully. Why dont you do it once and let me see again? Ill learn after seeing it once!

No, you can only follow the recipe. Otherwise, its equivalent to cheating! Chi Yang rejected mercilessly.

Bai Zhous handsome face instantly collapsed. Xiao Zhen wont know if you teach me secretly!

Then theres no point in competing. Master, compet.i.tive spirit! Chi Yang reminded him with a fake smile.

Bai Zhou pursed his lips and gave up resisting. He said reluctantly, Alright, teach me how to recognize the seasonings!

Chi Yang looked at Bai Zhous defeat and couldnt help but hold back his laughter. However, he still went forward and picked them up one by one. This is salt, this is sugar, and this is starch. Dont mix it up. If you cant tell, try it with your tongue.

This is soy sauce. This is vinegar. Dont mix it up!

This is wine. This is fish sauce. Dont mix it up!

This is oyster sauce, this is nectar, and this is olive oil

In this apartment, the kitchen was Chi Yangs world. As a three-star Michelin chef, Chi Yangs seasonings were so complete that it made ones hair stand on end.

Ten minutes later

Did you remember everything? Chi Yang looked at Bai Zhou and asked.

At this moment, Bai Zhous entire state was Who am I? Where am I? What were you talking about?

I probably might remember it Bai Zhou said guiltily.

Chi Yang would not give him another chance. Hearing this, he clapped his hands. The recipe is on the wall. Ill leave the kitchen to you!