I Am the Fated Villain - Chapter 406-3: Would he choose to forgive her? So that's the case (3)

Chapter 406-3: Would he choose to forgive her? So that's the case (3)

Chapter 406-3: Would he choose to forgive her? So thats the case (3)

"The Demon World has transformed and tried to evolve towards a higher world. Is this the reason for the disappearance of the Six Emperors?"

"Do they want to take advantage of the evolution of the Demon World to take the opportunity to attack the Upper Realm?"

Almost instantly, Gu Changge guessed the purpose of the Six Emperors.

For more than 6,000 years, they were hiding from people's eyes and ears, just to hide in the dark and arrange all this?

In this way, in the process of the evolution of the Demon World, there was bound to be a breath leaking out, and many Daoist sects in the Upper Realm had not noticed it, leaving the Demon World alone.

"It must be that the six Emperors covered their aura and they covered up this secret by themselves. The cultivation base of the six Emperors is unfathomable. In terms of the Luck of the Demon World, it is impossible to produce six Enlightened people."

"This plan should have started a long time ago"

Gu Changge narrowed his eyes and thought of the Xuan Yang Heavenly Sword, which was a genuine imperial weapon that could be exchanged for a fake.

According to the Luck of the original Demon World, it was difficult to give birth to an Emperor, let alone refine an imperial weapon.

Thinking about it this way, there were indeed many clues and flaws. If he hadn't come to the Demon World this time, he probably wouldn't have noticed this problem.

"In this shocking situation, the Demon World is the chessboard, the living beings are the chess pieces, and Jun Bufan and Xi Yao are the two chess pieces in their hands"

"It just happened that the six thousand years of chaos in the Demon World could cover up the truth of the disappearance of the Six Emperors, and put the blame on the head of Xi Yao. I thought she was a bargain, but she is the symbol of bad luck."

"It's a good calculation."

Gu Changge couldn't help but smile. Now that he had seen through the Six Emperor's plan, he naturally won't let it go.

From the very beginning when he came to the Demon World, he felt that Empress Xi Yao was just a chess piece, and only by controlling her would he have the chance to make a move in this chess game.

Now it seemed that he had more of the initiative.

"For the outside world, the Six Emperors have long disappeared, and many people think that they are dead. If the Six Emperors really died, no one would notice."

"The origin of the Six Emperors, the origin of the evolution of the Demon World This is really something to covet for."

Gu Changge also didn't believe that the six were already in the Emperor Realm. Although the Demon Realm was evolving, it had not yet reached that stage.

For him, this was not a perfect time.

Afterward, Gu Changge devoured the origin of the world in front of him with the treasure bottle.

However, what surprised him a little was that in the origin of the world, there was actually a strand of the Law Body from the Demon Emperor Xuan Yang.

Of course, in front of the Dao bottle, although this Dao law body erupted with terrifying power, it was of no avail and was quickly swallowed up.

The Xuan Yang Demon Emperor not only left Jun Bufan with a strand of his Dao Dharma Body as a means of life-saving, it even contained some origin.

After swallowing this strand of Dao Dharma body, Gu Changge noticed this part of the memory, and his expression suddenly became very interesting.

"Tell Jun Bufan that all of this is a misunderstanding. The reason why Xi Yao poisoned him 6,000 years ago was actually because the Six Emperors behind the scenes persuaded him to let go of his hatred. Then he asked Jun Bufan to follow what Xuan Yang Demon Emperor had left for him. A key and find where it is"

"Tsk, so the real routine would be this?"

Gu Changge couldn't help rubbing his chin, feeling that he underestimated the level of bloodshed.

Six thousand years later, Jun Bufan, the son of the Demon Emperor, was reborn to take revenge, and finally found out the truth.

The reason why Empress Xi Yao would poison him was that the Six Emperors set up a plan in advance and intended to guide her.

The purpose was to create chaos in the Demon World, Empress Xi Yao would be in charge of the Demon World, and Jun Bufan would secretly take revenge, so as to confuse the eyes of many Dao sects in the Upper Realm and secretly gain time for them.

It had to be said that he underestimated the means of the Six Emperors, especially the Demon Emperor You Yue and the Demon Emperor Xuan Yang, who even planned to use their own children.

Now Gu Changge wanted to know how Jun Bufan would behave after knowing the truth. Would he choose to forgive her? Or cut off everything?

"The key mentioned in the Dao Law body of the Xuan Yang Demon Emperor He said that he left it to Jun Bufan, so it seems that only Jun Bufan can get the key."

Thinking of this, Gu Changge separated a wisp of his Demonic Mind, which evolved following the breath of the origin of the world just now, and restored the bag to its original shape.

Although the aura was similar, it was still too far from the real origin of the world.

As for the many forbidden runes on it, he just recovered a little according to the previous appearance, and it was difficult to guarantee a complete restoration.

"It depends on whether Jun Bufan can see through all of this, but it doesn't matter if he can see through it. After all, it was Bai Lian'er who sent this thing to him."

"If he wants to doubt, he will only suspect Bai Lian'er. Bai Lian'er doesn't dare to reveal my existence, so he can only bite the bullet and continue."

Gu Changge squinted his eyes, and there was playfulness in his eyes. He didn't care about this, and then called someone to find Bai Lian'er and handed this bag to her.

"What exactly is this?" Bai Lian'er asked, very direct, very curious about the things in this bag.

"Then, according to your father's request, give this bag to Jun Bufan. I don't know what it is. I can't open it now."

Gu Changge shook his head with a calm expression.

"Yes?" Bai Lian'er didn't believe it.

At that time, she also tried to open this bag but found that it contained extremely terrifying power. Once opened, it was bound to be destroyed by it.

Logically, Gu Changge should have no other choice.

But her intuition told her that Gu Changge knew what it was, and he not only finished reading it but also restored it to its original state.

He definitely had such means.

"For this kind of thing, is it necessary to deceive Miss Lian'er? We are on one side now." Gu Changge smiled.

"You're so hypocritical, just don't say it."

Bai Lian'er sneered, took the bag, and then flickered before stepping into the void, and disappeared.

Jun Fan was not in the imperial capital now but went along with his father to pacify the chaos, he went to slay his original sister Jun Ruoxi.

She knew about this, so it was not difficult to find Jun Fan.

As a descendant of the Emperor, her own methods of concealment and ambush were extremely high, and the existence of an ordinary Supreme Realm would never be able to detect her aura.

After watching Bai Lian'er leave, Gu Changge put down the teacup. His eyes were faint, and he began to think about another chess piece. Now, he also understood the pattern of the Demon World and the plans of the Six Emperors.

In this chess game of the Demon World, he should also be the general!

"Jun Yao"